Chapter 5: No Death, No Rest. Believers Killing Each Other!
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Keehar stood in his god domain, gazing in the direction of the Gruumsh tribe with a touch of excitement at the corner of his mouth:

"Finally discovered another deity after so long?"

"I've been longing for this for so much time…"

It has been nine years since he came to the Imperishable Continent.

But since he heard that a friend from Arkona Star1星 star or heavenly body, but can mean 'planet' too., through a god battle, not only plundered hundreds of believers, but also killed the rival demigod, extracting nine threads of god power and starting a Great Leap Forward-style development since then, he was completely moved.

How can honest development be as fast as plundering others?

Nine years.

Although the number of believers increased to more than 230 under his protection, the number of fanatics was low, only 12.

The faith's power that can be obtained every year is only 100,000 or so.

In nine years, even excluding consumption, it is not enough to condense a thread of god power.

If this goes on, in what year and month can he ignite the god fire and exalt his god kingdom?

It's simply 'so far away that seems forever'!

"I can be considered one of the first to arrive in this wilderness of millions of kilometers…"

"As long as my luck isn't too bad…"

"Plus that third-level juvenile Black-Scaled Wyvern—"

"I will win this war!"

He is in a good mood.

He doesn't care much about the opponent's believers or something like that, what he cares most about is the god power that can be extracted after killing him!

Any ordinary demigod has god power in his body, which is the basis for becoming a demigod.

"Even if the extracted nine threads of god power are sold for pure faith's power, only 80% can be left..."

"But it's also enough to have 7.2 million faith's power!"

"This is a great fortune, enough to make me a two-turn demigod!"

"I can also buy a large amount of resources to bestow to my believers, making them more devout and stronger."

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

This battle2I forgot to say that 战 can also be translated as 'war'., is the battle of his rise!

In the future, even if he exalts his god kingdom, he will remember this battle!


He passed down the oracle directly.

Start the god battle!

"Roar, roar, roar!"

"For the glory of my god!"

"War, war, war!"

In the tribe, hundreds of orcs wearing first-level battle armor and holding first-level battle axes roared with fervor.

From a small mountain peak not far away, a Black-Scaled Wyvern with fine scales and wings spread out over five meters, reflecting metal light all over its body, flew out!

This wyvern's eyes are full of ferocity.

A drop of saliva fell, making a 'sizzle' sound, the corrosiveness was extremely frightening, and it had a pair of claws that were even more chilling.


She let out a roar of excitement and flew in the air.

"For the glory of my god, kill!"

Under the command of the shaman, the orcs walked out of their tribe to kill the Gruumsh tribe!

And the Black-Scaled Wyvern was hovering above them!

The Imperishable Continent is extremely peculiar.

The deities cannot descend there in person, they can only be inside their god domain, as if there is a law in the dark that prohibits them from going out.

But there is a circumstance—

Where a deity can come out of his god domain.

That is when one of his believers comes into contact with the god domain of other deities.

Deities can use believers as a bridge to step directly into the domain of other deities!

And then—

Kill the enemy deity!

Moreover, if the believers become frightened, terrified, or even completely destroyed, it will greatly reduce the deity's battle power.

If the believers are excited, passionate, and their morale is like a rainbow, the battle power of the deity will be greatly enhanced.

If an ordinary demigod kill all the believers of a one-turn demigod, then—

There's a lot of hope that this ordinary demigod kills the one-turn demigod instead!

Therefore, the strength of believers is extremely important to a deity.

In a nameless valley.

There are half-human-high weeds growing everywhere, and there is a small lake where many wild beasts are drinking water.

Suddenly, the ground shook slightly, and the sturdy bodies of the Gruumsh orcs appeared.

They all have bloodthirsty eyes and are clutching their battle axes tightly.


Elder Hogger, who walked in the forefront, suddenly raised his magic staff high, and all the Gruumsh orcs stopped in their tracks looking at the elder in confusion.

"Those believers of the false god have arrived!"

Elder Hogger stared fixedly at the front, he is a spellcaster, his perception is sharp, far more than that of a warrior.

Although there is no one in sight yet, he has already 'seen' the aura rushing in!


Immen licked his lips, his face was full of hideousness, his tall and sturdy body was almost two meters three, like a small giant.

"Believers of the God of Thunder, kill them!"

"Let the glory of my god illuminate the world!"

Elder Hogger raised his magic staff and ordered.


The orcs bellowed, their momentum is like a rainbow. Trampling on the weeds, they rushed forward!

After only a few moments, a large number of orcs appeared on the opposite side.


Although they had more people, they were shorter by a head, and far less sturdies.


Elder Hogger roared.


The fifty-four orcs took stone axes from their backs and, grinning, threw ruthlessly!

Upon being promoted to the second-level their throwing skill also became Throw lv2.


Instantly, more than ten opposite orcs were hit and flew out with 'head broken and blood flowing'3Literally. Could mean 'badly injured' too.!

"Damn it!"

"They are all second-level!"

The shaman of the Keehar tribe turned pale with fright.

In their tribe, there are only five second-level warriors!

On the other side, however, all are second-level warriors.

Compared to first-levek, second-level is much stronger.

At least five or more first-level warriors are required to compete with a second-level warrior.


He yelled.


The Black-Scaled Wyvern flew from the rear, with bloodthirsty and savagery in the eyes, it charged towards the Gruumsh orcs!