Chapter 3: City of Deities!
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Of course, it's different when sacrifices are held.

At that time, affected by the solemn and divine atmosphere as well as the expectation and tension of being watched by the deity at any time and still the power of an inexplicable law in action, the power of faith that can be provided will be tenfold.

However, sacrifices can only be held once a year.

If it is held more, the spirit of the believers will be greatly damaged.

Li Yue calculated.

Originally, the power of faith he gained in a day was about 110 points.

And now—

He can gain 610 points of power of faith in a day.

That's 18,000 a month.

And almost 220,000 a year!

"A million power of faith can be transformed into a thread of god power."

"If I don't eat and drink, in 5 years I can... Eh... save five1It's like this in the raw, but it must have been a typo of the author. threads..."

Thinking of this, he paused.

And marveled in his heart.

Indeed, for such creatures with endless lifespans like deities, time, is the least valuable thing.

Retracting the gushing god might, he glanced at shaman Hogger and passed down the oracle:

"Held a sacrifice once a year."

"The quality of the sacrifice cannot be lower than this one."


City of Deities.

This is an unimaginably huge divine city.

Zillions of deities live here.

36000 district.

10081 Street.

Room 129600.

Li Yue opened the courtyard door and closed it gently.

Here, is his residence in the City of Deities.

Every deity can have a villa as a residence in the City of Deities.

This villa is your private territory.

You can take your believers to serve you in the villa, but not out of it, otherwise—

They will be instantly wiped out by the City of Deities.

Of course, if your believers are promoted to the demigod level, they will be fine.

"There are still 45 portions of the Bull Emperor's Essence Blood."

"Each one is equivalent to a third-level item."

"Third-level items are worth 10,000 to 30,000 Power of Faith."

"I wonder if I can sell these 45 portions for a million power of faith?"

He was a little unsure.

Items that can help believers improve their strength should be considered quite valuable on the same level, but to be honest, he really has no idea about the pricing of such 'high-end items'.

It didn't take him long to get to the nearest trading market.

Where there are people, there are trading, and it is no different with gods.

Trading is just necessary and essential.


When some deities who ignited the God Fire and exalted the God Kingdom have been able to subdue inexhaustible planes outside the Imperishable Continent and could obtain a lot of things.

As you can imagine, they may not need most of it for themselves.

"It's not much different than the food market on Earth Star."

Li Yue muttered in his heart.

This is not the first time he has been to this trading market.

He is familiar with the roads and quickly found a buyer who needed third-level items to improve the strength of believers.

It was an unknown deity wearing a black mantle and whose face could not be seen.

He speculates that the godhood2or God Duty. 神=God. 职=Duty/Profession/Portfolio/Occupation. of this one may be of the dark class.

"Second-level peak warriors have a 30% chance of being promoted to third-level and first-level peak warriors have a 100% chance of being promoted to second-level."

"How much do you offer?"

He speaks directly.

"How many do you have?"

A hoarse and gloomy voice sounded.

"45 portions."

Li Yue said.

"23,000 a portion."

No fluctuations can be heard in the other party's voice.

"Too little."

Li Yue shook his head and turned around to leave.

There are more than 100,000 deities in this market, and this deity is not the only one who needs the Bull Emperor's Essence Blood.


"This is my highest offer."

The hoarse voice said indifferently.


Li Yue paused and replied.

Soon, the transaction between the two is completed.

There was no deceit, he got 1,125,000 Faith's Power.

"This would have taken me more than five years to accumulate on my own..."

Li Yue was happy in his heart.

It will be a year before the next sacrifice and he is wondering what kind of offering those lovely Orcs would bring him?

He is looking forward to it now.

"What is the price of these bread trees?"

He came to a stall and asked.

Naturally, when you have money, you have to spend it.

Let's buy some food for those lovely Orcs, so that they can exert all their strength living3Or maybe reproduce? (使劲生). without any worries.

"One for 100 faith's power."

The stall owner, a lazy, elderly deity, replied lightly.

Of course, it is useless to judge a deity's age by outward appearance.

"Give me 500."

Li Yue mused.

Deities' products are naturally no ordinary products.

These bread trees are all first-level items, levelless items don't appear in the City of Deities.

One month to bloom, one month to bear fruit, one month to mature. In three months you can get hundreds of catties of bread, furthermore it has quite good seeds.

Even ignoring all that, that's 500 bread trees—

Even if the Orcs eat a lot, it's almost enough at this stage, after all, the Orcs will go out hunting too.

"Thank you, here is 50,000 faith's power."

The vendor waved his hand gently.

Ten points of faith's power turned into a sphere, directly wrapping around the 500 bread trees and flew towards Li Yue.

Faith Sphere, is a one-time spatial storage item commonly used for transactions between deities, it is convenient and inexpensive.

After that, Li Yue bought another 55 first-level Wolf Tooth Clubs, 55 first-level Battle Armors, and one second-level Shaman Magic Staff, spending a total of 33,500 faith's power.

As for buying second-level equipments for Orcs warriors—

It's too expensive, he would buy it later when he has the money.

He also has to keep a million faith's power to transform into a thread of god power, completing a metamorphosis of his strength!