Chapter 34 : The Start of the Study Session!
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After eating, the four placed their notebooks and booklets out in the book as they sat down in front of the table. Yuu and Aoi sat next to each other, whereas Sora and Hina sat across them, together as well.

"... don't stare at me too much……" Aoi, who was sitting next to Yuu in her unusual appearance where she wore a pair of glasses which made her beauty skyrocket a ton, found Yuu intently staring at her.

"...ah, sorry…."

As they had been together for over a week already, the two of them didn't pretty much study together. They studied on their own rooms on their own times, so this is the first time Yuu had seen Aoi with glasses, which she usually does when studying.

"... you're not actually the only one I'm telling that, Yuu… why are you all staring at me like that…"

"No, I mean… we did study together a few times already, but you haven't shown me that… wait, is it possible that you wanted— mmff mmmhm?!" as Hina kept talking with a smirk and teasing voice right at the end, Aoi's face blushed up and she immediately covered Hina's mouth with her hand.

"G-Geez—! Let's just start studying!"

"Haha, well, we're only staring at you because you're… actually, you say it, Yuu."

"Eh?! Me?"

"Yeah, you're the only person fit to say that to her, I'm sure you know that!" Sora smirked as Yuu's face blushed up quickly,

"Alright… It looks good on you, Aoi…."

"R-Really? Th-Thank you…." Aoi's face blushed as well in return as she looked down on the ground with a smile on her face.

"Now—! Let's start!" and after Yuu's words, Aoi immediately got full of energy and exclaimed those words.


The four nodded in unison and they started their study session. As Yuu and Aoi are basically on top, along with Sora, they decided to split up the subjects in their own bests. Sora took over History and Science, whereas Aoi took Math and Japanese Language. Yuu pretty much tops every subject, and could even take the first spot if he wants to. That's why, Yuu pretty much took care of all of the subjects to teach her.

Sora's way of teaching Hina was basically telling her the things she'll need to know, since he teaches her History and Science, he tells her some topics and asks her some questions. As for Aoi, who teaches Math and Japanese Language, she gives out questions and a set of kanji words for her to answer, and leaves her for a while as she studies on her own.

"Ah, you can actually use this formula to make it easier." 

Yuu, who saw Aoi solving a certain math question. He leaned towards her, so instead of just saying it to her, he took his pen and wrote the formula on her notebook. Yuu wasn't conscious of what he was doing, that his face was so close to hers already, and they're basically squeezing each other already. Aoi on the other hand is bright red on this as she averted her gaze to the side, having Yuu tutor her and next to him so close.

Wh-wh-wh-wh-what is happening?!?!?!?!? We've been living together for a while but this is still too much!!!!! Yuu… he's… he's teaching me!!! And he's so close on top of that!!!! 

"Aoi? Are you listening— ah…." Yuu noticed what he was doing and how close she was to Aoi and his face immediately blushed up.


"N-No… you're just… teaching me……."

The two took a while to get back to normal, but they continued their study session as they planned and went on for a few more hours.

"Alright, this is great, Hina!" Aoi exclaimed as she gives her her questionnaire, checked and scored. Marked largely with a red pen, showing that Hina got half the marks.

"Well, it's just half…" Hina sighed

"Although, this is better than the 0 you got earlier, that means you're improving!"

Well, it is true that Hina just got a literal 0 on an easy questionnaire made by Aoi earlier, but in reality, this questionnaire is harder, so she clearly showed some improvements. Not just that, if she can improve this much in a few hours with this team, there might be a glimmer of hope for her to pass the exams.


A few hours later, Aoi began to melt onto Yuu's lap. Instead of resisting, which he never does and never will to her, Yuu gently patted her head and closed his books.

"Well, we've been studying for a while, why not call it a day? It's almost time for dinner anyways…."

"Yay~" Sora exclaimed and leaned towards Hina's shoulder, and when his head touched her…

"Kyaa~" a cute shriek came out of her.

"Don't do that so suddenly, idiot!" Hina pushed her head away.

"Haha- sorry, sorry." Sora pulled away and Hina stopped pushing with her red, embarrassed face.

Meanwhile, Yuu tried to stood up, but Aoi was so comfortable enjoying Yuu's kindness that he couldn't move an inch.

"I'd like to cook dinner now but… sorry, Sora, Hoshizora-san, is it okay if you can tidy up the table for a bit? And dinner will come quite later, it seems I'd have to tend to this little one here." Yuu gave a wry, kind smile as he continued to caress Aoi's head on his lap.

"Sure~" Sora agreed with a smile on his face as he started tidying up the table.

On the other hand, Hina, beside Sora, was staring intently at the two sweet lovebirds, or more specifically, what Aoi was doing and how happy she was. Then, her face slowly transitioned into the face of someone showing relief.

"Hina?" Yuu noticed how Hina was looking at them, so he reached out to her.

"Ah, no. It's just reassuring to see Aoi being so relaxed around you… she's even more relaxed to how she usually is…."


"Mmm, that's why, please take care of her, Awagami…"


A few minutes later, the two finished tidying up, Sora sat down, and Hina reached out to Yuu.

"Want to swap?"

"Ah, right. Please…"

Apparently, Aoi had fallen asleep, so he gently left his seat, supporting her head with his hands as he stood up, and gently placed it on Hina's lap. Then, he started cooking for good at that moment.

"Then, shall we have dinner?"

"I'd love to, but Aoi…" Hina gently swayed Aoi's shoulder, attempting to wake her up, which proved useless immediately as she continued to sleep soundly and comfortably.

"Ah, right. Stay like that for a bit, I'll try waking her up." Yuu walked up to Hina, who was sitting, and gestured to Sora who started preparing dinner for the four.

"Aoi… wake up… it's dinner time~ I'll let you snuggle with me as much as you want, actually you do so every night so I think this is pointless…." Yuu tried waking her up and turned to a wry smile as he realized that telling her that was pretty much useless.

"Nnn…" or not.

Aoi slowly woke up, slowly as she could be, she sat upright at the sofa as she rubbed her eyes, slowly gaining sight of what's, or rather who's in front of her— Yuu.

"Mhmm. Good morning, Aoi. Although, it's pretty much night now, and dinner time, can you stand?" Yuu offered her a hand.

"Mhmm." Aoi took it and slowly followed his momentum as they stood up.

"But before that, you should freshen up first."


Practically half-asleep, Yuu led Aoi to the bathroom, where she then washed her face as Yuu fixed her hair.

"Then, shall we eat?"

"Yeah, but before that, can I ask something?" Hina reached out

"Yeah, what is it?"

"It's just that, I know it's weird to ask this to a couple who's literally living together but, do you usually act like this? Like you just let Awagami comb your hair?"

"Mhmm, is something wrong with that? It's beneficial for both of us anyway."

"Really…? But isn't Awagami spoiling you too much?"

"I already said that, but he wants me all for himself, even a spoiled side of me. Besides, I get to spoil him in return~" Aoi showed a mischievous smile.

"Is that so…?"

"Well, that's that, shall we eat?"


""""Thanks for the food~"""" the four clapped their hands in unison.

The four apparently finished eating, the two, Hina and Sora insisted on washing the dishes, so they let them be as they agreed on another matter.

"Then, we'll take a bath first, is that okay?"

"Yeah, of cou— wait, together?!"

"Yeah— wait, no! I mean we'll take our turns first!" Yuu exclaimed with a flustered expression as he ran towards the bathroom.

Aoi then took her bath a few minutes later right after Yuu finished. Although, just before that time, as Sora and Hina washed the dishes, Hina noticed something. She looked slightly above her, at the person beside her, Sora, who showed a pretty much emotionless smile. She wanted to reach out to him, but she knew exactly the reason to why this is.

"Then, I'll take my bath now." Hina said as she walked towards the bathroom.

"Mhmm, just call me if you need anything." Sora said.

Of course, the two lovebirds, Aoi and Yuu were still doing things together such as brushing their teeth like newlyweds. But as soon as they finished, they sat down the sofa in the living room as they waited for the two to finish their own baths, and after this had finished, the real discussion begin.

"Then, who's sleeping with who and where are these two sleeping?" Yuu suggested

"Yeah, I don't really think four can fit in one room without being cramped up, so we suggest we split up to two batches, I'm fine sleeping with Hina or Yuu." Aoi followed

"Well, I don't think the two of us would want to interrupt the two of you, we can sleep together, I don't mind." Hina answered as calmly as she can be, even though her face is practically beet red right now.

"Really? Then, is your room for them fine, Aoi?"

"Ah, of course~!"

"Well then—" the four headed towards the stairs and escorted the two to their temporary room.

"Good night."

"Yeah, good night." 

The four exchanged their greetings, officially finishing their first day, or rather, their first night, as the four tucked themselves to sleep. But the thing is, sleeping together with the opposite sex, moreover your relationship partner isn't so easy. There will be some problems, complications, and well, romantic stuff, most likely.