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(translated and edited by: Nakahara)


This was Ye Fei's first fighting encounter with Chen Luo.

Knowing that Chen Luo's strength is overwhelming, Ye Fei took risks to gain an edge, and didn't hesitate to become wounded if it meant an opportunity to strike him down. Ye Fei's aggressive fighting style caught Chen Luo off guard, resulting in him taking a significant loss!

Chen Luo was a formidable fighter, and he had not anticipated Ye Fei would be more vicious than him!

His left hand was fractured and half of his face was swollen.

Chen Luo locked his gaze on Ye Fei at this moment and gripped his right hand with a scorching fire in his eyes, desperately yearning to strike a blow.

“Ye Fei!!!.” Chen Luo's tone was fierce, and he didn't give a damn about having a polite attitude any longer.

However, the security of the Bai Group did not give Chen Luo a chance, as seven or eight security personnel separated Ye Fei and Chen Luo to prevent the two from fighting again.

Furthermore, there were more security personnel that stood beside Bai Ruoxi.

Bai Ruoxi glanced at Ye Fei with concern and gripped his arm, concerned that he was simply holding the pain and didn't want to tell her.

Seeing this scene with his own eyes, Chen Luo felt extremely jealous.

Why is this happening again!?

Chen Luo discovered that every time he targeted a woman as his prey, Ye Fei would come out to disrupt the situation!

Although Bai Ruoxi didn't appear to be particularly close to Ye Fei, her attitude at the moment was notably different from the way she approached Chen Luo.

Bai Ruoxi greeted him coldly and distant, and even appeared repulsed. But, when it comes to Ye Fei, though, her attitude is completely different.

Chen Luo was irritated by this.

Considering that, he looked at Ye Fei with a sour face.

In contrast, Ye Fei smiled leisurely and said lightly, "Mr. Chen is so skilled, if I hadn't reacted quickly, you would have succeeded. Mr. Chen, do you really want to commit a murder in such a beautiful street?.”

Ye Fei directly labeled Chen Luo as a murderer since he was the one who began the fight.

Just now, Ye Fei deliberately angered Chen Luo and provoked him to let him take action!

Because in doing so, it proves that, “the more powerful a person is, the easier it is to become riled up.”

Because Chen Luo is narrow-minded and obsessed with vengeance, he would undoubtedly be unable to resist and take action if pushed by Ye Fei.

Chen Luo would fall into Ye Fei's trap as long as he made a move!

He will be at a loss regardless of his motive, as long as he acts first!

The counterattack by Ye Fei was a legitimate defense.

Hearing his words, Chen Luo's expression quickly changed. Of course he would not admit the fact that he committed a crime in the street.

“Haha, I was just itching to try out my newly-developed technique and wanted to teach you, but instead, I got hurt by Young Master Ye.”

Chen Luo seemed calm on the surface, but his comments were ominous.

Last time, Ye Fei addressed the appropriate department and asked that Chen Luo be detained for 10 days.

This was a lesson Chen Luo will never forget and he had been wary of Ye Fei's tactics ever since, so he was extremely careful.

The last time Chen Luo came to Yanjing for the first time, he was unfamiliar with the land and suffered a big loss.

Now with the help of his connections and contacts, it would be difficult for Ye Fei to do the same trick again.

What's more, when the two ‘played’ against each other, Chen Luo was injured much more severely than Ye Fei.

As Chen Luo's eyes grew dark, he said, "Young Master Ye, this time I admit that you have a good level of martial arts. Let's see if that holds in the future.”

Having said that, Chen Luo turned around with his arms behind him and immediately prepared to leave.

"President Chen is leaving in such a hurry. Actually, your appearance now is much more pleasing to the eye than before. I can only describe you as a very handsome man. You know, I think someone took a video of our fight. Maybe Mr. Chen will be able to see himself on the Weibo forum tomorrow." Ye Fei chuckled.

Chen Luo's complexion darkened as he heard his remarks; half of his face was swollen and resembled a pig's head.

All of this is because of Ye Fei!


“You!.” Chen Luo screamed with unprecending madness.

Truth be told, someone really used their mobile phone to take a video just now, if this video is posted on the Internet, although it may not cause too much damage to Chen Luo, it would be extremely shameful.

Then, Ye Fei reminded his rival with a gentleman's manner, "Also, I advise you to go to the hospital first. After all, you have a fracture in your left hand. I am afraid that you can only drive with one hand. Oh shoot!. Yes, I forgot Mr. Chen, your medical skills are brilliant. You can heal the wounds on your hands yourself. It’s good to know how to treat oneself and save a bit of money.”

The irony in Ye Fei's words was obvious.

Chen Luo's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, becoming more and more ugly as Ye Fei continued to talk.

"Ye Fei. See you next time!."Chen Luo looked bitterly at him.

 He knew there was still an obstacle at hand and that would result in him being at a  disadvantage no matter what.

After all, this is the territory of the Bai Group. 

Since Bai Ruoxi showed a connection with Ye Fei, the likelihood of hitting him has dropped drastically.

Chen Luo was not a fool, despite his impetuous nature. He returned to the McLaren supercar, slammed the accelerator, and drove away.

As he sped away, he looked in the rearview mirror and gave Ye Fei a fierce gaze before moving the car ahead grudgingly.

Ye Fei remained motionless, squinting as he watched Chen Luo go away.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host, Bai Ruoxi's impression of Chen Luo has deteriorated, and experience value has increased by 100 points]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for forcing Chen Luo to retreat head-on, experience value has increased by 100 points.]

The sound of two system prompts came, making Ye Fei feel happy.

Before succumbing to the sensation of accumulating experience points, Ye Fei replayed their combat in his memory.

Chen Luo and his strength were both highly potent. When the two of them became more ferocious, he noticed that everyone around them was afraid and retreated.

However, Bai Ruoxi was the only one standing within 10 meters of the match between the two.

Not far away, several people held up their phones and recorded videos of the scene.

Bai Ruoxi's eyes were bright, as she lightly opened her mouth and said, "There are many people here, let's go to my company.”

Ye Fei smiled, "Wait, first ask who took the video of me and Chen Luo just now, and give me a copy."

The video would be an extreme use of advantage to Ye Fei as he could prepare even more for their next match, while also correcting his form.

Furthermore, it would be evidence that Chen Luo started the fight first, and more importantly, the content of the video recorded Chen Luo’s tragic situation.

After thinking for a bit, Ye Fei came up with a certain method.

Next time, he will retaliate fiercely against Chen Luo, breaking his arm first!