Chapter 6: Massacre! Divine Battle Victory!
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"How come they're all second-level‽"

Keehar is shocked.

Although he is in his divine domain, he can see the situation on the battlefield clearly through his believers.

When he saw that the other part was actually all second-level warriors, his heart made a 'badump' sound.

This is a bit too powerful!

"Fortunately, there is Foulouli.1付璐丽 Fu Lu Li. How can I adapt this name? Fully, Folly, Full Loli? Any suggestions?"

"This is a wyvern, a flying unit!"

He is celebrating his luck in his heart.

If it weren't for the discovery of a black-scaled wyvern egg two years ago, today's divine battle—

He fears he would lose!

But now—

The expression on his face turned into an evil grin.

With a flying unit like Fululi, it is completely possible to slowly kill the opponent's believers!

The victory in this divine battle is his!


Inside the Gruumsh ancestral shrine, in the divine domain, Li Yue said in surprise.

Although this is only a third-level juvenile wyvern, there is a complete difference between those that can fly and those that can't.

If it were a third-level ground unit, even if they came in two, they would be torn apart by the Gruumsh orcs.

But a wyvern—

Eh… Actually it would be torn apart too…


Elder Hogger looked at the black-scaled wyvern swooping down, with shock in his eyes.

But more than that, there is bloodthirsty killing intent!

So what if is a wyvern‽

It also can't tarnish the glory of my god!

"Bloodthirsty Technique2术 method, technique, art or spell.!"

He swung his magic staff abruptly.


A strange wave enveloped all the Gruumsh orcs.

In an instant, the eyes of the Gruumsh orcs became blood red, their breathing heavy, their muscles swelled up, and a terrifying aura3气息 (Qi) Breath of wildness emanated from them!


Immen roared angrily towards the sky, his bloody eyes fixed on the black-scaled wyvern.

Then he jumped up abruptly!

Behind him, ten other Gruumsh orcs also roared angrily and jumped up, they raised their battle axes high and slashed ruthlessly towards the wyvern!


The wyvern let out a grim miserable shriek.

5 or 6 huge holes were split open in her abdomen, from where fresh blood is flowing!

Even her wings were almost chopped off directly!

The entire body of the wyvern fell ruthlessly to the ground, on her last gasps.

Of course—

All the Gruumsh orcs who jumped up, including Immen, were knocked and sent flying, vomiting blood.


Elder Hogger roared angrily.

The rest of the Gruumsh orcs bellowed, like adults comparing to children, with an axe, an axe, the Keehar tribe's orcs were totally chopped and sent flying!

Blood flew up, broken limbs and severed arms were everywhere!

The Gruumsh orcs affected by the Bloodthirst Technique were too berserk.

Although not as good as the third-level, almost all of them have reached the second-level.

Their strength and physique, that are mostly around 2.2, were temporarily increased to over 2.7!

"It's over!"

The hands and feet of the Keehar tribe's shaman are ice-cold.


They were thoroughly defeated!

The glory of the deity has fallen at their hands!


Elder Hogger's palm emitted thunder light, a long snake-like twisted thunderbolt rushed out with a loud rumble!

The shaman of the Keehar tribe was submerged in an instant!

In a divine battle, believers at the fanatic and above levels can only be killed, because their faith have penetrated deep into their souls and cannot be changed, if their deity told them to die, they would do it without hesitation.

Only enemies at devotee and below levels are worth keeping, because their faith can be changed, if their deity told them to die, they would not obey.

In their hearts, themselves are more important than faith!

"Ten men, stay behind to watch them!"

Elder Hogger looked at the surroundings drenched in fresh blood, as well as the scene of some enemies screaming and wailing, and said coldly.

Soon after, he led the remaining Gruumsh orcs to kill the Keehar tribe!

"I lost!"

"Bloodthirsty Technique!"

"The other party is not an ordinary demigod, but a one-turn demigod!"

Keehar's face is deathly pale, his divine body is shaking slightly.

What happens when you lose?

You fall down!

There is practically no second possibility!

After all, he is just an ordinary demigod, not a real deity who ignite his divine fire and exalted his divine kingdom.

Even if the believers of those deities are wiped out and their divine kingdom is destroyed, they will definitely have a way out, 'a crafty rabbit has three burrows', they can continue living and even make a comeback.

But a demigod like him simply can't set up, or rather, doesn't have the money to set up a way out!

"What to do‽"

There is despair in his heart, but he is simply not allowed to come up with any solution.

Elder Hogger has already led more than 30 Gruumsh orcs to kill, and the remaining old, weak, women and disabled of the Keehar tribe had no resistance at all, they were easily bloody suppressed!

"The hostile ancestral shrine!"

Elder Hogger laughed evilly.

Without hesitation, they walks towards the center of the tribe.

The ancestral shrine of the Keehar tribe is similar in style to their Gruumsh tribe, but the color is different, their tribe is purple, while the ancestral shrine in front of them is blue.

Standing outside the gate of the ancestral shrine, he close his eyes and pray:

"Great god of thunder, thy humble believers have already suppressed the false god's believers, and are now before the false god's divine domain…"

He didn't know what he is doing either, but before he set off, the oracle of the god of thunder told him to do it.


Naturally he did so.

Gruumsh ancestral shrine.

A touch of satisfaction appeared on Li Yue's face.

He stepped forward.


The world turned around.

He has come from his divine domain to another divine domain!

Ahead, it is Keehar whose face is full of panic and fear!