CHAPTER 36 : Thank You
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"Waah~ we're finally done~" Hina exclaimed as she melted to the table.

"Good work, Hina. You're getting better."

"Yeah, it's thanks to you, Sora… and the other two as well, of course!"

"Yeah, you will pass this exam for sure!"

The two happily exchanged with each other. Just with Yuu's words, the relationship of Hina and Sora came from a passive, practically nothing happening kind into a cute and rather calming one.

"They're quite cute and calming, aren't they?" Yuu sighed and leaned to Aoi's shoulder

"Yeah… and it's all thanks to you that their relationship became like that."

"Really? I don't think that's all there is to it though…."


Yuu only talked to her about what Sora would feel (and what he'll be weak against) but he didn't exactly force her or talked to her to change how their relationship is, unless she's so bothered by it. But how Hina is acting right now, is like she just found an answer to a question she's been asking herself for a long time, but that is something only she knows, but probably Sora also knows.

"Well then~" Aoi pushed Yuu a bit, but Yuu didn't resist, rather he followed her, since he already knew what she wanted as he raised his hand above his chest. "I'll rest for a while…" Aoi placed her head on Yuu's lap and cutely bece comfortable in it.

"Haa—" Yuu sighed as he smiled, "Yes, yes. Good work teaching us, Aoi-sensei~" 

"!!!" Yuu's words had been received by Aoi, as her face immediately tensed up and turned red. "...don't suddenly call me that, idiot…"

"Haha— alright, rest all you want~" Yuu patted her head as he gently smiled at her. "But… how will I cook now…" Yuu stopped caressing her head and scratched his cheek with a finger.

""Ah—"" the two, Aoi and Hina, intervened.

"Ah— I'll cook for tonight at least. I wouldn't want to be staying at my friend's house for 3 days and just let them do everything. Besides, I'm confident in my cooking~"

"Please do… Thank you…" Yuu gave a wry smile as he waved at Hina who was walking towards the kitchen.

"You don't want to join her?" Yuu turned to Sora.

"Well, I'm quite confident in Hina's cooking too. But…" Sora paused and averted his gaze to the side, to which case his ears also appeared to redden up. "I might lose it now… I can't believe I'm getting this embarrassed…"

"Is that so—" Yuu lightly scoffed, "then, suit yourself."

As Hina gleefully cooked in the kitchen, Yuu continued to gently caress Aoi's head and sometimes play with her cheeks as she just peacefully and comfortably lay down his lap. On the other side of the sofa, Sora was just sitting down with his face totally red.

"Now— it's time to eat!" Hina exclaimed from the dining room as clatters of plates were heard as she prepared them.

"Aoi, let's eat—"

"I know, I heard her, I wasn't sleeping, you know… you took your time enjoying me, have you…."

"Don't make it sound so misleading…."

"Haha— just messing with you, let's go?" Aoi stood up and offered her hand to Yuu.


The two, and also Sora headed towards the dining room where they sat across from each other, again, Yuu and Aoi next to each other, and the other couple next to each other across them.

"I'm not as great as Yuu or Aoi, but I'm still confident in how it tastes…"

"Don't be, I'm happy enough and I appreciate you cooking for us, thank you, Hoshizora-san."

"Stop embarrassing me… just eat…!"

"Haha— alright, alright."

""""Thanks for the food!"""" the four clapped their hands and said in unison.

"Well then—" Yuu took the first bite in the meal, and savoured it, and his face immediately turned with a wide smile, "It's delicious!"

"I-Is that so…? Thank goodness…."

"Yeah, this is really delicious, Hina."

"Right? That's my Hina!" Sora boastfully exclaimed with a pumped up expression.

"..." Hina glared daggers at him in exchange

"Eh?" through that glare, Sora was immediately confused, thinking that she might not like what he said.

"I'll always be yours, idiot…." Hina quietly and so cutely said that it blew the hearts of all three of them, possibly even all four of them, blowing Hina's heart from embarrassment that is.

Just like that, the days passed by like a flash, with either Yuu or Hina cooking if ever Aoi lumps down to Yuu once again. But for three days, all of them had fun, and most importantly, they knew that Hina will be able to take on probably any challenge and pass them, confidently on how much they have taught her throughout the weekend.

"Well then, see you tomorrow."

"Mhmm… really, thank you, Awagami— wait, it's really a mouthful and it's just about time I stop calling you that, really, thank you for everything, Yuu-kun!"

"Yeah, you're welcome, Hoshizora-san."



It wasn't Hina that exclaimed that, but rather Aoi, exclaiming it as she clung onto Yuu.

"Ah, I'll go back to calling him Awagami if you want?" 

"That's not it!" Aoi averted her gaze, or rather, stared at Yuu intently, clearly showing what she wants.

"Haa— alright. Good bye, Hina-san.".


"Then, can I call you Aoi-chan?" Sora gleefully exclaimed with a large, annoying smile on his face.

"You want to die, Kusokami?!" Aoi set a murderous glare to Sora, which immediately made him shiver.


"Just kidding! Of course, Sora-kun~

"Haha— geez, that somehow scared me a bit, Aoi-chan…."

"Grrr……" a light, grumbling frown was heard from the side, which the three of them immediately noticed Yuu averting his gaze to the opposite side of where Aoi was as he frowned.

"Oh? Is someone jealous?" Sora teased him, which made Yuu turn slightly red.

"I-I'm not!" Yuu exclaimed as immediately returned his sights to the front of him, slightly flushed.

"Haha— I won't take her away from you, she's all yours, don't worry— well then." Sora said as they slowly walked away, slowly diminishing from their sights.

"......" the two fell awkwardly silent, and their faces are also both red.

"...let's go inside….?"


As awkward as it got, the two immediately returned to their original selves a few minutes after entering. And that is how the four spent their weekends at Yuu and Aoi's house, having fun and of course, studying, or rather, tutoring Hina as much as they could, Which may pay off, as the exams are just around the corner….