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(Listening to Bladee while translating hits different)


The students' gazes were drawn to Ye Fei, who stood on stage, as the shimmering brilliance that emanated from him was powerful and moving.

To exaggerate, every single person in the auditorium was staring at him, not daring to look away for even a single second.

When Ye Fei spoke of the name of the piano composition, "The Wedding in a Dream", there was another loud commotion.

Gu Ling, the piano master, was filled with genuine respect and exclaimed with emotion, "Only with this song, "The Wedding in a Dream," can you be considered a brilliant piano instructor. Not to mention with "Ballade Pour Adeline”, your status is enough to rank you with our country's finest piano masters.”

He continued to admire again and again.

Gu Ling's statements heightened the excitement in the room, and many students couldn't help but applaud.

Gu Ling is one of the most respected predecessors in the piano industry, and what he said can definitely have an enormous effect.

Having said that, no one in the music world dares to contest his recognition of Ye Fei as a grand piano master.

Furthermore, there was still Ye Fei's excellent piano music, so who dared to doubt it?

Not to mention the sensation that everyone had when Ye Fei performed the exquisite tune; they all felt a connection, and it had conquered everyone after the compelling and melodic unexpected music tone.


Principal Zheng also got up and smiled and said, "Sure enough, there is a genius in this world. Just now, Mr. Ye has said that he creates music based on inspiration and spontaneous emotion. I had some doubts after hearing it, but only now can I say that I'm completely convinced."

The audience erupted in fits of laughter when they heard this.

Principal Zheng is right!

Simply looking at Ye Fei's piano talent, these students were deeply amazed.

When Ye Fei heard Principal Zheng's covert comment, he grinned and replied, “Everyone’s praising me too much. Like I said, it’s only with passion that I dare to play.”

Principal Zheng and Gu Ling exchanged a kind grin. According to Ye Fei's account, the two did not continue to laud him.

Under everyone's sight, Ye Fei stepped off the platform and sat next to Bai Ruoxi.

Principal Zheng took the stage again and presided over this music exchange conference. The hosting of the music exchange meeting was nearing its completion.

Because of Ye Fei's sudden performance, the music exchange meeting felt complete, and everyone was satisfied.

As Principal Zheng was speaking on stage, Bai Ruoxi took the initiative to chat with Ye Fei.

Bai Ruoxi's eyes were almond brown, and her voice filled with tenderness, "The song you played was beyond my expectation. As you stood on stage performing "The Wedding in a Dream" many people were moved by your song.”

"The Wedding in a Dream" is a musical tone that is not only romantic, but also sorrowful and melancholy. It is indeed very easy to influence a person's emotions, particularly those of women.

"That is them, but did it move you?" Ye Fei asked in complete seriousness as he stared at her in the eye.

Bai Ruoxi did not reply.

The song…

Which woman has never dreamed of a perfect marriage.

Bai Ruoxi's heart was not as tranquil as it appeared. Of course, she has fantasized about being asked out, as well as about love and the perfect marriage.

But, in the end, all of this was a fantasy for her.

Bai Ruoxi has helped the Bai family's business in recent years. She has been reading company reports and financial accounts from early to night practically every day.

It required more than skill for her to progress from an uneducated girl to the fundamental core that holds the Bai family together. There was also a lot of sweat and a lot of hard labor.

She didn't think about love or having children because she was always busy.

Ye Fei's performance of such heartfelt and melancholy music had reached the most sensitive and innermost part of her heart.

Despite the fact that she was completely silent, her mind was racing.

The music exchange conference was quickly coming to a close.

Ye Fei has unquestionably become the most eye-catching individual. Even the two piano experts Gu Ling and Lai Rongsheng, who were also there, were obscured by Ye Fei's shadow.

Even after the exchange meeting, numerous girls took the initiative to approach Ye Fei and ask for his autograph.


This was simply the celebrity treatment.

Of course, Ye Fei has no desire to become a celebrity, but playing "The Wedding in a Dream" this time will almost certainly make him famous.

At this moment, Bai Ruoxi looked at Ye Fei. 

In her heart, she thought of him as a very strange man. Every time she meets Ye Fei, she is met with unexpected surprises.

So it posed the question, "How many secrets does this man have?"

As the music exchange had ended, Ye Fei and Bai Ruoxi walked side by side on the campus of Taixue University of Music. The campus is quite lovely because of the many buildings, sculptures, and music that can be heard throughout; it has a highly artistic vibe.

As time went on, Bai Ruoxi asked her assistant secretary to leave first.

The students on campus secretly looked at Ye Fei and Bai Ruoxi. The boys were all watching Bai Ruoxi, and the girls were all watching Ye Fei.

Bai Ruoxi took a second to look at the beautiful scenery on the campus, then said with a light smile, "I really miss the campus life, it was an easy time to relax and overthink the simplest things.”

When Bai Ruoxi was in college, her father was still alive and there was no accident. It was indeed the happiest and most relaxing time for her.

Ye Fei replied, comforting her, "Thanks to you, the affairs of the Bai family over the years have been resolved easily.”

"Let’s not talk about it." Bai Ruoxi whispered, "The clues in the disk you gave me last time, I have already investigated it and I found something.”

Bai Ruoxi's words moved Ye Fei's heart.

She really has a resolute and determined character. She was able to search for clues and hints in one day.

"What's the situation?" Ye Fei asked immediately.

The basis of cooperation between him and Bai Ruoxi is because of this USB flash drive. 

Of course, Ye Fei should take it seriously.

"According to the clues provided by your USB flash drive, I already know the cause of my father's death and the organization that killed my father" Bai Ruoxi whispered softly.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Bai Ruoxi invited Ye Fei for this music exchange today. The first reason was to listen to him playing the piano, and more importantly, for this!

Bai Ruoxi's father died very strangely. This was the biggest hindrance in Bai Ruoxi’s heart. 

She had to find out the truth of his death.