Chapter 5 (Part 2)
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"Since there are no more pressing issues that we need to address, I will end todays session."

Leaving the court and heading to my office, I get a headache.

Can't they see that the other nations are treating us like we're children. It's been almost a year already, how much longer do they expect to wait before the citizens forget what the Demon Kingdom did!?

"I need a nap."

Muttering to myself, I reach my office and close the door, letting out a large sigh as I do.

"My lord, you shouldn't sigh like that."

"Ah, Franco, I didn't realize you were in here."

"I wouldn't be good at my job if you did, sire," he chuckles.

Franco, the head of my spies. Seems as if he just got back from looking for any information on the Demon Kingdoms' movements.


"Regrettably not, sire. Even infiltrating their nation didn't get me any results. None of their people seem to know anything, and infiltrating any of their higher ups seems to be near impossible."

Regretful, indeed. How are we supposed to be able to make ourselves be recognized by the other nations if we can't even figure out what our enemies are up to.

"Sire, I believe that they are hiding something."

"What do you mean?"

"I wasn't able to find any information on their current movements, which is strange. You would think that at least some of their people would know what the higher ups are doing, but none of them had any idea."

"You mean, they're suppressing information from the populace?"

"Not only that, but their security levels are too high. It's unnatural, as if they are trying to protect something at all costs. All hiring for staff and recruitment of soldiers have been stopped. It's as if they're waiting for something."

Or, someone.

"The Demon Lord."

After hearing my reply, Franco freezes up.

"Any news on Aeluna?"

"...None, sire," he responds after a bit.

"...I see, you are to continue trying to gather any information you can. Anything you find out, report directly to me."

"Yes, my lord."

"You are dismissed." Seeing him leave, my mind starts to wander.

Where are you?