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I was woken up by the opening of my cell door and another slave had been lead in my cell. She was also female and had blond hair, blue eyes, white skin and was about my height. She to was locked to the wall and told not to speak, I had no idea how long it had been and it was hard to tell. There was no windows in the cell or hall. The cell, hall, and room where I had been violated all were dimly lit.

Both me and the blond had pissed our selves at least 8 time and our cell smelled like piss. We had pooped at least once but there was running water in our toilet bench but some one else had to flush, most likely one of the guards. I got food twice over the trip and one more slave was put in my cell, he was male, tall, strong, and had tan skin. I never got a chance to see his face and he also had black hair. There psychical descriptions were the only new info I could find out. I had been feed along with the blond girl and we were spoon feed canned meat, and got some sips of water. The planet was mostly water, where were they raising livestock. I had expected salted fish insteed also the male slaves genitals and but were clear to see, male and female slave got the same shirt.

Then later on a guard came in and touched my by breast and crotch, his fingers never entered my vagina though. After a couple minutes where I managed not to not cry, I regretted crying and begging earlier. He did the same to the blond girl and she cried and begged, and then something surprised me. He touched the male slave but and played with it, he also hid all emotion. As he left he told us that we we were almost at the port of Mortem city, that was Latin sounding but I did not know Latin. Only English, French, some Japanese. They spoke English yet there was a city named in a Latin sounding name. And the planet was mostly water, what city and how was it built?

I spoke in a low voice to the blond next to me, “do you know where we are going?” i asked. She turned her head as much as she could and spoke.”the Fluctus Empire, to be sold at a market”. She continued “I hope you you like sex, we will be trained to be sex slaves and were property, so consent is not need”. My face shocked in horror, I had guessed this but having been told this made finally realize my fate, I wanted to die. I didn’t want to become a sex slave. She went silent after that, afraid to speak again.

I woke up again, time seamed to never move in this cell when all of a sudden we heard a faint sound come from out of out cell. Could we leave, the cell smelled just disgusting and I was ready to vomit. The blond slave said “we arrived finally, not that our life improves from here but still”, cell doors started opening and all the captured people were one at a time being taken some where.

Eventually I was the only one left in my cell, the other two were taken away first. I decided not to tell any one where I was from and play dumb if I didn’t know what something was. I also would not think about where I came from and focus on learning about the world where I was. Next I was taken up to the top deck with my ankles and wrist chained together and a short chain put on my collar. I of course was to afraid to speak.

When I got up there the boat was docked and a row of slaves chained in a line was almost ready to walk down a completely caged bridge that was leading to a large building. My eyes had to adjust to the sun after I don’t know how in the dimly lit boat, felt good to move and walk around at least. I wanted to look around more but I was pulled to the end of the line and had other chains connect my wrist and ankles to the shackles of the slave in front of me. Then the chain that acted as my leash was locked to there collar.

I could finally look around as more slaves were added to the line, I saw a city built on water. It was like a lot of mini oil rig platforms making city blocks and open water as the streets. I looked to my left quickly and saw a curved wall going around the entire city witch went on forever, there was also a piece of wall that could move. That’s the gate/door we entered through I think, I didn’t know what they called it. I saw a mix of metal and cement used with some wood as well. Where were the trees that they could cut down, all the buildings looked run down and weathered. Rust covered some of them, the salt air was unforgiving to the buildings. Me and the rest of the slaves were now walking slowly towards an ugly baby puke green building, I think the years had discolored the paint. The building was huge, at least 50 feet tall but I could only guess.

After we were all led in the building at gun point we entered a large dimly lit room with just two small windows. One person at a time, we were separated and unlocked from the line and walked away. Different people were walked to different doors, young girls like me went through one door. Men who were strong and not to old to another, weaker men got lead to a different one as well and the few elderly we got had there own door. Finally it was my turn to be walked away, I entered an elevator with two guards and was on a floor near the top of the building.

First they brought me to a shower room that had other nude female slaves screaming and crying as they got bathed/touched. I was told “strip” as I was unchained, I took off my poor excuse of a shirt and put my hands by my side. I was shaking and humiliated as my shackles were locked to the floor and ceiling like my last shower. It was ten minutes of me crying and begging while I was bathed and had my body played with by some guy. I was dried off and my collar was leashed again and I was walked away from the shower room witch smelled.

I walked through the metal halls that had small cells with nothing but a barred windows to high up to look out of and a mounting point for a chain lined the hall. They were filled with young girls crying to be let out as they tried to reach the cell door, but the chain connecting their collar to the wall was to short. Finally they opened a cell and leashed me to the wall, then locked the door and left. I just went in the corner of my cell and cried until I passed out.

I woke up and the constant cries, screams and begging were still present. Two people, a dark skinned women in her 20s and an older man in his 30s I think walked in front of my cell door. “Time for training, shes my favorite so far today”. All I could do was whimper in fear as I soon would be raped.