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(Translated and Edited By: Nakahara)


After getting a hold of the video of the fight between Ye Fei and Chen Luo, Bai Ruoxi led Ye Fei to her personal office.

Soon after arriving, she was extremely curious about something. How would Ye Fei deal with Chen Luo and Duan Qizheng?

After all, Qizheng Pharmaceutical is a first-class pharmaceutical company in China, with a market value of tens of billions.

They should not be underestimated.

So, how would Ye Fei go on to deal with it?

Ye Fei saw Bai Ruoxi's curiosity, deliberately delaying his words, and said, "Before this, Chen Luo will be thoroughly shamed.”

"You mean that video?" Bai Ruoxi inquired.

"Yes." Ye Fei's mouth curled up, "Chen Luo has a small heart and takes his reputation extremely seriously. If this video spreads to the Internet, his embarrassing and ugly side will come to light.”

Bai Ruoxi couldn't help smiling. Although Ye Fei's description was a bit exaggerated, it was true.

As this video was posted on the Internet, Chen Luo couldn't be more fucked than ever!

This is also the beginning of the plan Ye Fei formulated.

He took the initiative to provoke Chen Luo this time, with the result of careful consideration!

Firstly, he wanted to test the strength gap between himself and Chen Luo, and then wanted to see the difference in wealth capital both possessed.

Furthermore, Ye Fei intended to take advantage of the occasion to make Chen Luo look bad in front of Bai Ruoxi in order to reduce the likelihood of the two of them forging an alliance.

At the same time, Ye Fei acquired this video of Chen Luo's embarrassment, just to retaliate against him!

It was time to take the initiative and let him suffer!

While Ye Fei was conversing with Bai Ruoxi, her female aide promptly provided medicinal oil for bruising care.

"President Bai, the medicinal oil is here."

The female assistant handed the medicinal oil to Bai Ruoxi, then left the office obediently, so as not to disturb Ye Fei and Bai Ruoxi.

After seeing her assistant leave, Bai Ruoxi looked at Ye Fei and whispered, "Let me put the medicine for you, take off your clothing.”

"Okay." Ye Fei took off his jacket and shirt, revealing his upper body.

Suddenly, Ye Fei’s figure was fully revealed.

One can see that his figure is by no means ordinary.

The eight-pack abdominal muscles are well-defined, as are the waist, abdomen, and back, which are all free of fat. Women find this body quite appealing.

Bai Ruoxi's eyes moved slightly, and despite the fact that she observed Ye Fei was in good form, she unavoidably gazed at it more.

However, when Bai Ruoxi could see more clearly, Ye Fei's torso had a bruise.

He had purple bruises on his arms, legs, waist, and belly. The hue it displayed suggested that the damage was fatal.

"Your injury is more serious than I thought." Bai Ruoxi was slightly surprised, only to realize how dangerous Ye Fei's confrontation with Chen Luo was just now.

The match between Ye Fei and Chen Luo also made Bai Ruoxi realize Ye Fei’s strength.

Although their battle was brief, it made a lasting effect on her, comparable to seeing a martial arts film.

The man in front of me. Are there any more unknown secrets in his body?

Ye Fei merely shrugged as he felt Bai Ruoxi's hands brush over his skin as she applied medication.

"My injury is nothing, Chen Luo’s injuries are much more serious than mine." Ye Fei smiled faintly.

"That's great." Bai Ruoxi kneaded the bruises for Ye Fei gently, and the temperature of her hand extended to Ye Fei's skin.

Ye Fei's heart fluttered slightly when he sensed this.

Ye Fei could smell Bai Ruoxi's mild body aroma when the two were quite near.

The atmosphere in the office changed in an instant.

This was especially true for Bai Ruoxi. This is the first time she's been this close to another man, especially because Ye Fei is unlike any other man she's ever encountered; after all, their relationship is quite special.

Bai Ruoxi seemed expressionless as she applied medication to Ye Fei, but her heart felt odd.

"Use a little bit more strength, otherwise I’ll feel that you are taking advantage of me." Ye Fei took note of this since he felt that Bai Ruoxi's movements were too soft, close to caressing him.

The room instantly filled with teases, and slight laughter. 

Bai Ruoxi's thin jade hands halted slightly when she heard Ye Fei's remarks, and she scowled at him with her lovely eyes before adding some strength to her massage.

This guy! Who exactly is taking advantage of him!?

Bai Ruoxi purposefully applied additional force, unaware that this amount of aggression made the massage feel just right.

Nonetheless, Ye Fei rested and appreciated the massage that Bai Roxi was giving him.

This is the treatment that countless men in Yanjing dream of.

Bai Ruoxi, above all, is the most deservingly wealthy woman in Yanjing.

Her jade hands are normally used to sign contracts worth billions of yuan, but they were currently being used to massage Ye Fei.

Although Bai Ruoxi's massage movements are a bit rusty, the soft and gentle hands felt good.

After a while, Bai Ruoxi finished applying medicine.

Afterwards, Ye Fei put on his clothes and tidied them up, "Thank you very much!."

"You are welcome. By the way, there will be drag racing in Baiyue Mountain in the next two days. Are you interested?" Bai Ruoxi collected the medicine, and asked casually.

"Why? Do you want to go?" Ye Fei asked with a smile.

"Well, there have been a lot of things recently, and I want to take the opportunity to relax.” Bai Ruoxi softly replied.

She was recently researching the Violet Organization, which was the murderers of her father and was holed up in the city in secret.

Nonetheless, playing the piano has recently been difficult for her to release her inner strain since the piano's method of relieving pressure is too soft.

So Bai Ruoxi decided to relieve her stress by participating in drag racing.

She has fallen in love with the thrill of going fast and the tumultuous perilous twists since her previous encounter with Ye Fei's racing.

Ye Fei did not back down: "If you have time, then I'll go."

“Thank you.” Bai Ruoxi gently replied.

After a few more words, Ye Fei stood up and said, "Then, I'll go first."

The female assistant in the office area witnessed the situation as Bai Ruoxi sent Ye Fei out, and she was startled since President Bai was personally sending away a person.

As a result of this, it is clear that Ms. Bai places a high value on Young Master Ye.

The first thing Ye Fei did after getting into his car was call the person in charge of Brilliant Entertainment.

Zhang Minle is the person in charge of Brilliant Entertainment. He is a professional manager in charge of the company's affairs.

Brilliant Entertainment normally controls too many things, so they divide it down and assign someone who specializes in that area; hence, Ye Fei is only responsible for acting like a boss and signing a few major agreements.

When Ye Fei contacted Zhang Minle, the phone was quickly connected, and Zhang Minle's tone was courteous, saying, "Mr. Ye, good afternoon."

"Well, Manager Zhang, do something for me."

"Mr. Ye, what is it?.”

Ye Fei responded with a casual tone, "I sent you a video file. Help me hype this video on Weibo, forums and major media outlets. I want the person in the video to be portrayed as a notorious and violent person. He’s the vice president of Qizheng Medicine and his name is Chen Luo. Do you have any questions?.”

"President Ye, wait a moment, I'll watch the video." Zhang Minle answered quickly.


In less than two minutes, Zhang Minle immediately replied to Ye Fei, “Mr. Ye, you can leave this matter to me. Isn’t it simply creating hype? I’m really good at doing that.”

After Zhang Minle watched the full video content, he silently mourned for Chen Luo.

‘Poor guy. I don’t know why he offended Mr. Ye. Not only was he beaten and ended up with a bruised nose and swollen face. This video will be circulated throughout the upper circle of Yanjing.’

As a professional manager of Brilliant Entertainment, Zhang Minle is well versed in the hype in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Minle only spent half a day to hype the video up.

Furthermore, because there are so many official and marketing accounts on the Internet, such as video platforms, forums, and post bars, it was simple to promote this type of violent video.

A day later, this video of Chen Luo provoking Ye Fei went viral!