Chapter 32 – Soul Space
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If I could read the books at school, would they have fun stories too? Or would it be a clone of the stories here?

Maybe it depends on where April got these stories from. I never questioned it before, but I’m guessing she came from a time like this. I’ve seen the showers she mentioned and more, is she a time traveller or did she have future visions? Who knows.

The books are in a language I can read, so if April didn’t translate them it would be from a place with my language.

Although I guess we’re still in the same country, maybe the language changed through the years.

I’ll figure that out later. Not a lot I can do now… This might even be my last day, who knows.

Spending my last day all alone, reading books. I guess part of it is relaxing, but also quite sad.

I should head back now, it might be day. Or maybe I should stay here forever, could I though?

Maybe I can run away, to a place they don’t know me. Cut off my hair to make sure they don’t recognize me. The mission never said anything about where I need to graduate, so it might be fine.

I’m getting hungry and there’s no food here, guess I’ll have no choice.

Luckily for me this place has convenient storages for food, apparently every house has something called ‘fridges’. Keeps the food inside fresh, and it’s easy to get. No rats or mouses that try to steal it either, so we can have everything for ourselves.

The sun welcomes me by shining brightly, or actually blinding me. At least it’s day, so that’s a good thing.

Okay so let’s smoothly head towards the fridge, hopefully no one will block me.

Walking in the hallway apparently doesn’t alert anyone, which is nice. Moving onto the next point, why is ‘mom’ standing in front of the fridge?

She hasn’t seen me yet, so I’ll just have to wait until she leaves.

I guess she’s also scavenging for food, or is she protecting it against me?

‘Mom’ seems to be done with whatever she was doing there, and heads into my direction. Wait what?

This isn’t good, she’ll see me if I stay out here. But where do I go? I quickly look around and find no hiding spot.

Uhh. I’ll just stand against the wall and hope she doesn’t look around. Seems perfect to me.

Just in time, ‘mom’ appears in the entrance. She still hasn’t spotted me, so let’s hope it stays that way.

She walks past me, not looking back. Well I won’t wait for when she does, so I’ll go towards the kitchen.

The rest is uneventful, I eat some kind of snack and manage to get back without being noticed.

Since doom doesn’t seem to be happening right now, I’ll just go back to my soul space. Maybe I won’t notice it then.

I should check to see if the others are still alive. That would be pretty nice to know. Or maybe it doesn’t matter, but it can’t hurt anyway.

They should be at the courtyard we made, or at least that’s what April calls it. It’s behind the throne room, we added it some time later. With big trees, lots of grass and fancy tiles it looks amazing, to end it off there’s a fountain in the middle. Because I didn’t really know where to place the soul pieces, I temporarily put them in the courtyard. Even though I say temporarily, I haven’t changed it in a long time, I still have no clue.

The sun shines brightly, giving the courtyard an even prettier look. It seems so peaceful, and everyone’s still alive.

Although it’s quite creepy to be surrounded by people that stand still with their eyes closed, with this sunlight they just seem to be enjoying the sun.

It’s making me sad. They seem so close, yet they aren’t here and I’m all alone.

I reach out to them, as if that could pull them closer. I wonder if I can touch soul pieces, or if my hand goes straight through them, not that it makes a difference, I guess.

Julie is standing the closest to me, so I’ll grab her hand to see if that works.

I’m pleasantly surprised to actually feel her hand, I could almost cry. To change things up, I hug her instead, at least I got familiar people here.

Turns out, hugging a soul piece makes my vision go black. Who knew? I don’t mind though, I would still do it.

After a short time my vision comes back, it’s not Julie I see, but the sky. Since when am I looking up?

Oh, since down isn’t the courtyard either. I’m sitting on a tree, and there’s a lake nearby. Isn’t this the lake Julie had in her soul space? Is this her soul space?! That would be awesome!

Next to me Vince stands on one leg, with his goofy smile. I guess you can add expressions and poses to the soul pieces, I didn’t know that. But it does make it feel realistic, it’s like he’s actually here and having fun.

Natasha and Ray are near the lake, Ray is splashing water on Natasha. There’s so much detail on their face and their pose. It’s like Julie knew exactly how Natasha would respond to the water.

Eve’s doing pull ups on another tree, it’s on the opposite side of me. There’s a wooden sword with a weird edge hanging on her back, even with the weird edge it looks like the perfect weapon for her. Maybe I should change my sword to look like that, can I do that?

Kate is sitting against the tree where Eve is, looking up at the sky. She’s holding a book open, like she is taking a short break from reading.

All of them have their eyes closed, but Julie managed to fit it with their positions. I should definitely do that, so that it doesn’t look creepy.

I find Thomas a little behind the rest, keeping his distance and looking bored. I thought he died? Wouldn’t that break the soul? And if that doesn’t, then what does?

Let’s check this place out a little more, before seeing where his soul place leads. I haven’t even found April, I wonder where Julie would put her.

After a few more minutes looking around, I realised she’s leaning against the tree I’m sitting on. It’s a bit hard to see from my position, but she’s there, looking up at me. Well, with her eyes closed.

She looks so happy and gentle at the same time. I’m gonna put in time to make my place perfect, just like Julie did.

Wait, what expression did she give me? The moment I came here my expression already changed… Maybe I can ask her somehow, after the missions are done.

I’m guessing she won’t be here, I can’t put myself anywhere either.

Well, let’s see what’s in the soul space from Thomas.

I jump off the tree, this space is a great place where everyone can fly if they’d want to.

As I fall to the ground I see an unfamiliar person, it’s a taller boy with short golden hair. Who’s that? Did Julie make a soul contract with him too? I’ll figure that out later, now Thomas.

Should I hug him? Is that how I get to his soul space? Oh well, it’s not like he’ll notice.

I hug him, and just like with Julie everything turns black.

When my vision returns I’m greeted by my own soul space. So I can’t travel through someone else? I know this is mine, I can feel that.

Wait, I see Thomas here… And he has his eyes open. I don’t get it?

Behind him Nick stares at me, also with his eyes open. Since when are they here?

I carefully take a step towards them, and they take a step too. Nothing more than a step though. Why aren’t they talking? Do they have the same rules as me? I thought it was just going to be me, like that system said…

There’s an awkward silence, I would wave at them but that counts as communication, I’m sure of it.

Well, this is even more awkward. What should one do when they meet supposingly dead siblings. I start scratching my head, unsure what to do. As I raise my hand, they do too. Exactly the same way.


Wait, didn’t Thomas say something about this before? Like a long long time ago… Remember it, I can do it, come on.

It was through Julie’s vision, right? Or no, Julie was visible, so not Julie.

Oh that’s it! Something about losing control when near me, right? Would that be it? Or is it something else? Well, I can’t figure it out by standing here.

I’ll leave, and then see if they moved. That sounds like a plan.

Okay, let’s check out April’s place, I wonder what she did with it.

As I move towards April, I realise Thomas and Nick are following me. If they go out with me that would ruin my plan.

All I need is for them to stay here, is that too much to ask? What else can I do?

That seems to work..? They stopped following me the moment I thought of it, I guess controlling is easy.

Now that I got rid of them, let’s hug April and see what she did.

Same thing as before, my vision goes dark.

This time I open them and see the throne room we made. I know this isn’t my place, it smells like April, I guess? Something about it makes it clear that it’s April’s place, and not mine.

I’m sitting on the throne, in front of me are the others, standing with their hand on their heart.

Eve isn’t there though, where did April place her?

As I turn around I realise Thomas is hanging on the back of the throne. His eyes are closed though, so he isn’t here. When did April make a contract with Thomas?

I step off my throne, where should I go next? I know this place, unless she changed it.

Well let’s head to the courtyard first, get some fresh air or something.

Ah, there’s Eve. She’s standing with her wooden weird edged sword in her hands, how come Julie and April have the exact same sword? Do they know something I don’t?

The wooden sword points at someone else. It’s the the guy with the golden hair again, how come even April has him? What secret life do they have? Or maybe they met him in another world, without me…

Ugh, I don’t want to know anymore.

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