CHAPTER 37 : The Start of the Examinations
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A week prior from their study session, the end of term examination had come. The four entered the school gates together, with confident faces as they walked. The confidence of the three were understandable, but Hina's confidence shows the result of their study session.

"Are you ready, Hina-san?"

"Yeah, of course! I'm going to nail this test!" Hina exclaimed as she did a gut pose.

The four then entered their classroom, went to their seats and each took a deep breath, preparing themselves for the test that's about to come in just about a few minutes after their teacher comes in.

"Well then, it's time— turn your papers and start answering quietly~" the teacher in front instructed the students.

As calm as he can be, Yuu answered it calmly, but for this exam, for the first time ever, he started taking it seriously. On the other hand, Aoi was taking this even more seriously than she always does. And of course, Sora was answering it as he always would.

However, one surprise is that Hina were showing no complications, his face was as confident as they came in, she answered the exam as calmly as she could, without disrupting her focus.

The exams went on for a few hours, until the bell rang and lunch break came.

"All right, put your pens down and pass the paper to the front."

The students passed their tests like a wave, starting from the furthest at the back up to the front and to the teacher's table, until she then collected all the papers and left the classroom.

"Haa—" Yuu sighed

"Good work, Yuu." Aoi approached him with her angelic voice and smile.

"Mhmm, you too."

"The first half is finally over~" Hina melted on the table in front of Sora, lumping herself to the desk.

"Good work, Hina. How did you do?" Sora, beside Yuu, asked Hina as he patted her head.

"Yeah, better than I usually do. I feel like I will pass this!"

"Is that so? Your enthusiasm should show the results in your score, but for me, I think you'll pass this time, Hina-san."

"Yeah! You have my full support too, Hina!"

Yuu gave his compliments with a calm smile as he sat still like the calm sea. Aoi however gave hers enthusiastically, like waves dancing rhythmically.

"Well, for now, let's eat lunch, shall we? We're still only on our first day of the exams after all…"

Asahi Gakuen's exams takes three days from Wednesday to Friday, so that the students can relax right after the exam since winter break will make its entrance to the students. Although, some people can't relax until they find out how they did at the test, which usually comes out immediately on Monday. So students can just drop off at Asahi Gakuen and look at their scores and the rankings of course.

With that in mind, the four ate their lunch, finished it, and spent some bit of time before the next exams came. 

"Well then— congratulations! You finished your exams! This will also be the start of your winter break, so Happy Holidays to all of you!"

"Yeah!!!!!" the students exclaimed in unison as the bell rang.

Following Friday, the exams had finally finished and winter break had come.

"It's finally over~" Hina sighed as she lumped on the desk once again.

"Yeah, it is. How do you think you do? Hina-san?"

"I'm definitely passing this, I know it!"

"How confident, eh…. Well, I'm sure you'll pass, but for now, it's time for rest, right?"

"Yeah! Winter is here!"

"That said…" Yuu gathered the attention of the three, "What about welcoming new year together…?" Yuu bashfully invited them.

"Ah, right! Let's celebrate it together! Wait, new year only?" Aoi enthusiastically exclaimed and intervened, but she immediately sulked when she realized what Yuu said.

"Of course, only the New Year will be fine." Hina added, knowing what Yuu might have planned.

"It's fine, but…" Aoi looked at Yuu.

"I… want to spend it with you only…." Yuu averted his gaze to the side with his embarrassed, flushed face.

"..." the reply caught Aoi off guard, which has caused her to become flustered and embarrassed as well.

"You're really monopolizing her, huh…." Sora chuckled and smirked. "Well, I guess I can just spend it with Hina alone too, right?" Sora turned his gaze to Hina.

"Of course!" not like before where she would immediately get embarrassed, she enthusiastically agreed with only an ever so slightly redness on her cheeks, but overflowing happiness to be able to spend Christmas with him.

"Although, you can come by tomorrow to spend some time, take it as a complimentary time for Christmas, I'm thinking of making a hot pot and I'm sure only the two of us wouldn't be able to finish it."

"Really?! Then, it will be our pleasure to taste that!"

"Oh, and you can join in too if you want, Takeshi, tomorrow and New Year. Unless you have something else in mind?"

"Eh, really?! I don't really have any plans for those times, you know? The single me? So if it's fine…"

"I'm the one inviting you, and I'm sure these three won't have any problems, right?" he gestured to the three standing next to him, who smiled and Hina even put up a thumbs up to show agreement.

"All right."

"Just ask Hina and Sora for some locations or get them to pick you up or something."

"I will, thanks."

And so, the four had one more member in their party included. Which have now made sure of an entirely more energetic and eventful Saturday and New Year. And of course, this was Yuu's first ever New Year with friends.

But the day he's looking forward to the most is Christmas, as the two of them will spend it together, spending their first Christmas as a couple, together, alone. That thought itself gives happiness and ease to Yuu's mind, and just makes him look forward to it even more.