Chapter 30
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Jun was out of breath by the time he reached their apartment. The door was closed and his hand shook as he reached for the door knob. What if he really had screwed everything up, could he still just walk into the house. Breathing in deeply, Jun opened the door and walked inside. 

Kichirou was waiting on the couch, his head in his hands and tears dripping from his eyes. 

“Ki?” Jun whispered. Kichirou looked up, his eyes were read and his face wet with tears. He shot up from the seat and rushed over to where Jun stood by the front door. But, before he even reached Jun, Jun reached him first. His arms wrapped around Kichirou, bringing him in closer, his face nestled into Kichirou’s neck as he began to speak. 

“I got scared, okay? I admit it.” He breathed in deeply, his grip tightening on Kichirou. Kichirou felt more tears gather in his eyes and his heart stutter in his chest. He opened his mouth to tell him that he understood, that he felt the same way, but Jun didn’t let him. “I’d never let anyone else matter as much as you did and I was looking for reasons to push you away from me.” Jun moved his body so that Kichirou’s face was resting on his chest and Jun’s neck was on top of Kichirou’s head. “I want the baby. Our baby.”

He seemed surprised by that fact and lifted Kichirou’s face away from his chest gently. His fingers were gentle beneath his chin, his eyes filled with the love he had felt every day. It made his chest tighten and his tears fall free.

“I want our baby.” Jun said fiercely, punctuating the remark with a hard, swift kiss to Kichirou’s lips. “I want you and I want us to be a family. I love you, Kichirou. I won’t let you get away from me. I want you to be happy, if you want to stay here with the baby and me, I am all for it. Even if you want to move as far away as Russia just know I will follow you and never let you go.”

Kichirou’s tears were falling freely by this point. He wasn’t crying silently, either, these were loud sobs making it difficult to answer Jun. Obviously, by the way he dropped his hand and backed slightly away from him, Jun thought these tears were of rejection, not joy.

“No!” Kichirou sobbed, grabbing a hold of Jun’s jacket, he let out a loud hiccup and buried his face into his jacket. “I-I want you to stay. I want you to help me raise our baby. I want you to hold me forever and keep me safe.”

Kichirou turned his face up to Jun’s, his tears running down his face almost angrily. At that moment, with tears washing his cheeks, his blue eyes shooting sparks and his mouth in a hard line, Jun thought he couldn’t get any more beautiful.

“I love you, you dumbass. I will say it every goddamn day if you still don’t believe me. I love you. I love you. I lo—” He never finished that ‘I love you,’ Jun stalled him with a deep, passionate kiss to his lips. He cradled Kichirou’s face with his hands and devoured his love. Kichirou melted against him, his sobs quieted and his love burning more fiercely than before. Jun kissed away the tears that still trailed down his cheeks and rested his forehead against Kichirou’s.

“You can tell me that you love me anytime, anywhere, forever.”

“Now, here, forever, I love you.”

“Of course you do.” Jun nibbled on his lips and lifted him into his arms. Jun loved the feel of Kichirou against him, he loved to know he was pregnant and that he was the reason why he was going to have his child. “You know that this child is going to be a boy, right?” Kichirou bit Jun’s nose and grinned up at him.

“Nuh-uh, this child is definitely going to be a girl. We need more girls in the house so that we can have a more feminine aura around.” 

Jun chuckled. “It really doesn’t matter to me, at least I will be the happiest man alive.”


“Ngh. It's so good, Jun. You can put it in… I'm already… ngh… okay… Ah!”


Our love has finally blossomed, the roots have taken hold. 

“I welcome this mess because my body exists for you.” Kichirou smiled, tears welling up in his eyes, love shining through even movement he made. Jun’s eyes watered, and he closed them to compose himself. When he opened them again, Kichirou was still smiling at him; he reached his hand up and lightly caressed Jun’s face. 

“Ki…” Jun groaned into the palm, nipping lightly at Kichirou’s fingertips…

“It’s okay, Jun.” Kichirou tilted his head to the side, revealing the back of his unblemished neck. “Mark me as yours.” 

Jun groaned, his cock throbbing inside of Kichirou. He flipped Kichirou onto his stomach, being careful of the baby in his womb; never losing the connection, he put a hand on Kichirou’s stomach, lifting his waist higher and thrusting in deep several times. Kichirou moaned, his hole spasming in pleasure. Jun thrust in deeper, holding Kichirou as close as possible and then leaned down. His breath heated the back of Kichirou’s neck. Jun groaned, feeling Kichirou tighten around him almost anxiously. 

“Hurry,” Kichirou moaned, “Please, hurry.” Jun groaned, tried thrusting even deeper, licking Kichirou’s ear, then nape, nipping lightly, then… He bit down with all of his might, his teeth sinking into Kichirou’s neck. Jun could taste blood, but that stirred him on more. The moan Kichirou sent out made Jun enter a state he wasn’t even aware of. Several thrusts later, Jun and Kichirou climaxed at the same time, Jun’s teeth still embedded in Kichirou’s skin. 


“I am going to kill you! I mean it, Jun! As soon as I get out of this godforsaken bed, I am going to murder you!” Jun smiled at his husband’s threat and wiped away the hair that had fallen into his eyes. Kichirou glared up at him before closing his eyes on another wave of excruciating pain. “I swear,” he panted, his body seizing in another contraction. “I am going to murder you once this baby is born.”

“You don’t mean that, sweetheart.” Jun soothed, kissing his sweaty brow. Kichirou continued to glare at him, but grasped Jun’s hand in his, squeezing it with his love. Another contraction hit.

“I mean it!” Kichirou screamed, wondering what the hell the doctor was looking at and why he was smiling.

“It’s almost time to push, then your baby will join us.” Kichirou let out a frustrated growl and began to swear again. The doctor looked over at Jun and his smile widened. “He swears like a sailor.” Jun grinned and gently squeezed Kichirou’s hand; he squeezed back, but none too gently. Jun winced. The doctor disappeared again and when he looked up, he encouraged Kichirou to begin pushing.

Twenty minutes, a thousand expletives, and four promised murders later, Arimori Masaki was cuddled against his mother’s chest. The baby had a large amount of black fuzz for hair and a pair of striking grey eyes. His fist was clenched around Kichirou’s shirt and his other hand was shoved in his mouth. Jun grinned down at his son and husband, tears of happiness misting his eyes. He leaned down and kissed his son’s forehead before kissing Kichirou.

“You did well, Ki.” Kichirou reached out and touched Jun’s cheek before leaning forward and kissing him fiercer than he had kissed him.

“We did well, Jun, we created a fine son.” Jun nibbled on his lips and breathed a sigh of happiness.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” Instead of taking that as a challenge, Jun grinned and stroked his son’s cheek with a large finger. His eyes sparkled when he looked up at Kichirou.

“I told you we were going to have a boy.”