CHAPTER 6 (Daniel Oleary)
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I woke up and as usual my wood substitute made bed creaked as I got up, but real wood was a luxury and expensive. 2 weeks ago I had almost died, I needed at least one extra person I realized because I just got lucky that day. A lot of fishermen used slaves if hazard pay was to much, I have never hated slavery. But was always hesitant to buy one, but today I was going to. Lots of people bought slaves for a variety of reasons, including sex. I had always been happy hiring prostitutes or paying other people who owned sex slaves to use theirs. I want a slave to help me on my boat and to clean the house since I almost never did. I was not opposed to having sex with my slave if they were female but that would be just an extra. I needed the cheapest slave they had, the auctions were to much money for me and I would be outbid. Plus any really strong slave would be to much money at their starting price, so any young slave that I could afford would do. I could always train them to be good at fishing after all, I started with no formal experience myself.

I left my bed room and turned left down the hall, on my left was the second bedroom door, that where my slave would sleep. This door could be locked from the outside and its 2 windows had metal bars on the outside just in case. I turned right into the small bathroom, it was cheap white tile both on the walls and floor. The rest of my house had bright yellow walls made of more wood substitute to cover the outer metal walls. Except for my bathroom, all my house had carpet that smelled of fish. After using the bathroom I went back to my room and changed my t shirt and put on my boots. I then put on my holster and put my loaded 1911 in it, finally I left my bedroom and went straight to the other half of my house. My ally kitchen and wood sub table were in front of me, to my left was the rest of the room witch had a chair with a tv in front of it. Passed that was my front door witch I was heading to, l stepped out to my corner property. It was 80 x 80 feet, half was cement floor with my small house in front of the wall that blocked access from the side walk that hung over the water street. Behind my house was my work shop for repair and fish stuff, in between the two buildings were stairs going down to a dock. The dock separated the half with my 2 buildings, both had metal walls that were an ugly faded red. The other half was a private walled off section of water with my boat and a large sliding gate leading to the street. Instead of taking my fishing boat to the slave market I would take my jet ski with an attached 3x6 flat section on the rear. The railings I had crudely welded on my self, same with the gate at the end. I drove off unsure what slave would be living with me in the future.

I had hoped for a good slave under 250 nuras, I was successful but could not spend unlimited amounts of money. They would need training in many thing like working the harpoon gun, using firearms, boat maintenance and more.

I was thinking all of this as I drove to the slave traders shop, it was on Amalius street near the city walls. This city was one of the most boring cities in the empire but was closest to the 2 islands so great for trade.

I remembered I was out of vodka, I needed to get some soon but not right now. With a new slave I had to be vigilant until I either broke her in or trusted her enough not to try anything. I was hoping to trust them and that they would be loyal to me.

Finally I was almost at Amalius street, the smell of fish reeked as boats brought in fresh squid fish, I knew that smell all to well.