2 : The Hopeful Girl
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(first-person perspective)

My name is Fimana, I'm 19 years old. I'm an orphan, I don't know who is my parents are but one thing for sure they are two big jerk. Now I lived in my best friend's house, she is a rather lively girl without anything to worry about. Why? well, because of her parent's status. No, they aren't a noble from a kingdom. They are heroes in this world. I have read books about them before, well let me explain to you in a simple way!

13 years ago, a big rift suddenly opened in the Hidbia Kingdom. From that rift came a big lifeform, it was a very powerful lifeform. It creates millions of its underlings. Because of its sudden appearance caused the Hidbia Kingdom severely damaged and almost got annihilated. Luckily for them, the powerful lifeform for whatever reasons isn't targeting them. It's more like the powerful lifeform is fleeing from something beyond the rift. It hurriedly closed the rift and flew from the Paradise Continent.

Then every kingdoms and empire hurriedly prepared themselves for the upcoming wars. And sure it is, the powerful lifeform waged wars across the world. Destroying many minor-kingdoms and empires. The war raged for 46 years. Countless life perished in this war, and because of this it gained a nickname, 'Cruel'. Many said Cruel is a higher lifeform than us. Well, it is certainly a higher lifeform. 

But then, the humans proposed a coalition from every kingdom and empire. They agreed and started their journey with the purpose of killing Cruel. Countless heroes died in this war, many unknown masters fallen.

As the coalition army become desperate, the goddess gave her all to bless a man and a woman. The blessings are powerful. This gave hope to the coalition army and the two gained their nickname as 'True Heroes'. With the 'True Heroes' leading them, the battles continue. A few years later the battle ended with Cruel retreat to a far inhabitable continent. 

From millions of soldiers, the coalition army only left with a few hundred of them. The war is cruel and bloody. But with their sacrifices, the world gained its peace once more.

When the masses heard of their victory against Cruel, they cheered and called them heroes. They sang their names across the world. The end.

Well, that was it, and my best friend's parents are 100% the 'True Heroes'. No, they didn't tell me about it. For whatever reason, I can feel the wavelength of a lifeform. I get this weird feeling about them it felt heavy, and it's very different from the other heroes. So I asked them, and guess what? they got surprised! They interrogate me for a day until I convinced them with my explanation! then they told me not to tell anyone about this, including their own daughter. Apparently, they really loved their daughter and don't want anything bad to happen with her. Not like my idiot parents who left me without anyone. 

Ah! Speaking of me, I got told by my best friend's parents that they found me in ancient ruins as a baby. They thought I was dead and prepared to bury me there, and thank god the husband realized that I'm still alive after he thoroughly checked my body and found that my brain still omitting frequencies. And just like that they decided to adopt me, well practically they are my parents too but deep inside of me I can't accept it, I don't know why! don't ask me!. 

After they brought me home, they said 'my older sister' is really happy to have me as her little sister. She's super kind, I really worried about her getting tricked someday. Well if anyone dared to do that, they just get themselves prepared, for I will break their bones until they becomes powder! Big talk you say, punk?! I'm strong you know! even though not as strong as the True Heroes, at least I'm strong enough to destroy a few mountain ranges! In this world, I'm ranked number 3 strongest!

But, I can feel my power is actually stronger than this. I can't draw it because something prevented me from doing so. Well, who cares! I'm strong enough so no one dares to touch my dear 'older sister'! What about her parents you say? haha, they can even defeat me with only one hand. I'm not qualified to protect them, and of course, I still loved them even though they often beat me up when I'm accidentally destroyed a few mountains... It's accident alright!! Please trust me!!

Well, that's it from me I guess, oh yeah don't ask me where am I living because I don't know myself where is this. I hate names I told you, so I only remembered a few other names. 

I hope this peaceful and warm life continues until the day I fall. Why I used the word fall than die? hmm, I don't know, maybe because its much more cooler?. Just kidding.