Arc VIII Chapter 15
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Arc VIII Chapter 15


Katsuki suffered from a mild concussion and a severe case of motion sickness. A poor disoriented kitten. Her poor headsie. Her poor earsies.


Katsuki couldn't tell left paw from right paw. Her head felt dizzy and her world kept spinning. The yarn was a trap. The evil portal baited her.


Katsuki collapsed, nearly vomiting despite such behaviour being unbecoming of her status. Royalty didn't vomit.


Katsuki rested and licked her wounds.


Her vision cleared up and her concussion faded. Trees, trees, trees greeted her, and a strange blue sky. The sky lacked the natural pastel azure shade she was used to. The blue, the light, the clouds, all felt different. 


This was not the palace. This wasn't the spirit world.


Katsuki scanned her surroundings and stumbled across cute little girl. Her silken black hair was lovely, her fluffy cheeks adorable. The girl was human.


Katsuki stared at the mysterious girl and the girl stared at her. They were both surprised.


A human. A real human. Her scrolls taught her about the mysterious species called humans. Every kitten was well-advised to study their culture and customs.


Humans were bipedal. Walking on two feet was their primary mode of movement. They had no fur, no tail, no whiskers. Their ears were located temporally, and their  pupils were round. Humans were neither meowed nor purred. Such strange creatures.


Katsuki had never met a real human before. This was her first time. As the crown princess of the cat clan, she was determined to leave a good impression


Katsuki inflated her chest and approached her master. The girl was undoubtedly sweet, but her new master didn't impress her. The girl looked ... rather normal.


Her chakra was neither strong nor powerful ...


Katsuki noticed too late they weren't alone here.


Her gaze wandered off, and Katsuki stiffened. Petrified, her body refused to move.


Another girl stood nearby. Her hime cut, her composure, her bearing emanated pride, grace, dignity, making a little kitten feel very small. Profound darkness filled her cold eyes.


It was her who summoned her.


A shiver ran down Katsuki's spine. The girl was scary. Even ancient spirit beasts paled in comparison.


Katsuki stumbled backwards.






Who was this girl?


Katsuki ran, but her escape attempt failed miserably. The girl tilted her head and threatened her with a sweet smile. "Where are you going? Don't run, little kitten. Nee-san won't hurt you."


Katsuki stiffened. The girl knew. The girl read her like an open book.


Katsuki panicked. Her feline instincts screamed danger.


In her desperation, Katsuki vanished into the nearest bush.


Katsuki prayed to the supreme cat gods that the evil princess of darkness wouldn't find her. She was just a small kitten. She was too young and noble to die.


Katsuki cowered in fear and waited. Nothing happened until she was grabbed from behind.


Yuki lifted the terrified cat and gave the kitten a big hug. “Don't be scared, Yuki will protect you from nee-san.“


Yuki pouted. "Nee-san, you are such a meanie. You shouldn't scare little defenceless kittens."


Asami narrowed her eyes. "Yuki, your kitten is neither little nor defenceless. The cat is a spirit. Your little kitten could very well centuries old."


Yuki protested, "She isn't dangerous! I believe in her! She is an innocent fluffy kitten.“


Yuki tightened her hug. “She would never hurt me!"


Katsuki raised her paw in agreement. "Yuki-chyan is right, I would nyever hurt her ..."






Silence reigned as Katsuki realised her error. She messed up


Yuki took a deep breath before bouncing out of joy. "Nee-san! Nee-san! Nee-san, can we keep her! Pleashe, can we keep the talking cat!“


Asamicrossed her arms. Yuki liked cats. "We will see, but first I have a little talk with our feline friend.“


Asami redirected her gaze. “What's your name?"


Katsuki tensed up, traumatised by her previous encounter. The girl was still scary.


Yuki sensed Katsuki's anxiety. Her hands calmed her. "Don't worry, nee-san isn't evil.“ 


Yuki let Katsuki down. “Be a good kitten, and you will be fine."


Asami welcomed her. “Don't be shy, What's your name?"


Katsuki hesitated. Her voice faltered. "Mya nyame is ... Katsuki. I am the crown princess of the cat clan."


Asami smirked. "Quite a heavy burden for such a young kitten. How old are you, Katsuki-chan?"


"I am ..." Katsuki lowered her head and hid. "I am ... twelve."


“Such a young age.“ Asami massaged her temples. A prepubescent kitten. Wonderful. "Katsuki, what does your contract offer?"


Katsuki gulped. "What do you mean?“


Asami grinned. "Your Highness, no contract was signed yet. I didn't summon your kind for personal amusement alone. I want to know, what do you have to offer?"


Katsuki cast her look downwards. The answer was little. “We have the neko sage mode, but the secrets of the technique ... were lost.“ 


Asami sighed. "Thought so." 


Against her better judgment, Asami unraveled the scroll and presented the contract. "Katsuki, you are lucky Yuki is fond of cats. Place your paw and I consider our contract binding."