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"Familiar/ Ghosts /Goblins" talking.

'Familiar/ Ghosts/ Goblins' thinking.


"Spell" is being used.


Broken Shackles

Chapter 14

Mastering the Mind Art

"Mr Potter, please follow me," asked Professor Lupin as he stood at the entrance of the Great Hall. Harry went with the man, he sent a reassuring look to a raven-haired beauty seeing her concerned before walking with the shabby man.

As they walked through the empty halls, Harry decided to poke Lupin for some much-needed information.

"Professor, what happened? Different versions are flying around," he asked curiously and Lupin looked at him with a strained smile.

Understandable, as the man assumed Sirius to be the mass murderer and the reason for his friends' death. He didn't get suspicious when the rumour of Ron's missing rat came in one of his classes.

"We assume Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts and tried to enter the Gryffindor Tower to reach you but was denied access. We are currently combing through the entire Castle to know his whereabouts.

Rest assured, Harry. We will protect you from him. Don't worry about it," he said, trying to comfort Harry but Harry could see through it.

Lupin knew something no one else did and he seemed conflicted about whether to share it or not. As that also answers the question of how Sirius was able to hide so long and reach Hogwarts without detection.

Harry knew what Lupin was thinking about and also knew about his Godfather's Animagus form. If only he knew where he was, he could hide him and arrange a safe trial.

"Where are the other Professors, Sir?" He asked just to keep the conversation going.

"They are waiting for you in the Headmaster's office, Harry," said Lupin and rushed towards Dumbledore's office.

They reached there in minutes and Lupin needn't say the password as the Gargoyle moved aside before asking and he assumed it to be Dumbledore's doing, sensing their arrival.

They entered into an enlarged Headmaster's office, which was expanded to fit all the staff members who sat in conjured chairs. 2 seats were left opposite Dumbledore for him and Lupin and without prompting, they both sat and the discussion started.

"Ah, Mr Potter. It's good to see. Please, take a seat," said Dumbledore merrily with his signature twinkle back in his eyes.

"Thank you, Professor. Can you please explain what is going on?" Harry asked in a respective tone.

"Yes, Harry. Unfortunately, Sirius Black, the mass murderer and Muggle killer had breached our securities and entered Hogwarts. We searched for him through the entire Castle, but couldn't find him. Fortunately for us, he doesn't know you are a Ravenclaw and assumed you to be a Gryffindor.

So we are discussing the best course of action and how to keep you safe in these corridors," Dumbledore said sombrely, his eyes losing their twinkle.

"Why sir? I'm safe here," said Harry and gave Dumbledore a mocking look.

"Shut up, you spoiled brat. Learn how to talk to your betters," Snape snapped and Harry decided to play with the greasy bastard for that comment.

"I suggest you put him in my Dun- the shrieking shack!" He said with a eureka face and everyone looked at him, confused.

"Or we can hide him in the Black Lake! Or we can-" Snape went on a tangent, suggesting outrageous and impossible places to hide Harry.

It went on for 5 minutes as everyone expected the man to turn a new leaf and act as nothing like this happened, but he went on and on, like an unending river and Dumbledore chose to intervene.

"We can send the brat to Azkaban for security and as-"

"Severus!" Dumbledore called loudly, as Snape ignored all his normal calls and nudged the Potions master, who turned sharply at Dumbledore.

"We appreciate your concern for Mr Potter's safety, Severus. Please take your seat," said Dumbledore and Snape sat without protest. He still had a disappointed look that all these people were ignoring his excellent suggestions, but didn't speak when the old Headmaster took over.

"Aside from Severus's suggestions, do any of you have anything to add to Mr Potter's safety?" He asked the table and everyone mulled over.

"Headmaster, I suggest you send Mr Potter to our Common Room," suggested Professor McGonagall in her infinite wisdom with a pointed look at Harry.

"I don't think that's wise, Minerva. Sirius already knew about it and tried to enter the Gryffindor tower. Who knows what methods he will try to break in again?"

"We must take into account Sirius's life here at Hogwarts. I know you all remember it well," he said and everyone nodded. Snape tried to say something, but his mouth shut before he could speak.

No one noticed this as they were deep in thought "How about we hide him in the Dungeons?" Suggested Professor Sprout, surprising everyone.

"It is not a good idea, for that matter, any Common room is not good as Sirius might break into them." Dumbledore declared with finality and everyone nodded in acknowledgement.

Harry felt like following a bunch of blind people who can't decide for themselves and listen to every word their guide is telling them. As his Professors were doing exactly that, with Snape being the occasional barking dog on the road.

They again fell into another silence and Dumbledore looked at them with a twinkle back in his eyes seeing this, they inched closer to hear the wise Headmaster's advice.

"How about we do nothing?" He asked loudly, making a few eyebrows raise. 'What? How is it protection?' Thought a confused Harry.

"I mean, we appoint a Professor to guard Mr Potter when he is in the corridors and after thinking about it, if Sirius does try to enter the Common rooms again, we will be informed in no time, which allows us to catch him!" He proclaimed with his hands stretched, in a grandiose fashion as if it is the greatest idea.

'What? Now he is suggesting no security and let things be with one Professor to Harry/me?' Thought everyone was confused.

'What the hell, Dumbledore. Are you supporting or opposing Sirius here? Though I'm not sure about whether he knew of the change in Secret Keeper, I can't rule out the possibility.

He is an intelligent old man after all. What to do? If I hadn't known better, I would have thought he is being wise or if I'm ignorant, this wouldn't have happened without my voice being heard, following like a lost lamb to the slaughterhouse. Who knows.

Maybe he just wants more scrutiny and most probably will put one of his loyal men to 'guard' me. Hmm, what an elaborate scheme, old man,' Harry thought, giving the old man credit for coming with this plan.

"Hmm, I think the best person to guard Harry is Remus." He declared and Snape rose in protest, his face marred in outrage.

"Headmaster, I think that wouldn't be wise. This… man is not suitable to guard one as Mr Potter in case of that murderer's attack," he proclaimed.

"Calm down, Severus. I think Remus is best because of his past with Sirius. He knew everything about him before he went to Azkaban. After all, they studied together.

That's why I suggested that he protect Harry. Don't you think that his foreknowledge and experience will be crucial in case of an attack?" Dumbledore asked and everyone including the Potions master started to think about it.

"Also, because of this, the Ministry decided to increase the number of Dementors, even more, to guard the Castle as Cornelius is taking this as a challenge to his Ministry.

So we are going to host even more Dementors from tomorrow. Keep this in mind when you allow any students out of Castle and detentions in general." He said in a grave tone and everyone nodded.

"What are we going to do about classes? We shouldn't cancel them indefinitely as that may negatively affect students." Professor McGonagall asked.

"Yes, that's concerning as well. Let's search for Sirius for this week and if he is not found, the classes will resume as usual next week with Mr Potter being escorted by Remus. Is that acceptable?" Dumbledore asked and everyone nodded after contemplating a bit. Harry was surprised by the turn of events.

The whole purpose of 'safety of students' was thrown under the bus if the classes resume next week and he won't get a chance to search for Sirius.

He knew he would be closely guarded for the whole week and if Sirius was not found, then he would be given some relief and only allowed to travel with Lupin and he is not going to allow that. Who knows where his Godfather is now?

"Headmaster, how about I travel with my friends and when Professor Lupin is free, he can escort me? I don't want him to miss his classes for me," asked Harry.

Everyone turned to him as he just openly opposed Dumbledore and the headmaster's suggestion with his own as Harry is known as Dumbledore's golden boy, which didn't help the situation.

"I can defend myself well. Professor Lupin can attest to that and I have my Heir ring to protect me," said Harry, his Potter Heir ring appearing on his right-hand ring finger.

Everyone looked at him as if he grew a second head. Heir and Lord rings are enchanted with protection spells and then more to safeguard the Lord/Heir of the House.

As they are current and next in line to be the Lord of the house, attempts to kill them were common back in the day and they were protected with a protection enchantment at least in the Heir and Lord ring.

So Harry referring to that and showing his Heir ring is generally not expected by anyone in the room and was staring at him, surprised.

"What do you think, sir?" Harry nudged Dumbledore and as the matter of Heirship came, it could be taken as a direct request from an Heir of a Noble House and had a higher chance of acceptance.

"Professor Lupin, can you explain about my proficiency in defence?" He included the gaping Remus who was most surprised out of all aside from Snape.

"Um, yes, sir. Mr Potter is very proficient in defence and as we all know, he can conjure a Corporeal Patronus," added Lupin with a convincing smile.

The room went into silence as everyone started to think about Harry's suggestion and the possibility of an attack, about his safety and Flitwick was first to speak.

"I think we can allow Mr Potter some leeway in this, Headmaster. He is good at charms and performed the Banishing Charm with ease.

I am confident in his skills to defend himself and if such a commotion is created, we can be there in minutes. I agree with what he suggested," said Flitwick with confidence and Dumbledore nodded.

Seeing that 2 of his staff are confident in Harry's abilities to defend himself, Dumbledore concluded it is best to leave him be for now.

After all, the old headmaster had a suspicion that everything was not what it seems and though he doesn't know what happened in Godric's Hollow on that day and who is the real culprit, he is suspicious of everything.

The portrayed picture on Sirius was too perfect as the only evidence found of Pettigrew's death was his severed finger. So he decided to give the Black man a chance.

Who knows, he can be resourceful in the future. 'Everything is for the greater good,' thought Dumbledore, assuring himself and announcing his decision.

"Since you are confident in Mr Potter's abilities, I'll allow this. But please call a House elf to inform them of anything you find suspicious in the corridors, Mr Potter. I also request the staff members to be vigilant at all times and respond to any threats cautiously as students' lives are at stake here." He implored and everyone nodded.

"If that is all, please disperse and stay on alert. The students will sleep in the Great Hall for the rest of the week until we complete our search. Few of us are going to stand guard for them while the others are going to search for Sirius in groups of 3. Is that clear?" Dumbledore asked and everyone nodded.

"Let's go," he said and they stood up and made their way to the Great Hall.

Harry has a rough idea of what to do as his first objective is to find Sirius and keep him safe if he is still in Hogwarts. Next is asking Ted to file the case in the Wizengamot.

With his goals fixed, Harry walked with all the professors to the Great hall and fell in step with Lupin. The man looked disturbed during the whole meeting and Harry knew why. He chose to silently follow the man. If Lupin is not willing to come out even now, what can he do? They soon reached the Great Hall.

All the chatter died down as soon as the students saw the contingent of Professors and Harry enter the Great Hall, looking at them curiously.

"Students, due to the ongoing events and an attempted break-in by Sirius Black, the muggle killer, all the classes are suspended for the week," Dumbledore explained using a wandless Sonorous. Everyone celebrated, missing the attempted break-in part.

Dumbledore raised his hand to calm them down. "Classes will resume as usual next week and there won't be any changes in the schedule. You are going to stay in the Great Hall for the rest of the week while we comb through the Castle to make sure there is no room for doubt on the missing criminal's presence." The mood spiralled after that announcement.

"And before I forget, more Dementors are going to guard the Castle from tomorrow as part of the Ministry's safety measures to safeguard Hogwarts, so I request more caution around them." He said in a sombre tone.

Everyone tried to protest, but since it is from the Ministry, their protests can't be heard. As the protests died down, all the Professors started moving the tables.

"You are going to sleep in your House order. Please move to the side while we arrange and then move where your House table generally stands. You will be assigned a spot by your Head of House there," said McGonagall in a stern tone and everyone started moving.

All the Professors first removed the tables and enlarged the room to fit all students. After that, they filled the entire hall with a large cushion that was soft and comfy.

As all the students saw the usage of magic, the first 3 years students watched in amazement at the area-wide usage of the art, 4th year and above saw the expertise of their Transfiguration Professor and Headmaster.

Harry with Padma and Terry reached Professor Flitwick as he was directing students after all the arrangements were done and giving all students a pillow and blankets as it was going to be a cold night.

"Ah, Harry. How are you doing?" Flitwick asked softly.

"I'm well, Professor. Thank you," replied Harry.

"Here, you can sleep in any year order but leave 5 through 7th years to the side. They were assigned to the far right, near the Head table," said Flitwick with a conspiratorial smile.

Harry smirked at that. He understood what the diminutive man was implying and nodded and decided to sleep in the far left corner of the bunch.

The rest of the Quidditch team except Davis followed him including Padma and Terry and while Terry took the corner, Harry took the spot next to him while Cho slept beside Padma who ended the trio.

They slept without any discussions as they saw their greasy Potions Master walk towards them to stand guard. He gave one last sneer to Harry before he slept, imagining the training he is going to put himself through.

Unknown Location

He succeeded in escaping the hell of that prison they call Azkaban and all those death-eating creatures they call guards.

He passed through all the scrutiny and security they kept to capture him and throw him back into that Hell hole.

He knew many secret passages to enter Hogwarts, his old school without much trouble and went directly towards the Gryffindor Tower.

He knew full well that Harry, his Godson, would be a courageous Gryffindor like him and his parents and hoped to see him after all this time.

Being an unregistered Animagus is also an advantage he capitalised on which made so many things easy for him.

But he didn't find Harry there. Not only Harry but there was also no one in the Tower. He saw the date on one of the calendars and found it to be Halloween.

Deciding to try again, he came out through the Common Room entrance only to be noticed by the Fat Lady, the woman in the guarding portrait.

To keep her shut, he had to cut her portrait with his claws and make a run for it. He is now going away from Hogwarts, knowing that the Ministry is going to increase Dementors at Hogwarts for him.

If only he had met Harry and seen how he is doing. 'I will find one way or another to find you, Harry. I promised your parents to take care of you. I couldn't keep that word…' thought Sirius, sombrely.

He did many things in his life from pranking professors to killing Death Eaters. But he didn't kill the muggles he was accused of doing and that, that ungrateful, treacherous rat of all things. He tried conveying it, but they didn't listen to him.

Dumbledore was in a compromising position at that time and saving that good-for-nothing death scum, Snivellus didn't put him in a good light to save him as well.

Even though he is seen as the leader of light and the most powerful wizard in Magical Britain, a man can do so much and he didn't get that extra help.

He was put in Azkaban and they didn't revoke that decision till now. He found a way to escape and used his Animagus form to trick the Dementors.

He knew he was not free. He knew that the Ministry would try everything to put him back in that 'prison' at any cost. He understood that by the Dementor's presence at Hogwarts.

'Don't worry, Harry. I'll find a way to come back and meet you at any cost,' resolved Sirius, as he continued to run away from Hogwarts.

Scene Break

A few Days Later

Harry and the rest of the students slept in the Great Hall for the week and though they were not allowed to leave the Castle, he found some time to practise Quidditch.

They were given a small room adjacent to the Great Hall to pass time and while many used it to talk and gossip, Harry and his team used to train.

They have an upcoming Quidditch match with the Puffs in a few days as scheduled, they all want to win the match to celebrate their new team and Captain.

Harry explained everything he learned from the twins to their beaters while he played with chasers to improve their speed and coordination. He also learned how to make some cuts and dodges easily from them.

Cho also learnt new things from her practice as they asked Professor Flitwick to expand the room to fit their needs. Harry also used the limited space well, taking various scenarios.

"So guys, let's try what we do in rainy weather. If we are playing during a rainy day with strong winds against us, what should we do?" He asked his team.

"We use rain gear and goggles of course," said Randolph, one of their Chasers.

"We should try to play with rain instead of playing against it," Jeremy suggested another Chaser.

"Maybe we should use water to our advantage and hide our bats and suddenly, boom!" Jason, one of their Beaters, suggested.

"Well, those are some good ideas. Maybe beating with your bat is not good, Jason," suggested Harry and Jason nodded sheepishly.

"How about we try this? Bring some water and throw them against each other to see what happens?" Suggested Cho and everyone looked at her in surprise.

"What?" She asked, her cheeks dusting with pink.

"Nothing, we need a lot of water, maybe we should try in one of the bathrooms," suggested Page, their Keeper.

"Yea, that will be good. But I think we should wait till classes resume and try in an empty bathroom. We don't want other Houses to catch up to our secret practice," said Harry happily and they all nodded.

As planned, they went to Myrtle's bathroom on the second floor and started their practice on the first day of their classes. As the bathroom is rarely used, none disturbed them and Myrtle was not around as well.

Their practice went well and Harry was satisfied with their teamwork and understanding. They all understood each other well and he is happy with it.

The best thing he learned from Quidditch is teamwork and understanding. He will admit that there are no better Beaters than the twins, as they understand and compliment each other well.

Though he knows he can't get that level of understanding in his team as they are not born together, he is happy that they all mesh well and are willing to give it a shot.

"That's great practice, guys. Let's hope that this will be enough to win against Cedric and the Puffs in the match," said Harry.

"What, if it didn't, I will admit some backhand things are going on," said Page.

"Ya, we should use the invisible tactic as well. They don't know what hit them. Hehe," said Jason. Others looked at him with a 'seriously' look.

"Ok, ok. I won't do that," he mumbled, which made others nod in satisfaction.

They all went to dinner and chatted happily after that and went to sleep with satisfaction. Harry is comfortable with his team now.

As this is his first match as Captain, he has high expectations and hopes on his team to win and he is sure of it now. He slept happily, dreaming of winning the Quidditch cup.

He is still wary of the dream he saw about the Quidditch match and hoped it won't come true as he is going to be playing the match soon. With those thoughts in mind, he went to sleep.

Scene Break

As the week passed, Harry threw himself in Animagus training more and more vigorously. Though he knew the second dream had a lot of time to come, he is not going to slack.

He did his morning exercises and moved to the Inner Chamber to read some more on Animagus. The book written by Schpeel helped him a lot.

Today is going to be the final day of his Occlumency training and he will be a Master Occlumencs after this test. He took the book and opened it.

'Congratulations on making it this far. You have 1 last assignment that is stopping you from becoming a Master Occlumencs.

Once you finish this, you will a Master Occlumencs and rest easy that no one will enter your mind without your notice with a loud alarm bell and shields.

Let's get started. I'll give you some lines here, you are going to read them and remember them.

You will be given only 4 seconds to read each of them. After that, the passages will vanish and you will be asked to write what was in the passages.

All the best, my dear student, once you complete this, there are 6 more waiting for you, each more difficult than prior.'

Harry noticed how the book started calling him Schpeel's student after all the 3 parts have merged and assumed it to be how the man calls anyone who reads his works.

There is something small written at the bottom of the paper and he noticed it just before he turned the paper. It read.

'Hint: Don't forget these lines as soon as you complete this part.' Knowing that this is one more way of wishing him luck, Harry continued.

'1. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

2. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

3. She sells seashells on the seashore. The shells she sells are surely seashells. So if she sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells.'

As soon as he read it, Harry didn't know what to say. They are tongue twisters. He can't understand if Schpeel added them before they were introduced or is this lunatic the one who found them?

He managed to read them twice in the given 12 seconds and wrote them as it is, though his mind twisted one or two in the process.

After he wrote all of them in the space the book provided, Harry was given a small fireworks show as a celebratory pass.

But he stayed vigilant and a small letter appeared in the middle of the fireworks which can be barely seen if not closely observed. He can't understand whether this is an eye test or Occlumency test but wrote it in a blank space beside the last page.

'Well, done. Champ. Now on to the third. Please look into the holes of that instrument there. You will be tested with some powder and all you have to do is open your eyes wide and no sound should be heard during the test.'

Harry walked happily to the instrument the book specified. How it got there, he doesn't know and cared enough to find it. He just looked at it in expectation to be done with the test and was chilled to the bone at the first whiff of the powder he was going to get assaulted with.

Its blood-red colour and menacing eyes didn't leave much to imagine as a red powder, which he assumed was hot chilli powder filled in the jar. He walked towards it in trepidation. As soon as he walked near it, the instrument opened to give space for his head to be inserted.

Harry inserted his head with caution and readied his wand for an emergency. He heard the instrument lock his head and felt a gentle breeze towards his face.

He turned towards a small green light and assumed it to be the source of the breeze and soon, the powder started coming towards him and Harry braced himself.

'Open your eyes and no sound is to be made during the test,' Harry remembered from the book. He can smell the chilli in the powder and it hit him straight in the face.

Harry clamped his Occlumency Shields tightly and imagined all the happy times with Cho and Mira and what else he could remember of his childhood.

He lived in those moments instead of feeling his bloodshot eyes and red face as the chilli powder came into effect. He felt the pain as a distant tingle as he relieved all those moments.

He felt being thrust into cold water deeply and reality rammed into his daydreaming like a freight train, tearing it apart without mercy.

Harry gave an involuntary gulp as the cold water flowed into his throat, he was in the pool area in the Inner Chamber. He saw a frantic Dobby running around.

"Dobby?" He asked in a hoarse tone.

"Master Harry Potters is fine. Master Harry Potters is fine!" Dobby exclaimed and jumped around in joy.

"Dobby, what happened?" Asked Harry, his throat adjusting to the change.

"Master Harry called Dobby. Master Harry was red-faced and asked Dobby to throw Master Harry in this pool," explained Dobby.

"Chilli powder was across Master Harry's face and Dobby cleaned it. Dobby also cleaned the Inner Chamber, sir," he added.

"How much time passed, Dobby?"

"It's been 10 minutes, sir,"

"Thanks, Dobby. You can go now," said Harry and Dobby vanished in another pop. 'I was in the pool for 10 minutes?' Thought of Harry. He walked to the book to see smiling faces form in it. He got infuriated and thought of burning it.

'Hahaha. I didn't think it would take you this much time to come, champ. Now write the words you first remembered in reverse. You have already wasted 8 minutes. You only have another 9 minutes to complete this test!'

It read and Harry suppressed his anger. He is very much going to burn this book after this. 'That dumb fucker.' Thought Harry as he tried his best to remember the twisting sentences.

The test went as Harry continued to curse the dumb idiot for creating them and himself for having the wonderful idea of taking these tests.

As the 6th test was completed, he sighed in relief. He doesn't know how the old dumb idiot has come up with all these, but he is going to admit Schpeel Dumb is good at what he does.

Harry was shown some comprising images of men and women to test his self-control and mind control. He almost gave up when he saw a woman resembling Cho, but he managed to push through on his 4th test.

In the 5th test, he was told to answer questions quickly from the book and as he took time to answer, the stupid book mocked him for being a dumb idiot.

It wrote how it asked to answer quickly, not correctly. If not for his goal of becoming Master Occlumencs, Harry would have burned the good for nothing book with Fiend Fire. Though he had to search for that spell.

After completing his 6th test, which asked him to write some new tongue twisters in a different language, it finally gave him the 7th test.

'Tell me, champ. How did you feel through all the tests and what are your current thoughts about me and my wonderful creation?' It read and Harry thought of writing everything he was feeling in the book. But something stopped him.

Something told him what the book was asking was different from what is going on. He remembered how the book always talked about being intelligent and how Occlumency allows that. He thought of every test that was given to him.

The first was obviously for memory and recall testing, the second one is about observation, the third is about endurance and they went on.

There is some hidden reason for every test and the 5th one is about patience and self-control. The book is teaching him various great qualities.

Everything has its own merits in its education and practical uses. The observation quality helped him catch the snitch so many times and endurance helped him withstand a Basilisk bite in the same Chambers.

So Mr Dumb is not playing around with his useless tests. He is trying to teach the importance of hidden meanings and intentions.

Elated by this revelation, Harry started writing about all the hidden intentions and meanings every test had and after writing everything, the book closed.

Harry waited with bated breath and as soon as it opened, a golden magic light lit the room. A small gold layer formed around him and the book. Harry felt something break in his mind.

'Congratulations, dear Champion. You achieved mastery over Occlumency. I, Schpeel Dumb am very happy to announce your acceptance as my student.

You are first to not only find out about the 3 parts of the book and combine them but also pass my test with flying colours.

I'm breaking the binding you have till now and giving you free rein over the knowledge I spent my life in learning OcclumencyLegilimency and Animagus form.

I feared my creations would fall into the wrong hands and created this binding. This binding is a special contract that binds the finder.

It erases anyone's memories related to learning my books and they just feel nothing when they try to remember theory or anything from my books.

It also has an additional restriction that restricts the learner from talking about my books to any other humans. So my research and knowledge always stay secret like this.

I also had the intuition to add a self port keying option which allows the book and her sisters to port keys to the nearest magic rich area.

Now, all that abundant knowledge belongs to you, my dear champion. Use this knowledge wisely and have a healthy and long life.

Best Wishes,

Schpeel Dumb.'

Harry didn't feel the bond till and when he recollected all the instances he tried talking about the books to anyone, which are not many, he would skip the topic and talk about another one.

'Phew. Now I don't have that bind and I might have escaped from a memory wipe out,' thought an elated Harry. Though he didn't know he had such a limit on him, something nagged at the back of his mind and now he felt relieved of that feeling.

As his mind settled down, his test result came to his mind. 'Wait, now I'm a Master Occlumencs.' "I'm a Master Occlumencs!" Harry yelled to the heavens.

He called Mira and asked Dobby to bring breakfast to the Chamber and they both celebrated Harry mastering the mind art. After that, Mira started his training in Shapeshifting, though much progress is not made as Harry didn't complete his theory of the ability.

"I'll come back in a few days. Complete the theory, Harry. Once I come, we will see what to do and where to start," Mira said and Harry nodded.

"Kay. Will be waiting for good news. Also, I think it's time to test the first dream,"

"What! This soon? When is the match?"

"This weekend," said Harry and Mira nodded absentmindedly.

"Though I don't get any bad feeling, be careful, Harry. I know you want to test your theory, be sure to carry your wand," Mira suggested and Harry nodded.

"Sure thing. Bye," said Harry and she vanished in a green flash.

"Careful, huh. Should see how much that works," murmured Harry.

As he was about to go to his classes, he remembered that about the letter to Ted about Sirius's break into Hogwarts as he knew the Ministry will keep this under the rug. He remembered to write it soon.

And Cut.

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