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"The madness of a scientist"


After watching David move through the streets at a not very recommended speed, then enter an alley and jump into a box stacked against a wall, and without a breath, push himself to grab a pole horizontally attached to the structure .

Turning himself on the pole, reaching the sixth from which to propel himself towards a window not very above it, without stopping and grabbing the window frame with great skill and agility, he reaches the cracks in the surface, demonstrating an experienced motor movement at the time of climbing the structure and ending on its roof to also take a deep breath.

Witnessing all this great feat of skills for a boy barely coming of age, Anastasi sighed deeply and muttered.

"This boy does have skills"

But instantly he snapped.

"Ah ... if only it weren't troublesome. By Urielt ... uh, well, there's nothing to be done, I hope he doesn't get in trouble."

Thus ending with his characteristic and peaceful smile, then closing the window and going to his duties, after all a temple does not function without a leader.


Unknown POV

In an underground place, which for obvious reasons should be away from the light, it is strangely very illuminated, with large beams supporting the gigantic place that is already impressive, with a length of a few tens if not hundreds of meters. and an approximate height of 15 meters, makes this place one of the largest in the capital, only if it were not underground, adorned with many shelves, cells and chains, as well as hundreds of instruments with large glassy capsules scattered throughout the place and with varied sizes from 2 to 5 meters. These glass capsules or coffins contain many samples of beings still alive or preserved, making the place an interesting but gloomy laboratory.

Accompanied by loud screams and sobs was the mad laugh of a man.

"hahahahaha !, yes !, a little more!, more!"

This man, as his laugh implied, was not very well in the head, with a twisted, bipolar, sadistic and even sometimes distrustful personality and without self-esteem, he was known as Lucio kilopr, named by his parents, coming from a noble house and somewhat strict education. He was the well-known and respected royal magician, in charge of the entire technological branch of the kingdom and presiding over the Mugeqr association of magicians and scientists, an organization which was in charge of seeking talent and research throughout the continent, financed by King Antonius Cardrag. II. Always aiming to "make the world a better place for a prosperous future", and the great man who is his guiding teacher is Lucio kilopr.

He is respected and adored by many Hanlait artisans, scientists or magicians as the leading figure of the scientific and magical revolution of the continent, his majesty Antonius had so much confidence in him that he gave him total authority in all this area. For this reason, despite showing confidence and tranquility worthy of a researcher, he was someone cruel and ambitious in the shadows, who always to quench his thirst for knowledge and power, he got into non-debatable experiments for society.

This same man Lucio was still involved in some research, which, not knowing whether to call it luck or destiny, has guided him from his first time in the laboratory until today 200 years later. He having lived through many situations throughout his murky life. Quenching his laughter and emotion I glimpse him as experimental subject number 12350 he lay without the breath of something called life which for Lucio was the simple whim of something called god.

Frowning as he raised an eyebrow, he removed the metal belts adorned with magical inscriptions that not only impeded the subject's movement or escape, but also healed him with light magic. These things in themselves would be a cause for astonishment for Hanlait, since combining two magics was severely impossible, because magic was found in the genetic code of each species or being on this earth. Therefore, the only way to do it was to have more than one blood, which corresponded to his magic type.

But this is genetically impossible, in the body had to be more than one type of blood in his veins and it was not something remotely logical, but this man with yellow eyes with black bags underneath, a somewhat chunky complexion even for a scientist and black hair that It waved with the movement of its scaled black wings and its long tail, it had achieved it, well, not in a living body but in something inanimate, using the inscriptions as a type of blood grouped in an even larger one acting as a vein, the which regulated and balanced the rest, representing the scheme of how almost possible it was.

Even so, Lucio did not care about that, his ambition was even greater, wanting to create a perfect being which could have the best of each race, creating thus the epitome of evolution itself, to his liking and dislike, had achieved it 200 years ago, but unfortunately he was still a mortal and therefore despite all his failed attempts, how to create him to separate the blood of the specimen or continue recreating the accident of that day, he was not yet capable.

This sometimes forced him to pray and plead with the gods, despite his clear atheism, due to his countless failures, and despite being a great genius seen in centuries, he did not have the divine intellect that the gods had this twisted him consciousness itself.

And to add to his bitterness, a certain successful accident plagued him every day of his filthy life.

"01 !, bring the tools, I need to finish dissecting this"

I order lucio to his assistant and his successful experiment.

"no" answered 01 somewhat tired and bored.

Lucio trembled with rage and her euphoria as soon as he heard her respond, despite being cruel, he was extremely affectionate with her creations, especially a perfect one like 01, coming to love her like a daughter.

"Why? Just bring them" Lucio ordered again, only this time in a more amiable tone.

"I don't want to! I want to go out for a while and have fun, I've been locked in this damn basement for months, go out, shop and have fun. It's what I want to do now!"

01 answered with a somewhat stoic expression frowning, despite this she was beautiful, as the epitome of evolution was perfect, silky silver hair, smooth skin and shiny black sapphire color, ruby ​​red eyes and slender body with perfect proportions ending on wide hips, very full round buttocks, with a large and elastic chest, they made her be Lucio's masterpiece.

She, although she, too, had one or another characteristic such as her height of 1.95 meters and her somewhat elongated ears. She was beautiful like the goddess herself, and so, because of this brushstroke as if it were made by the gods themselves, Lucio had a weakness, like a loving father and something crazy after all, she could not refuse her requests.

"My girl, please help your father, I need to finish this and then you can go out all you want, okay?"

I speak Lucio with a somewhat dejected look, of a man to whom his girlfriend had denied sex, as soon as he heard his father's groans and pleas, 01 he opened his eyes like a girl who had been promised a sweet, leaning up her lips gave a beautiful and tender smile.

"Understood father! I'll bring them to you right away" in a sigh of a second, there was a breeze, after it she disappeared and reappeared in the same position as her, carrying all the required instruments in her hands.

"Thank you my dear girl" Lucio added with a smile, preparing all the tools for the dissection, she began.

He took the scalpel, opening the subject's chest while secreting somewhat purple blood, he opened the cut wide and proceeded to put her hand in. I take out the intestines, spleen and stomach. After she proceeded to the lungs, esophagus, ribs and finally the heart, the rest of the organs were removed equally, separating one by one on a large silver table. In order to begin your analysis of all of them.

After working hours, the clock struck 4 pm, having already finished its analysis, I sigh deeply bored.

"Time of death, 12:30 p.m., the subject presented at the time of his injection, discharge from all his orifices, blood from his eyes, ears and nose, foam from the mouth, urine from the bladder and excrement from his anus, her breasts secreted yellowish milk and she also expelled eggs with a somewhat purple blood from her vaginal entrance, thus dying 10 minutes after the application of the serum "

Taking another even longer and annoyed sigh he drew the conclusion from him.

"Therefore, I have to conclude that the subject did not have adequate resistance, being an oboq 1.76 meters high, weighing 60 kilograms and carrying the blessing of the spirit of water, which provides better recovery and healing. The potency of the serum, could not resist even with the light healing inscriptions, therefore in the next experimental subject number 12351, I will increase the power of the inscriptions and reduce the concentration percentage of each blood component in the serum from 20 % to 15% and I will increase the power of the mother enrollment by 25%, reaching a more effective control of the different genetic pictures in the sample, ending the experiment 12350, on the 11th of month 4, in the year 75 GP "

Concluding the experiment, he decided to take a break, after all he had even more obligations as a royal magician and also having to review the next shipment of subjects, the amount he could reach was less than a century ago, it was obvious after The signing of the treaty 75 years ago, it was no longer possible to get living bodies as usual, after all the king's policies were very strict and they followed a very ethical moral code, that bothered him. But even so it was not as if he could venture or ask the guards to go and capture live specimens, if they were to capture them by performing such an act, not even the same as someone respected would emerge unscathed from the regulations of the treaty grat paxi, but even that would never stopped his hunger for knowledge.

"Well my girl, you can go out and do whatever you want, see you later"

He said he looked a bit tired, but instantly 01 spoke something curious and cautious.

"Wait father! I smell something, mh, I'll be right back" instantly he moved like the breeze, a second later a moan was heard.


He returned with something in his hand, apparently an unexpected intruder, upon seeing it, Lucio opened his eyes, raising his mouth in a large and creepy smile.

"Wow! Wow! What we have here, it is no longer necessary to go out in search of that shipment, I already have the dear and beautiful number 12351, Hahahahahahahah! I had never thought of it this way, my girl bring me everything! We will start another experiment!"

Raising his eyebrow with a somewhat teasing expression and smile, he replied 01.

"Only you are the fool who does not think about that!, buhhhh" he finished mocking 01 with his tongue at her father, to then turn around and bring everything requested by his father.