Chapter 1: Me! The God of Thunder!
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In a snow-filled winter, a ray of sunlight penetrates the cloudy sky, illuminating the world.

In a wild land millions of miles across, roars and growls of fierce beasts can be heard, strange species run wild and ancient trees fall to pieces.


An all-purple bird flaps its wings across this land and dives.

Passing through simple wooden walls and archer towers.

The bird slows down and lands gently on the highest ancestral shrine in the tribe.

While arranging his feathers he watches from above.

This tribe is surrounded by wooden walls in a irregular rectangle form.

Dilapidated huts are scattered randomly across the tribe.

In front of the ancestral shrine, a fire is burning vigorously.

In a cold winter like this, it brings a deep sense of warmth.

Several of orcs are on their knees, praying with expressions of devotion on their faces.

They have slanted foreheads, protruding jaws, exposed teeth, and rough skin.

Their bodies are covered with simple animal skins and their hair is messy.

"Ancient and great God of Thunder1雷霆 The sound of thunder or literally thunder and thunderclap, you will understand the reason for the explanation later., you have given us life and hope—"

"Illuminate the path we follow—"

"You are our ancestor—"

"You are our faith—"

"You are the supreme being!"

Prayers continue to sound non-stop.

Looking through the rays of dawn light, the eyes of each of these orcs are filled with devotion. 

They are prostrate in worship.

Even some young orcs, under the instruction of their parents, offer their faith to the deity.

At the front, the voice of the aging and only orc shaman resounds enthusiastically:

"Great God of Thunder, the thunders are under your control, your god might has no limits!"

"May your god power be eternal and may your god fire never be extinguished!"

"Please accept our sacrifice!"

"Please bless your humble believers!"

As soon as he finished saying this, two sturdy orcs immediately carried a blood-soaked corpse of a Big Black Ox.

The horns of this ox are coiled in a spiral shape.

The ox's eyes are wide, even though it's dead there are still some traces of a sinister aura.

Its leather is glossy black with some bizarre flower patterns on the back.


The corpse was placed in front of the entrance to the ancestral shrine.

"Great God of Thunder, please accept our sacrifice!"

All the orcs shouted fervently.

They are anxious and nervous, wondering if the great God of Thunder will accept their sacrifice.

In the ancestral shrine, Li Yue has a calm expression.

Two years ago, the entire world underwent a dramatic change.

Billions of people came to this place called the Imperishable2不朽 can be used as "immortal" and is often translated that way. Continent.

And all became deities.

Through the divine patterns on his fingers, he entered the City of Deities several times and learned a lot of things.

"According to some bigwigs, the most important thing for a deity is the believers."

"I have heard that many unlucky deities of our Earth Star had all their believers exterminated and even themselves have fallen."

He whispered to himself.

But knowing is one thing and how to do it is another.

According to his observations, it can be said that there are a lot of crises near the village.

Fierce beasts, ferocious beasts, demoniac beasts, alien species, birds…

There are so many to even count.

Originally, there were 123 orcs in this little tribe of his.

Now there are only 95 left.

And that's because he spares no power of faith and let the shaman to heal all wounded orcs.

Otherwise, another 20 or 30 would have died.

These orcs didn't die while hunting.

They were killed by a fierce beast that accidentally rushed into the tribe.

"What bad luck."

"I've heard that some deities have started with thousands and thousands of believers."

"There was even a bigwig who started with a fifth-level Wyvern among his believers."

"It's so cool."

It doesn't even need to be a fifth-level Wyvern, if he gained a third-level soldier, he would sleep and wake smiling.

Unlike now—

He looked at the 3 information panels in front of him and sighed.



Deity Interface
Deity: Li Yue
Godhood: Thunder
God Name:
Admont Proseus Inron...
God Title: God of Thunder
God Grade: Ordinary Demigod
God Power: 0
Power of Faith: 19,300
God Tool: N/A
Believers: Gruumsh Orcs
Believers Interface

Holy Spirits: 0
Saints: 0
Fanatics: 3
Devotees: 80
True Believers: 12
Shallow Believers: 0
Shaman: Hogger
God Art: • Thunder Palm  (Level 1)
• Thunder Vitality (Level 1)


Race Interface
Name: Gruumsh Orcs
Category: Demi-human
Grade: First-level
Profession: N/A
Talent: • Sturdy lv1
• Dark Vision lv1
Skill: • Throw lv1
Strength: 1.8
Physique: 1.8
Agility: 1.5
Spirit: 0.8

"Nothing unusual here, probably has something to do with me…"
Said Li Yue frustratedly.
But being able to directly become a deity with unlimited lifetime is already a huge blessing.
Can't ask for too much.
He pauses.
Staring at the corpse of the Big Black Ox fixedly, without even blinking.
To be more exact.
He's staring at the bizarre flower patterns on its back.
Underneath the leather is a drop of fresh blood flashing in faint rays of light!
It is identical to a ruby, completely different from the rest of the ox's blood!
He has a feeling he can take that drop of fresh blood.
That's a feeling he didn't get in the last blood sacrifice made by the orcs!
In that blood sacrifice, he only got some power of faith, it was completely impossible to bring the sacrifice to the god domain where he is.
But why is it possible now?
"Is it because of quality?"
"The quality of last year's sacrifice was so low that it could not enter the god domain?"
He is awestruck.
Why didn't any of the pretentious bigwigs in the city of deities talk about this problem?
Why was everyone hiding and omiting, not sharing it with him?
"They're all bitches…"
He muttered.
Of course, he also knows that getting rich quietly is the best.
Although the Imperishable Continent is immeasurable, who knows, maybe they get lucky and run into.
And if they do, it's obvious they're going to start a God Battle!
God Battle—
It's always a battle to the death.
Now I ask, who would give important information to an enemy?
Shaking his head with a smile on his face, he prepares to collect the drop of blood, he looks intently at it when suddenly—
He discovers a tiny X100 symbol next to that drop of blood.