CHAPTER 14 : Lunch with another couple!
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A few seconds later the chime rang, and their homeroom teacher arrived.

"Take your seats~ also, congratulations to the two fiancés there."

"?!!" both Aoi and Yuu were caught in surprise at how their homeroom teacher knew that, but Aoi placed her palm on her face and sighed.

"Geez, that hasty old man…" she whispered to herself with her face covered, both for exasperation and to hide her embarrassment.

Apparently, Aoi's father, Shinichi Youta had went ahead and probably announced their relationship to the whole school already. With that in mind, the two, or rather, just Yuu alone had realized how annoying their new everyday school life will be, at least until this thing runs for a few days or weeks.

Other than that surprising attack from the homeroom teacher, the day, or rather the hours went by smoothly until lunch break came. For Aoi, at least. As for Yuu, he was attacked by dozens of questions from either Sora, or some other students. That said, he couldn't fully focus on the lessons, and was completely exhausted answering all of them as he can until lunch break came. When that time came, Aoi approached him with an angelic smile, as if coming to save someone just on time.

"Good work overcoming those barrages of questions, Yuu." 

Apparently, the seat in front of him was vacant since the person sitting on it went out for their lunch, as well as the one next to it. So Aoi had turned it around and sat in front of Yuu.

"Geez. I expected this, but this is still too much…"

"Haha— I'm sure it'll subside in a few days, or probably even tomorrow." 

Sora chuckled and gave his opinion. Unfortunately, when word spread out of Asahi Gakuen, it'll spread like wildfire and will stay for quite a while. A week at least, so Yuu will have to put up with this for a while longer.

"That being said…" another girl appeared and sat in front of Sora, "I'd like some detailed explanation."

"Oh, me too, I want to know what are the things Yuu said, Higabana-san!"

The girl, Hoshizora Hina, wasn't cold today, in fact she seemed interested in the topic, and it clearly showed on her face, with a slight grin on it. On the other hand, Sora was completely showing it visually, as if stars were sparkling in his eyes, really really interested.

Before they started talking, Yuu and Sora connected their tables as Sora and Hina placed their lunches, where Yuu realized something.

"Ah, right— I'll be lunch for a bit…. Aoi?" as Yuu stood up, he felt the back of his shirt tugged by someone and felt resistance on walking, so he turned around to see Aoi tugging it. 

"I… already made them…." Aoi shyly said as she tugged Yuu's shirt who had seated back down.

"I-Is that so…"

"Ooh— as expected from the wife— ouch!" Sora, who was teasing Aoi, felt a gruesome pain on his feet. Aoi stomped on it as hard as he could while she made a pouting face, only to be stared at by Yuu.


"Ah, n-nothing…."

Yuu shyly averted his gaze from her as Aoi pulled two bento boxes from her bag.

"Well, I clearly didn't expect you two to be so flirty, but—hey! Stop!" as Hina sighed and placed both her palms on her cheeks, Aoi pinched them, and stopped after a few seconds.

"...that hurt…. But, as I was saying, I wanted a detailed explanation, not the sight of you two flirting. It's annoying." she said as she sighed in exasperation while she took a quick, deadly glance at Sora.

"...eek!— you're the one who doesn't like to, you know?"

"Geez! It's because you're overdoing it!"

"Well, sorry! Just wanted to show you my love! Besides, whenever I do it, you always—"

"Ahh— geez!"

The two argued for a while as Aoi and Yuu simply stared at them. Apparently, Sora and Hina were dating for almost half a year now. 

"Anyway, let's eat. We'll just ask about the information while eating, 'kay?" Hina proclaimed and all four opened their bento boxes.

Of course, Hina and Sora's boxes were different, but Yuu and Aoi's were the same. After all, it was Aoi who made it on the same house, with the same tools, and with the same ingredients.

But what caught Yuu by surprise is the contents of it. Much like their breakfast, the lunch Aoi prepared was extravagant as well! Well, not that much, just a little higher than usual lunches.

The sight before Yuu was a bento box with a perfectly organized plating. Rice over half of the box, two octopus sausages, a beautiful cut of tamagoyaki, and a few small kakiages.

Yuu knew that it would be delicious, but there's one thing there he would really want to try now, so he took his chopsticks, lifted the bento box, and picked it up.

Yuu picked up one of the kakiage and bit a fourth of it, in which he felt pleasant bliss. The crunchiness of it remained and the flavor was so powerful, yet so balanced, he was about to tear up. But he saw Aoi staring at him, so had to say something.

"... it's good…."

It was only two words, but Aoi was completely overwhelmed with joy.

"No seriously, I'm asking for a detailed explanation, can you please stop flirting?!" Hina exclaimed in an irritated voice.

The two lovebirds were still smiling at each other at the time, and had finally snapped back to the world

"Eh? Ah, right— let's see…." Aoi took the initiative and tried to explain it to them, but she realized that Yuu would explain it better, "...well, Yuu should be a better fit in explaining this."

"Well, that's true…" Yuu dumbfoundedly said, with a slightly discomforted look.

Yuu was indeed smart, but he never liked explaining things. Not that he's bad at it, he just doesn't want to. Literally, he thinks it's too bothersome. That being said, he did his best explaining as much as he could.