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To whoever reads my novels, I once again deeply thank you with all of my heart, thank you for following me and my work despite being niche (imo), and I am here to announce that;

1 of my 2 novels will get discontinued, whilst the other will go on but more slow chapter updates. This is due to the fact that I am simply loving drawing (bought a drawing tablet so can't let that get to waste). 

Another announcement is that along with my liking for drawing, I'll most likely be one-manning a light novel (with full illustrations) on either of the two, and of course— a manga adaptation in the near future.

Which novel it is will be decided in a few days time, where whichever gets an update on its chapters will be the one to be continued, get illustrations and the such above.

I once again thank you for following me in thid journey. Not really signing off, but will see you again soon.

I would also appreciate some support on my Twitter account, which is where I update my arts.

- @MurasakiYuKi15