Chapter 57 – Return Party
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Chapter 57 - Return Party


Isla drove her car and brought us to the Airport, where after enquiring about the arrival status of her plane, the two of us sat down to wait.

Not long after, with the announcement of the plane's arrival, both of us stood up to receive Celesta near the arrival area. As we kept on waiting for Celesta to meet us, Isla spotted Celesta waving for us to notice her.

"See? There she is. Come, let's go meet this lass already."

With Isla's words, the two of us walked closer and closer, until I finally spotted Celesta's figure.

Ah, it's really Celesta. But, why is her condition like this?

There are dark circles under her eyes, she looks a lot skinnier than when she left, also... there is an air of gloominess around her.

Did something bad really happen? Was that really a distress call back then? Oh God, please let my guess be wrong this time.

As Isla opened up her arms to call Celesta, Celesta broke into a run as she rapidly approached the two of us.

I was thinking that I would get to see a scene of a warm reunion of a mother and her daughter. What happened though, was something completely different, however, as Celesta rushed forward and hugged me tightly in her frail arms.

"Carene!! I am back! *sniff*... I-I am really..."

Seeing Celesta breaking down suddenly into a crying fit, Isla moved forward to hug Celesta, as she softly caressed her head.

After a few minutes of waiting, Celesta recovered from her little bout of sadness and began to excitedly converse with Isla, while peeking glances at me occasionally.

She must be regretting hugging me like that, huh? I know, Isla might misunderstand the relationship between Celesta and me if it remains unexplained.

Don't worry, Celesta. I won't be staying at your house for very long. Soon, I would find my own place to stay.

Isla kept on asking Celesta all kinds of questions, ranging from what happened at the camp, why she came so early, how much did she eat back there, if there was someone that she liked there, etc. Celesta was also very happy to interact with her Mother as she happily responded to all questions.

Soon, the three of us reached the parking area and boarded Isla's car, which Isla soon drove away from the Airport towards her house.

On the way there, Celesta kept facing the windows, observing the City during night-time.

It really looks a a lot different than daytime, since in the areas with the streetlights, the dimly lit surrounding made the place appear a bit mysterious yet romantic. A kind of lovers' hideout.

If you ask me, then yes, I would love to bone either Isla or Sis Lin behind one of the bushes there. I'm not really against outdoor sex, though I haven't even tried car sex yet...

Since the road was mostly empty, Isla drove at high speed, making us reach her home a lot faster than when we left.

After getting out of the car, Isla parked it in the garage and followed us to walk towards the front door of her house.

After ringing the doorbell thrice, the door opened up to reveal a super excited Jorah, who immediately rushed to hug Celesta tightly, as she screamed,


Celesta giggled at the mischievous yet lovable Jorah as she hugged her back and said,

"Un. I'm back. Have you been well, Jorah?"

"Yes! YES! I have been extremely good! Big Sister, quickly. Come inside!"

Without letting Celesta think too much, Jorah dragged her back inside, as Celesta looked surprised from seeing the various decorations around the house.

"Jorah? Did you girls do this??"

Before Jorah could speak anything, many popping sounds resounded around us as the confetti of various types flew around in the air, showering us with Celesta at the center of it.

""Welcome back! Sis Celesta!""

"Welcome, Celesta. You look good today."

The twins, along with the Tenant greeted Celesta while screaming and laughing around us.

The mood resembled a festive atmosphere, with laughter, happiness, and love all around. Strangely, that mood turned out to be very infectious as well.

W-What is this? Why do I feel so warm inside me?

Is this how a family celebrates? Is this how a family greets one another? But, I am not a part of this household, yet why do I feel so happy? Am I really suffering from some health issues?

Probably so. Heck, who cares? Let's be happy with their happiness and live in the moment. Who knows for how long I can enjoy this for..?

One by one, the girls kept on greeting Celesta individually, asking her about the trip while talking about their own events. I felt a bit weird seeing the Teant behaving like a normal person, and she seemed to have detected me watching her as she flipped the bird at me.

Yup, she only acts crazy to me. It sucks.

After the greetings finished, isla brought Celesta to the sofa for some rest, while Jorah and I took care of arranging her luggage back to her room.

Upon returning to the living room, Isla was already arranging dinner for everyone, having already given Celesta her share.

The other girls looked really happy, even the Tenant. Though, I suspect that she is just happy to get free food.

Since Isla was already so busy, I moved forward to arrange Jorah's and my dinner, as we both sat around Celesta, slowly eating the food.

I had thought that Isla had probably bought only snacks or fast food, however, she had gotten dinner from a reputed restaurant instead. All the dishes looked mouth-wateringly good, while the aroma seduced the soul of the eaters.

Even the nutritional content seemed to have been considered, giving a warm and cozy feel even after eating a lot of it.

Yup, Isla did well this time. Let's pamper her a lot in bed tonight. Though I doubt if she would, since her health had been rocky for some time, and getting her exhausted when she would have to go back to her two jobs tomorrow, made my lust die out instantly.

Let's just cuddle together tonight. A bit of kissing might be okay though, right?

After we all finished our dinner, Isla brought out a few drinks and placed them before us as she loudly spoke,

"Girls! It's celebration night tonight! We all drink till we drop!"

W-What?! Hey, Isla! Remember that we have a minor here with us?! Jorah can't drink yet, you know?!

Isla smirked slyly as she looked at my face, after which she spoke further,

"No worries. I got Jorah's favorite cold drink for her to drink. For all others though... it's beer!"

I give up. Just when I thought that Isla had turned over a new leaf, she began to try turning her daughters into alcoholics instead!

Just grow up already, Isla! How much of a kid are you going to be?

Regardless of my concerns, everyone welcomed the drinks, strangely even Celesta, who took small sips while smiling happily as she looked at her sisters.

R-Right. Celesta is the eldest sister here, so she must have been worried about her little sisters too.

And here I was, just worrying about myself. I should be really ashamed of myself.


As I slowly began to forget my worries after sipping some beer, an already-drunk Isla sat down next to me and asked,

"Hey! How was the...*hic*... beer? It's really tasty, right~~?!"

Although I had dealt with a drunk Isla before, she still behaves very wildly when she is drunk. But, the beer tastes good, at least it is better than I imagined it to be.

"It's good, Aunt Isla."

After I spoke my opinion honestly, isla slapped my back heavily thrice as she laughed loudly.

"AHAHAHAHA! I know, right?!! I love this one tooooo~. The others taste weeeird when compared to this one."

"Well, this is my first time tasting it, but it tastes good, Mom."

Celesta too voiced out her thoughts as she listened to us talk. There was a weird competitive look in her eyes too.

"Is that so?? Then GOOD! Let's drink all night! Ahahahahaha!!"

Meanwhile, Lara and Lanita had already gone upstairs, taking their beers along with them. The tenant was sprawled over the table, knocked out unconscious from the beer.

Looks like she is pretty weak to alcohol, huh? Well, more beer for me then.

Jorah had fallen asleep earlier after finishing dinner and had been carried to her room by me. By now, she must be adventuring in her Dreamworld.

And that leaves the final three survivors. Me, Isla and Celesta. There is no point in contesting though, as Isla is a pretty heavy drinker. In comparison, Celesta is already doing a good job of not getting knocked out yet.

Did she raise her alcohol tolerance somewhere? But, she said earlier that it was her first time drinking. What a mystery.

As Isla kept downing one beer after another, her figure began to look very charming instead.

I mean, just imagine a beautiful milf in a drunken and defenseless state pouring down drink after drink down her throat, wouldn't that be a very beautiful scene to look at?

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. It's super erotic!

"Hey, Celestaaa~! Drink one more! I said, ONE MOREEE~!"

Although, her actions are sometimes way over the top.

I stopped Isla from forcing Celesta to drink and spoke to her,

"Hey, Aunt Isla! Beer must be enjoyed slowly. If we drink as fast as you, we would fall unconscious instead."

Isla looked confused for a bit before she relented and spoke to me,

"Alright. If *hic* Carene says so, then just drink by yourself you two. I am going to my rooooooom~~!"

Isla suddenly stood up while holding a few bottles of beer, as she ran away down the hallway.

Let's hope that Isla isn't so drunk to think of the toilet as her room instead.

Celesta smiled abashedly, with her face completely red from alcohol. However, the effects of drinking so much alcohol didn't show up in her way of speech at all.

On second thoughts, even I am strangely sober after drinking so much.

Celesta then stood up to walk closer to me, after which... she jumped to hug my arm!

Waaaah! I take my words back. It appears that Celesta is too drunk already! Going so far as to hug me intimately, Celesta would never do this if she wasn't drunk. I'm sure of it!

Oh no. Please help me, God. Please don't let me make any mistake that both of us would regret for a lifetime.

I... am already too attracted to Celesta. And to have her acting so intimately with me, my delusional mind might just go into overdrive!

While I was panicking inside, Celesta began to slowly murmur,

"I missed you a lot. A lot. Very lot. Many lots, Carene."

Ehh?? What is Celesta talking about? Missing me? But, why?

"It was painful to wait. Very painful. Very very painful."

I see... so something did happen back there. Let's try asking her about it next time.

"I'm glad that I am back. I feel good. Happy. I'm happy, Carene."

Well, if you are happy, then I am happy too, Celesta. Just stay healthy and happy. I could content my heart if at least you are happy, even if you won't ever be together with me...

By the way, I couldn't help but notice that even the way she speaks has changed a lot. Is she regressing back to her past or something? Let's hope not, since she would forget about me entirely that way!

"My Papa... he was a good person too. Very good. Extremely good too."

Oh? Her Father? But, he was already gone from this world a long time ago. Or so I heard from Jorah before.

"Then, was your Father always good to you, Celesta?"

Celest replied like a spoiled child, as she kept nodding into my chest as she spoke to me,

"Yes, Yes. He was very clumsy too. He always smashed the vases and other stuff frequently. Very frequently. Extremely frequently too."

I see. So that's how Celesta's Father was, huh? But, I kind of cannot imagine that at all. Would Isla ever fancy someone like that? Or, maybe it was her first love?

They all say that love is blind, so... who knows?

"He was good to Mother as well. Why did he never come back? It's strange. Really strange. He always came back after going away. But then... he never came back. So strange. Did he... hate me, Carene?"

What?! How could you think like that, Celesta?! Your father... he has died already. Dead people don't come back to life, other than in horror movies. It's not like they don't return just because they don't want to.

"No, of course not. He must have loved you a lot instead. Maybe, you would meet him again in the future someday?"

I felt somewhat guilty for letting Celesta believe in a fruitless mirage. However, my words looked to have given Celesta some strength as she raised her head and looked at me as she spoke,

"Yeah. That sounds good. Very good. Very very good. Extremely good too!"