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I was whimpering as I saw the two walk in my cell, one carrying a bag as the door locked behind them. “p... please no, I don’t want to have sex, please no!!!!”, both started laughing and the girl took out a strap on penis and took off her pants and under wear. The smaller penis went in her as the larger one was for me, my chain leash was pulled so I hung by my collar. “ple…. please stop” is all I could say before the man released me, “your going to do as your told” he said. Then he pinned me down on my hands and knees holding me down, another whimper came out. The women approached me putting the strap on in front of my mouth, “start sucking it, I wont deep throat you at first”, I was crying as I opened my mouth and the fake penis entered. Her hips were thrusting back and forth from my face, she was loving it as she moaned. It felt like forever until she took it out, “6 minutes, impressive”.

Now she wanted me to do it again, but she said “this time its going all the way in”, as she laughed with a smile. Once again I opened my mouth, I was shaking, and I felt the tip hit the back of my throat again and again. The strap on muffling my screams. At the same time I felt my but get spanked and she got rougher with me and my mouth was is pain. Finally she finished “8 minutes this time”, “now its my turn, time for the real thing” the lady now was pinning me to the ground and the man lowered his pants so his erect cock was in front of front of my mouth. “If you bite we will remove all your teeth” he said, I nodded and then he spoke again.”its yes master, that’s what you say”.

“Yes master” I said while tears still fell from my eyes, I opened my mouth and in it went. Semen started to fill my mouth, I hated the taste but was helpless to do anything. After a few minutes of him moaning and me gauging, he pulled his penis out and I spit out all the fluids in my mouth, my mouth and lips still covered in semen. I was not expecting a slap on the face and to be yelled at. “you ALWAYS swallow all the fluids in your mouth”, he said as he looked down on me.

“SORRY MASTER” I screamed, afraid that I would get hit again. Once again his meat entered my mouth and it was worse this time, even more semen filled my mouth. I hated feeling his tip hit the back of my throat, after awhile he stopped and I forced myself to swallow all his semen. My face had a disgusted look on it, the women behind me spoke “good for your first day, now you get food, but eat and drink like a dog”. “only use your mouth to eat out of the bowls”, suddenly 2 blue bowls were put in front of me.

I was still on my hands and knees when while crying I used only my mouth to drink the water and eat the really salty fish pieces. I was hungry and thirsty so I ate it all even if part of me wanted to refuse the food and water, they left and the cell door locked behind them. “wheres the toilet?”, I asked and they both pointed to a small hole in ground I had missed. I went in the corner and lied down on the metal floor, unable to cry any more. I just lied there till the sun set and I couldn’t sleep. My first training day was worse then I thought.

The cell was cold and I had to lie down on a metal floor, I saw a guard walk by and begged for a blanket. I was naked so I was freezing, I needed something, I had to give the guard a blow job and he gave me a thin blanket. I wrapped myself in it and honestly is didn’t help, but was better than nothing. I eventually fell asleep and woke up the next day.

Just the lady came back today, she didn’t need to hold me down because I would obeyed everything I was told today. She knew that I learned they could force me stay so there was no point in resisting. “your vagina is off limits since your a virgin and that doubles your price, but your but is all mine today”. She put on her strap on and started fucking me anally while I was on my hands and knees again . “pl please no, it hurts, please stop” I screamed and cried as I had never had sex before, she was moaning and enjoying herself. After a while I was just crying and then went silent. She gave me another two bowls of salted fish and water, I ate and drank the same way as last time. Except this time the food was covered in semen, but this clearly was all I would get so I had to eat it. I honestly tasted just the semen and not the fish, but the salt was still present as I ate. Unlike last time the water did not seem to help clean my mouth.

For the next 15 days this went on daily, anal, blow jobs and eating like a dog. I also had no shower for this duration as well even thought I had sex every day. But unlike other girls I never broke and started to enjoy it, clearly my trainers were unhappy and on the 16 day I got some news. I was not cut out to be a sex slave, “shame your a virgin because that makes you expensive, but mentally your not fit”. While I was thrilled about no more sex, the next news scared me. “well sell you off cheap and if in 2 months your not sold, we will kill you”. I was walked by my chain out of this sex dungeon and to the elevator, we went down to the second floor and I was put in a new cell in a different part of the building. Of course my blanket that I worked for was left behind, I wanted that. “this is for cheap slaves that cant be sold for a high price, you better hope you get bought in 2 months” the guard said. My fate was unclear going forwards, but I felt violated and gross.


Next chapter has a new character.