CHAPTER 31 : Large-Scale Interrogations!
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The next day, right after their long, alone, Sunday time, class has begun, but just a little more problematic for the couple. After all, the two who set them up are extremely curious, so they started barraging them with questions. Like Hina, who didn't hold anything back on her questions, she didn't even give time for Aoi to think.

"Hey, hey. How did it go?"

"H-How, it was great, I guess—"

"What did you do? What did he say? How did he react? How far have you gone? Is there anything special he said? How was he? How—" as Hina continued to ask her questions, or rather, flood her with questions, but Aoi stopped that as she placed both hands to her mouth, shutting her up.

"E-Ease up with the questions, will you—?!' Aoi embarrassingly said as she covered Hina's mouth.

"Mmmf mmf mmhm hmmmm mmm fmmhm. (Note : "I can't talk like this.")" Hina mumbled.

"Ah, sorry." Aoi pulled her hand away as she realized that Hina couldn't talk like that.

"Alright. Then, let's start with the correct order of the date. Firstly— his reaction and comment?"

"H-He was startled… and froze up…."

"Really? Of course anyone will, but how about the comment?"

"H-He said……… I'm so beautiful…….." Aoi was cupping her head with both hands, and her face was embarrassed and red as she said this, so Hina could just look at her with a smile.

Yeah. This girl is too innocent… coincidentally, Yuu was looking at Hina and Aoi at the time, and Yuu can clearly see, and even heard what Aoi said, his face was blushing as well, after all. That's why, Hina showed him as she clenched her fist and with a smile on her face.

Make sure you protect this smile, Awagami! Hina thought to her head, but it seems Yuu had caught up to what she was thinking, so he showed a thumbs up sign along with a wry smile and small chuckle.

Then, Hina placed her fingers to her chin, thinking deeply again.

But… I think her heart can't take this… I'll try easing up more.

"Then, how far have you gone?"

"?!—" Aoi froze, and she placed her fingers to her own lips, saying— "H-H-H-He….." not really said, actually. She didn't get the chance to. Her embarrassment overwhelmed her, but Hina picked up on what she pointed out with her finger so it worked fine.

"I see." Hina simply nodded and didn't pry more.

I feel guilty for making you embarrassed that much, so i won't ask more. Besides, I already get it, to think you two have done that, quite fast actually, just a week after dating….

"But…" Aoi said in a more firm and confident voice as she spoke. "I got to tell him how I felt at that time, so now I feel even better with him. It felt like I took a huge load off my shoulders."

"Is that so? Then, good for you." Hina gave her a warm smile.

Well, the conversation of these two girls were quite easy to pick up, other than that one moment flood of questions, though. But since Hina eased up on the questions and asked the most important parts, it wasn't that hard to understand. Although, the group of three boys' situation was different.

"How was the date, Yuu?" 

"It was fun, I guess…."

The first boy who asked the question was Takeshi, sitting in front of the two other boys, Yuu and Sora. He gave a grin to Yuu's answer, but Sora asked him a question before Takeshi even tried anything else.

"Did you kiss?"

"Dude. What the hell. Is that how you start a conversation?!" Yuu answered in an irritated, yet embarrassed voice, his cheeks were blushing as well.

"First, this isn't a conversation, it's an interrogation. Second, I don't like long talks, so I'm going with the most serious one."

"Good point, Sora! So, did you? Yuu?" and now, Takeshi joined the group with the same question. Yuu had been pushed into a corner.

"What a weird mindset….. yes… we did….."

"How was it?" Sora asked immediately with a grin on his face as he placed his arm over the sulking, embarrassed Yuu.

"It was great? I guess?...."

"How did it taste?" Takeshi asked.

"What the hell am I even supposed to answer there?" Yuu irritatingly said as he freed himself from Sora's arm.

"Haha— that's right, Takeshi, stop with the weird questions. So? Did you practice kissing with a pillow?"

"You stop with the questions too! And can we stop talking about the kiss?"

"Haha— well, the point is you had fun, and that's enough."

"..." Yuu placed his arm on the table and rested his face on his hand as he looked towards Aoi's side. He also seemed to have heard what Aoi said about her being too beautiful, so his face flushed even more.

Coincidentally, Hina was looking at Yuu, and was giving him some mental message or something. Yuu saw her, made an impression and gave some kind of mental message.

What's that supposed to mean? Protect her, cuteness or something? If it is, then I already planned so from the start! Yuu thought as he replied to her with a thumbs up along with a wry smile and a small chuckle.

"Double date?" from the side, Sora whispered to Yuu.

"Shut up!" Yuu elbowed him as he laughed his way.

An eventful morning that the two had been welcomed with. But all somehow worked out the way they wanted to. But if they were to ask what happened after, the two might not be able to hold their embarrassment for what they did on their day off together.