Round 1 Matchups
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Arant Chronicles: Season 1 | Round 1 Matchups

Sage Coalition VS Nova Ordo

Jova VS Hiram Marion

Natalia Balan VS Xu Xi-Wen

Lycus VS Camiel

Ocene VS Emil

Cardon Voss VS Rén Lei

Juda VS Cheshire

En VS Echo

Cor Ferrum VS Thorn


Note that these fights aren't in order of release. The first fight will be Cardon VS Lei. The deadline for fights being completed is January 22nd, 2021 at midnight for your timezone. If you haven't finished your chapter by that time, you'll have to be dropped from the collab, and if one person writes and the other doesn't, that person wins by default. The reason we aren't setting a particular timezone is that we know this time of year can be busy, so we figure we'll give you some wiggle room. Send in your chapter via PM - a shared Google Doc is fine, as is just copy-pasting the whole chapter into the message.

Communication with the other author is key. While some are on Discord, others are opting to just use the site's PM feature. Set up a chat with the author you've been matched with so that you ask them questions about their character and vice versa.

Each fight will be posted 3 days apart. The polls on each chapter will last for a week total. At the end of those 7 days, the version of the fight with more votes will become the canon version, and the other version can just be considered an alternate timeline. After all the fights are completed and have been voted on, we can move on to the second round of matches.