Chapter 7: Killing a Deity!!
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"What... What are you going to do?"

There is not even a drop of blood in Keehar's face, who is looking fearfully at Li Yue.

His believers who are still alive are just like him, filled with fear and shivering, so his strength is weakened by at least 50% or even more.

Not to mention that the other party is still a one-turn demigod!

His strength is far surpassed, he can't compete at all!

"Even if someone becomes a deity, actually, in essence, it's almost the same as an ordinary person."

Li Yue looks at Keehar, who is trembling with fear, and feels something in his heart.

Speaking of which, they were all merely ordinary people before, until one morning they woke up as deities.

According to the immortal cultivators' way of speaking, the mental state1心境: Mood, state/frame of mind, temper. 心=Heart/Mind… 境=Border/Territory/Condition, usually translated as 'realm' when related to cultivation. couldn't keep up with that of strength.

This is actually almost the same of those Norse and Greek mythology deities with astonishing desires, they have sky-level strength and no mental state.

He is also wondering, will the real deities or demigods that have lived for thousands or tens of thousands of years be different?

Paying no attention to Keehar, he extends his right hand.


Endless thunder gathers!

Purple thunder lights are vast and mighty!


A large thunder explodes directly towards Keehar, like the wrath of the sky above, dropping the heavenly punishment!


Keehar, who is unwilling to fall, is fighting back madly.

His entire body is engulfed in a terrifying gale, and inexhaustible wind blades that seem capable of ripping apart everything in the world!

It is very clear that his godhood is gale2狂风= "whole gale" or 'fierce/violent/mad wind'.!


It is not able to withstand a single blow from the purple thunder!


The gale is split open by the thunder.

The wind blades are obliterated by the thunder.

The thunder, coated with destructive power, blasts directly into Keehar's divine body!

The other end of the thunder is connected to Li Yue's right hand.

He has a tranquil expression as he indifferently watches Keehar's divine body completely crumble under the thunder!

Furthermore, Keehar's divine soul flies out, desperate and twisted.

But the thunder engulfs everything, and everything is totally destroyed!

"Is this thunder…"

Li Yue say softly.

This is the first time he has truly realized how terrifying the thunder under his control is.

That majestic power of destruction is enough to make any opponent fear!

Moreover, he still feels like there's a lot of potential that needs to be dug by himself.

If he can successfully dig—

He feels he can easily suppress an enemy even if it's a one-turn demigod like himself!

Even fighting someone of a higher level won't be an issue.


"What is this besides the divine power?"

Suddenly, his expression becomes stumped.

At the place where Keehar's divine body was annihilated, nine light cyan threads of divine power are floating at this moment.

This is exactly as he had anticipated, and it is also one of the biggest harvests of a divine battle.

Especially for demigods like them who are still in the early stage, it is no different from getting rich overnight.

But other than this—

What is this light cyan thread, this thin string that wanders incessantly, anyway?

He had never heard that there were other gains besides divine power by killing a demigod!

Looking at the crumbling divine domain, he doesn't dare to stay any longer.

After wrapping up the nine threads of divine power, as well as that thin light cyan thread, he takes a step and returns to his divine domain.

"Great harvest."

"Nine threads of divine power can be exchanged for no less than 7.2 million faith's power."

"And, after this battle, there should be more than a hundred more believers."

A smile appears on Li Yue's face.

Naturally, it takes time for a believer to be converted, but in the eyes of a deity, time is the least valuable thing.

"There's still that Black-Scaled Wyvern…"

"Looks like it is still alive?"

"If it is still alive, let Hogger arrange a living sacrifice…"

Suddenly his heart beats violently 'thump thump thump'.

Unlike a blood sacrifice, believers can only make a living sacrifice once every ten years.

Furthermore the sacrifice must be alive, and yet it can only be of an intelligent race.

After the living sacrifice, the sacrifice is automatically transformed into a saint of that deity!

Saints are a level higher than fanatics!

Every day, it can provide 100 faith's power to the deity, which is 36000 faith's power in a year.

And if he manages to reach the fifth-level extraordinary, the faith's power he can provide will be doubled!

From there, the stronger he is, the more faith's power he will provide daily!

"Under the hundredfold raise…"

"I wonder to what degree this wyvern will be strengthened…"

His eyes are full of expectation.

Finally, he took out that thin light cyan thread, his eyes turning purple, the eyes of insight are activated.

Gale Godhood
Effect: After using it, you can master the gale godhood.

"... Godhood‽"

"This is actually a godhood!"

Li Yue's eyes are wide in complete shock.

He naturally knows what godhood is, after all, he himself has mastered the thunder godhood.

Any demigod has a godhood too, but he's never heard of a demigod capable of leaving a godhood after being killed.

After all, demigods aren't genuine deities.

The godhood of a demigod is too illusory, just like a dead person and an extinguished lantern, the godhood will naturally dissipate when a demigod falls.

His expression keeps changing.

Why would the enemy's godhood remain after killing him?

It is needless to say how precious a godhood is, it is a treasure that all the genuine deities crave for!

Now, he doesn't dare to take it out at all, if he does, he may be targeted by genuine deities.

He has no idea how terrifying existences of that level are, perhaps they can even pinpoint the location of his divine domain!

"Since I can't take it out and sell, I'm going to merge it with myself."

A ray of light flashed in his eyes.

Abruptly, he grabbed the gale godhood and pressed it to his chest!