Passion for the Piano
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(School is really taking up my time, 😔)


"I came over to unwind and freshen my thoughts because there was a concert at the University of Music." Bai Ruoxi stated quietly.

When Bai Ruoxi isn’t working, she relaxes by listening to piano music, which relieves the mental pressure that has built up in her head.

Ye Fei and Bai Ruoxi then exchanged a few words.

With the flow of time, a middle-aged man in his sixties with a delicate face and sparse gray hair approached them, and Bai Ruoxi took the opportunity to introduce him to Ye Fei. "Ye Fei, this is President Zheng of the University of Music.”

After the introductions had finished, President Zheng took the initiative to extend a handshake to Ye Fei.

Then, Ye Fei and Principal Zheng exchanged a few words, and with the passage of time, more and more students began to take their seats in the Yandu Music Academy auditorium.

Today's music exchange event appeared to be quite popular and well-liked by the students.

The music exchange meeting officially began when the timer ran out, and the entire assembly erupted in applause.

"It's a wonderful honor today that our school has invited several domestic piano experts, Gu Ling, Lai Rongsheng, and Ye Fei, to exchange musical works and share their expertise," Principal Zheng remarked as he went slowly into the auditorium main stage.

However, when President Zheng mentioned Ye Fei's name, there was a commotion in the school auditorium.

Many students, especially the girls, exclaimed and screamed, and then looked for Ye Fei with sparkling eyes.

Looking at this, Ye Fei never thought that he was so popular at the University of Music. 

He wanted to say a few words at this music exchange meeting, but it seemed impossible now.

Bai Ruoxi heard the exclamation and screams all over the room, and she whispered to herself, "Sure enough, being handsome is the key to most people’s hearts.”

"What did you say?"  Because of the ruckus, Ye Fei couldn't hear her well.

"Nothing. I’m looking forward to your performance." Bai Ruoxi laughed wholeheartedly.

Ye Fei shrugged, knowing that Bai Ruoxi loved piano and was anticipating an incredible musical composition from him.

Gu Ling and Lai Rongsheng, the two-piano masters, were already on stage, notably Gu Ling.

Gu Ling was the first to speak, clearing his throat and starting to explain the fundamental piano theory as well as how to develop hand coordination, which piqued the students' interest.

Lai Rongsheng took the platform after Gu Ling finished speaking. Instead of discussing piano principles, he performed a complex piano piece.

The rhythmic and harmonizing tune caught the audience's attention and elicited bursts of applause.

After the other two great piano masters took the stage, it was finally Ye Fei's turn!

Principal Zheng stood on the stage and proactively introduced to the students, "Next, I will ask Ye Fei to come on stage and do piano exchanges with a couple of students. First off, Mr. Ye recently played "Ballade Pour Adeline" and "Moonlight", both of which can be called golden masterpieces.”

There was thunderous applause on the stage, and the students showed great enthusiasm and expectation toward Ye Fei.

Ye Fei slowly walked onto the stage and sat on the bench in the center of the stage.

He wore a suit and had a sturdy physique, making him an outstanding man.

At this time, there were various high-pitched screams from the audience.

Ye Fei was not only handsome, but his temperament was also elegant.

Bai Ruoxi, who was at a VIP seat in the audience, saw this scene, and had a charming smile on her face.

At the same time, Ye Fei also saw many students picking up their mobile phones and cameras to take photos and record videos. 

This was the manifestation of high popularity.

Ye Fei sat on the bench carefully, then with a sly smile, spoke elegantly, "Actually, the two piano masters, Master Gu and Master Lai, have already talked a lot about piano skills and inspirations, but I don’t know what to say, so feel free to ask any questions.”

Hearing this, the students suddenly became excited.

Especially some of the students that sat in the front row raised their hands one after another, eager to ask questions about Ye Fei.

He thought for a while, then he pointed to a girl in the front row and asked her to give a question.

The student looked exceedingly beautiful, with a face value of seventy-five points.

The female student who was asked by Ye Fei to give a question was very excited, as she blinked and asked a bit too boldly, "Mr. Ye, the question I want to ask is, do you have a girlfriend?.”


This question caught him off guard, and Ye Fei was slightly startled, and then laughed heartily.

"Why are you asking?" Ye Fei replied with a sly smile.

"Because if you don't have a girlfriend, I have a chance." The girl was too daring, half joking and half serious.

Immediately, the scene roared with laughter, and students clutching their stomachs of laughing too hard.

Ye Fei responded, "Let’s talk about music now, next question. Please come, the student in the third row from the left.”

This time, it was a male student as he stood up from his seat, grabbing the microphone handed by a staff member and asked, "Mr. Ye, I have never heard you play the piano, but you seem to have been in a couple of videos of famous piano pieces that were made by you. So, I would like to ask if you have any secrets to composing piano pieces?.”

Ye Fei motioned to the male student to sit down and smiled, "Actually, I don’t have a secret to playing any of these melodies nor composing them. Here’s a hint of wisdom you should take into account, ‘To play and write without passion is inexcusable!’.”

Bai Ruoxi who sat in the VIP seats, her cheeks were white and delicate, her eyes were like stars, and she looked even more beautiful. 

Her focus was on Ye Fei since she was very interested in music, especially piano.

Furthermore, after listening to Ye Fei’s “Moonlight” and "Ballade Pour Adeline”, no matter which of these two songs, they are regarded as real masterpiece classics.

How did Ye Fei create such a different piece compared to others?

Bai Ruoxi wanted to hear Ye Fei’s answer. Who knew he would actually say that there was no secret to composing or playing piano, but it was instead, simple passion.

The students at the scene, Bai Ruoxi and Principal Zheng were all surprised and suspicious.

At this moment, Gu Ling who was at the front row suddenly raised his hand.

As one of many masters in the domestic piano industry, Gu Ling's status is self-evident. 

Then, Ye Fei asked for the staff to hand him a microphone, and so the staff obeyed.

Soon after receiving it, Gu Ling got up, and then said: "Sir Ye, I have heard two of your songs in video, they are indeed classics, but the sound effects of the video and the live sound are very different. I wonder if you can play them for us on the spot?.”

Listening to Gu Ling's words, the screams at the scene were even louder.

As a top music master, Gu Ling loves the piano very much, especially Ye Fei’s and he really wanted to hear the live version.

There was a grand piano on the stage, although it is not the top piano of the Steinway brand, nevertheless, it is also good.

Seeing that Gu Ling and the students in the audience were all looking forward to his performance, Ye Fei raised his hands and spoke confidently into the mic with undying passion, "Since the people ask for a performance, I shall give!.”

Then, with a handsome smile, he got up and went towards the grand piano.

The students screamed and applauded, and stopped briefly after a while.

Bai Ruoxi was supporting her chin, looking at the radiant man on the stage in front of her.

Ye Fei who was getting comfortable in the stilt bench, slightly closed his eyes, as if he was invoking the necessary emotions to properly respect and play the piano pieces.

Upon seeing this, the students' surroundings seemed to be drawn away by the air, and it became very quiet. 

Nearly a thousand students and the audience combined did not speak.

They were holding their breath, doing their best to not disturb Ye Fei.

After a while, he opened his eyes.

At the same time, they saw Ye Fei's ten fingers on the piano keys, his slender fingers moving gently, the slight coordination and movement was beautiful.

He then began to play.

The clear and beautiful piano sound caught the ears of every music student on the scene.

The nearly thousand students sitting in the auditorium on the spot are all high-achieving students of the music academy, and they have all the ability to appreciate the piano.

There was also Bai Ruoxi, Gu Ling, Principal Zheng and the others, not to mention.

Ye Fei opted to start by playing "Ballade Pour Adeline" accompanied by the pouring out of melody, and everyone on the scene who listened to it got completely enthralled by the sound.

Because of the advanced piano skills given by the system, Ye Fei’s performance is extremely amazing.

The perfect fusion of the first golden song, allowed for the audience to be immersed and amazed.

Ye Fei didn't play everything. He only played a short section, but it was also attractive enough.

When he finished playing, there was thunderous applause, and it swept over the auditorium.

After Ye Fei finished playing, Gu Ling stood up and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Mr. Ye, after listening to your live piano music, it was spectacular! It seems that there is really another piano master in China, who is a young genius.”

Gu Ling has an extraordinary position in the piano world, and if he can say that, it can be seen that he admires Ye Fei's song!

Ye Fei smiled modestly in response and was polite on the stage for several minutes.

At this time, Ye Fei caught a glimpse of Bai Ruoxi, who was also in admiration.

Then, once more grabbing the mic, he said, “Before I leave, I would like to say I was inspired to play a melody. I dedicate this to someone very special.”

Ye Fei’s new piano piece?

When he said so, the audience was even more excited.

Is he going to create a new piano song on stage!?

Hearing that, Bai Ruoxi's beautiful eyes focused on Ye Fei's body.