Chapter 40.5 : Waking her up isn’t so easy, for a lot of reasons….
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They asked me to wake her up but… I would basically enter a girl's territory, right?

Sora thought to himself as he stood by the door of Aoi's room, where inside, Hina is still soundly sleeping.

He was hesitant in coming in. After all, the two of them only just recently started being a couple seriously. Despite his charisma, his heart was still too weak and pure for something like entering a sleeping girl's room.

But that in mind… he's been standing in front of the door for literally five minutes already.

I-I just have to do it! 

He steeled himself, and finally opened the door, in which he witnessed Hina, soundly sleeping in her pajamas. They were pretty much covering all her skin… if it's just worn. 

The pajama was slowly getting loose apart, revealing her beautiful skin in plain sight to Sora.

This is too much!!! his face blushed

But— i-it should be my role as the boyfriend to take care of her in times like these, right?

He once again steeled himself, approaching her, and quickly fixed her pajamas. Despite all his moving around, she didn't wake up one bit, which made another problem arise.

So… how am I gonna wake her up?

He kneeled down to level himself to the bed, staring at her defenseless figure as he tried to think on how he'll wake her up.

But… she's really so cute….

He stared, and not only did he stare, he occasionally poked her cheeks lightly. Sometimes even ruffling her hair.

And… that literally went on for the next 10 more minutes….

Cute~~~ Cute~~~ my Hina is so cute~~~ he happily hummed in his thoughts, ignoring the time he spent not doing anything.

"Ah, right. I was supposed to wake her up…"

He lightly muttered to himself, and returned to seriously thinking on how he'd wake her up, sitting on the bed beside her.

"For now, I'll try this—" he tried the most obvious ways of waking someone up, starting with…

"Hey, Hina, wake up, breakfast is ready."


As expected, she didn't budge.

"Hey, Hina! Wake up!" he tried slightly shaking her.


Yet she only replied with a light groan.

If it comes to this… I don't really think I can do something like this but….

Under such relationships, there's a few more options for waking someone up. That said, it is surely embarrassing, especially if you're doing this the first time. And this is more embarrassing if you're just a new couple, which the two of them can be considered as one.

"Hina~ wake up, I'm gonna kiss you if you don't~" he said straight to her ears as sweetly as he could, with his face bright red from embarrassment.

"All… right…." she sleep-talked the words he didn't expect for her to say.

"Eh? Seriously?!" he jumped back in confusion of her words, and saw that she's still soundly sleeping.

"Geez. I have no choice. This is a little too much but… there's probably no other way…"

He held her by her shoulder and by her ankle. Luckily, Sora is part of a sports club, so he's decently fit, another thing is that Hina is quite small so she's surely light, in which she is. 

He didn't exert much strength lifting her, placing her into a sitting position, and shook her again, successfully and finally waking her up.

"Nnn…? Sora…?" she rubbed her eyes, and stared at Sora for a while.

"Eh?! Sora?! What are you doing here?!" she shrieked, her face so red, so is Sora's.

"You were taking too long to wake up, they asked me to wake you up."

"I-I see…"

It took her a few seconds to calm down, but said something that she already said earlier, but this time, it became more embarrassing for Sora since she's already awake.

"Wh-where is it…?" her voice was shy, and quiet, but he heard it clearly.

"E-Eh?!" that was the only thing that came out of his mouth, but he knew what she meant.

Sh-She can't really be asking for one, right? he thought to himself as his face reddened up even more.

But looking at her again, it made him sure that she's really asking for it.

"Geez…" he sighed with his face still red, stood up, and as childishly as it looks, he carried her by the arms and stood her up, and quickly and smoothly kissed her cheeks. "Let's go, they're waiting for us."

"Eh? Ah— mmm…." 

She was left dumbfounded, and simply followed his momentum.

Who knew waking your girl up for the first time would be that hard? Sora didn't! Or it may just be that he's too weak and quite a pure maiden type of guy.