Chapter 34 – Colours
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She did all this magic to remember some people? I wonder when she met them. Wait… This is the first day, she couldn't have been anywhere to meet new people at all… 

Maybe the next one will have answers to that. 13-04-2020, here we go. 

April's face appears once again. "Ehm hello, let's talk about the trying to see who's where from before," She starts slightly hesitant.

"For now, it seems it's just me and Mint. I could contact him just fine, and I found out he's been here for six years already. I'm guessing it's on birthdays, which would make us first. I mean I was born on the exact same date as my original birthday, yet again." It's weird, she has this weird smile on her face, it looks sad.

"White should be next, but that's still three months away. She's, surprisingly, born in July. If only we had a May and June to to fill the gap, would be quite the joke. All names based on the month we were born, how original. I'm glad we threw that away- Wait that's off topic." Again, she has this sad smile on her face. Even though she seems to be joking, it's hurting her.

"Pink is our age too, even though I expected her to be younger. Anyway, that would make Green the last one, with two years.

"I'm not sure when Blue would arrive, she didn't seem to know dates at all. We did teach her about that, so hopefully she knows them now. Apparently the only reason she knew her age was because her sister told her. It's so weird for people not to learn their kids things like that," April pauses for a second. 

"Or maybe I was expecting too much from a child, I don't know what they're supposed to know. Never been a mom or anything, nor did I do anything with kids. I worked in business, not child care." Oh, she's scratching her head again. It's kinda cute when she does that.

"Ah, before I forget: Mint. This guy, he has this holier than thou aura around him. Even his old name felt holy, Michael. Since that is the name of that one Archangel.

"I met Mint one night, when I was sneaking out of my house. I think I was four at the time, that would make him ten. He wasn't even surprised to see me, a little toddler walking around. I, however, was shocked. This guy has golden locks that seem to shine. His eyes were bright gold too, not like Gold's darker gold.

"And even his skin, it is flawlessly white. The only one coming close to that is Blue. He just didn't have wings or a floaty circle above his head. It wouldn't surprise me if he had.

"Oops, got distracted there. Back to the point, the holier than thou Mint ran away from his parents after a fight. Couldn't return no matter what, and his parents couldn't come here either. Quite complicated, he became lonely and regretted running away right after." April shakes her head with a slight laugh.

"I promised him to meet him every day I could, just to talk and keep him company. And I did, together with White, who joined a bit later. Until we were kidnapped, I still don't know what happened to him after. Well, I know he's here too, and awakened.

"Probably will say the rest in the diary part, or maybe not," April holds her hand in front of her mouth, holding back a laugh.

"For now the facts I know about him. He said he has memories of a past life, kinda like us. There's a chance he met Blue there, and that that brought him here. I can't confirm that though, since he doesn't know.

"He does seem to know the future, since he became sadder every day. The day before we were kidnapped he told me not to go.

"Personality wise he's like this big gentle giant. He's really careful and friendly. Treating us as if we were made of porcelain. He seems to be depressed, but who wouldn't be after regretting a life decision. It's hard to make him happy, and he doesn't talk a lot about himself.

"He made it a point to avoid questions and instead talked about us, and offering advice on problems we had. And he was so easy to talk to, I think he knows more about me than I do." April is blushing again.

"That is all I have for now. So next point," April claps.

"I have a lot of free time, since I can't do anything at all. So I made the decision to start researching things, figuring out how the soul space works and trying to make my study worth it." Her eyes shine as she says this, and she's talking quite fast. 

"This soul space is so useful, I can do a lot of research about outside topics here, since I just have to make the items I need out of nothing. Even books can be made, and I don't need to know every single word of it. A few words is enough and it somehow fills in the empty spots.

"It works for the rest too, I just need to know what the layers are and that's enough. Not even what it's made of, I guess it might get the info from my soul or something. I'm still working on the limits, so I'll find out soon enough." The video ends there, without a bye or anything. I'm guessing Mint is that guy I saw outside, and April knew him longer than she knows me.

I watch a few more of her videos, it's her being excited about things she found out. Some are about the soul space, others about complicated things I can't even remember the word for.

She talked about how Mint was fine with being the test subject until White would be there. That they could visit the space without being near each other at all, and with practice their reach for using the mind talk increased.

With White's help they went more into the personal side of it. April realised that the soul space is actually the entrance to the soul, and the soul contracts are the people guarding it.

Apparently there's a secret door somewhere that leads to the soul. Once you reach that part all soul contracts will be alerted to it, unless the invader is stronger than the so called guards. Or if you use the sneaky way, that apparently won't alert them either.

The sneaky way is accidentally stumbling into the entrance, so if it's your plan to find it you can't do it. Once you reach the main soul you have access to everything of that person, without needing their permission.

April compares it to being in the area that's controlled and supervised at first, and then being in the control room itself.

You could manipulate their thoughts and they wouldn't notice. The only ones who could notice are the outsiders, seeing that the person has changed.

April looked quite scared, and she said that this is the reason we shouldn't make contracts with just anyone. Insiders are the ones who can easily invade, for outsiders she doesn't know if there's a way in. She assumes there's probably some kind of soul attack, but she has no one to test it with.

All the things she found out, it's quite big. And what did I do in these four years? Absolutely nothing. I'm useless, why didn't I think of using my time like that.

She worked so hard, it's amazing. I haven't watched all the videos, but I'm assuming all of them are about her doing work.

A white bar appears on the phone, it reads "Click the green button, thanks." What green button?

Then the whole phone turns white. There's a big text with "Main 1 is calling…" and two buttons below it, one red and one green.

Oh, that green button. I touch it, and the phone changes to April's face yet again. Did it start another video?

"Hey there Blue, it's been a while." April stares at me with this big smile on her face. I see a little corner on the phone with my own face there, moving with whatever movement I'm doing.

"I know it's mind blowing and all, but I'm actually talking to you right now. I can see you, like you can see me," April waves.

I feel my face get warm and damp.

"Awh, don't cry. I missed you too, you know." I see tears appear in April's eyes, even though she told me not to cry.

"I would meet you in real, but with you going through my private stuff it's kinda awkward…" She scratches her head with a slight laugh.

"All that stuff is so embarrassing, I can only cringe at it. But well, it's me stumbling over words and failing at talking to a camera." Her face changes into a red hue. I don't get what's she's talking about, besides her not being happy that I went through her phone.

I didn't realise that it was off limits, would Sophie dislike it too then?

"I guess it's stupid to make the password so easy to crack. Even the others would know it right away…" She doesn't seem to be mad at me or anything, more like she's blaming herself. Why would she blame herself for something I did?

I wonder, does she trust me with this soul contract? She found out the risks attached, and then saw that I was looking at her things without her permission. Is she regretting it now? 

Or well, if I wanted to harm her the rest would be alerted, unless I'm stronger. I don't know if I am though, all the others seem way better than me.

"So, I'll tell you now, but I'm somewhere in this castle too," She ends with a wink.

I'm binge watching Scream atm. Oops writing.

Anyway, see a mistake? Tell my cats about it.