Chapter 83
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“I don’t care who you are…” Sasuke speaks with cold indifference. “…You’ll fall just like Madara will. Six Paths: Inferno Style Fireball Jutsu!”

Quickly weaving several hand signs, the former member of Team 7 instantly gathers six paths chakra into his chest, kneading it into fire. Sasuke expels a giant fireball, launching it at Moryo with the black flames of the Amaterasu enveloping the orange-colored fire for increased destructive power.

“You stole my line again, foolish child! Sage Art: Gale Style Light Fang!” Madara spews a sharp, thin stream of light from his mouth.

However, something is amiss; the demon is not frightened or intimidated by these two incredibly powerful jutsu in the slightest. In fact, from everyone’s perspective, Moryo looks like he is relishing all of this at the moment.

One of Moryo’s eight heads opens its mouth and sneers, “How pitiful--Shade Style: Black Hole.”

Everyone is shocked by what they are witnessing; Moryo absorbs Sasuke and Madara’s jutsu, swallowing them both as if they were a light snack, the head that absorbed the attack licks its lips with satisfaction. There are absolutely no signs of him taking any damage whatsoever.

“Get a load of this… Gale Style: Laser Circus.” Another one of Moryo’s heads opens its maw wide.

The demon creates several red beams of energy and fires the barrage at the group, it is like a shower of light. With their sensory abilities Ayanami, Jin, Naruto, and Madara can all detect trace amounts of Ten-Tails chakra within the beams.

“Everyone, scatter!” Ayanami shouts. He must’ve absorbed some of the Ten-Tails’ clones during the chaos…!

Just as the beams get close enough for anyone to feel the heat coming off of them, everyone takes evasive maneuvers while Madara creates a shield from his Truth-Seeker orbs. As the attack bombards the area, Ayanami takes a running start and begins backflipping her way through the raining beams; one beam manages to graze her rib while another is able to sever a lock of her hair. For the most part, the kunoichi is able to evade Moryo’s Laser Circus unscathed.

Ayanami hears Madara call out, “Well… I think that left eye of yours will suit me QUITE WELL.”

The young Hyuga looks around and catches a glimpse of Madara, he is diving straight towards Sasuke. Just as Madara is about to grab hold of him, Sasuke mysteriously vanishes in an instant and in his place is his sword. The sword itself is stabbing the elder Uchiha in the chest area.

Seeing an opportunity, Ayanami seizes the moment and immediately refuels her nature energy reserves.

“Sage Art: Eight Trigrams Air Palm!”

While Ayanami launches her senjutsu-enhanced Gentle Fist technique, something jumps in the way. The kunoichi can’t see it, but she can still sense its presence and chakra; it feels the exact same as Madara’s.

Her jutsu connects and knocks the entity into Madara, throwing him off balance. Ayanami quickly fires another Air Palm and blasts them both into the divine tree’s stump, leaving a crater in the plant structure.

So that was a Limbo clone? I really need to thank Jin for sharing his knowledge… Ayanami ponders. …I should ask him what his favorite food is when this is over…


Meanwhile, Jin and Naruto were able to evade Moryo’s jutsu by simply flying out of the demon’s line of fire. The two shinobi are now locked in heated mortal combat with the dastardly demon.

“Shade Style: Judgment!” One of Moryo’s heads opens its mouth, building up chakra.

He fires the jutsu Sasuke and Madara threw at him earlier back at the hero of the Leaf in the form of a condensed beam of blue flames with even deadlier force. With no time to think, Naruto quickly barrels rolls to the side, evading the beam and flies upward straight for the head that initially fired the jutsu while spiraling around the beam itself.

“HORYAAAAAAA!!!” Naruto roars.

Channeling chakra into his fist, Naruto lands a powerful uppercut on Mory’s head. However, the hero senses that something is not right; the demon does not yelp, nor does he twitch, he does not react to the attack at all. All Naruto managed to do was force the head to move some, that is when Naruto notices that Moryo’s skin has become metallic in both appearance and nature.

“Have you forgotten your battle with Hiruko, ‘hero?’ I possess all of his absorbed kekkei genkai, that includes Steel Style!!” Moryo mocks with a thunderous voice.

Moryo brings his large head down on the Child of Prophecy like a colossal hammer, slamming him hard into the ground; scuffed, Naruto picks himself out of the crater that was formed.

“Trust me, I’m not an imbecile like Naruto! I remember, asshole!”

“What?” Moryo looks up with all eight of his heads.

Hovering among the clouds above the movie villain are five Jins and they are all holding aloft a Rasenshuriken. Each Rasenshuriken is imbued with one of the five basic chakra natures and are further enhanced by both gelel energy and six paths sage chakra, they light up the sky with their multiple colors, they shine like a rainbow of stars.

I also remember that Shade Style can’t absorb complex ninjutsu like the Rasenshuriken… With a fire in his eyes, Jin yells, “Sage Art: Super Gelel Rasenshuriken Combo!”

The five Jins throw their jutsu with great force; their aim is true. When the five thrown Rasenshuriken strike Moryo, several consecutive large-scale explosions occur. The subsequent shockwaves part the clouds, revealing the shining light of the full moon.

“How’d you like that?!!” Jin sneers, showing his middle finger.

Due to the night breeze, the smoke quickly dissipates, revealing an injured Moryo; the demon’s back and the top of his many heads are covered in scuffs and smoldering first-degree burns. His expression tells Jin he is more annoyed than hurt.

“Hmph! You can’t even scratch me like that…” Moryo dismisses Jin’s taunts. “Against you weaklings, I have more than enough power to destroy you ALL!!”

The demon’s numerous horns surge with lightning chakra, sparks of yellow electricity fly off his antlers. Jin looks up and notices a thundercloud has suddenly formed above him, the cloud strikes at him with a wide beam of lightning.

Oh, my fucking God! Jin is shot with a frisson of fear.

The Onikage quickly leaps out of the way, only narrowly avoiding the attack; Jin feels the cool sweat run down his face due to the heat being generated by the attack. The beam, itself, crashes into the ground, causing a seismic event. Jin’s attention returns to Moryo only to see several giant gaping maws rushing right toward him, Jin swiftly takes off and flies around the demon’s enormous body. Moryo rears his massive tail swipes at the young ninja, Jin crosses his arms and blocks the attack; Jin feels Moryo’s scales grind against his forearms, it feels coarse and painful.

You can do it! You can do it! You can…! Gritting his teeth, Jin continues to give himself a pep talk “HRAAAGH!”

Just as Jin knocks Moryo’s tail away, the demon looks back at Jin with all eight of his heads and opens his numerous mouths; Jin senses fire chakra gathering in Moryo’s many throats.

“Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!!”

The serpentine heads all blow scorching hot flames directly at the Onikage.

The young Uzumaki counters by quickly gathering chakra in his chest and kneading it into water. Sage Art: Water Style Water Wall…!

From his mouth, Jin spews a stream of water that immediately circles around him, forming a 15-feet thick bubble of water. Moryo’s flames crash against Jin’s protecting barrier, the heat is so intense that the water is evaporating; Jin is now roasting inside a boiler, Jin’s lungs begin to ache as all the water vapor makes it difficult to breathe. The jutsu cancel each other out, leaving Jin covered in second-degree burns.

*pant* *pant*” Jin’s entire body is in the process of regenerating, even his sweat glands. Trust in your power…! Remember all your training, idiot. Use everything you’ve stolen. You can’t let Echo’s dystopian future come to pass…

“Father, I will help.” Mileena whispers quietly.

The symbiote spreads her biomass all throughout, and wraps tightly all around Jin’s body, coating and forming into a black, full-bodied suit. Jin now closely resembles a certain wall-crawling hero, the only real differences are that the eyes and the spider are blood red instead of white.

Upon bonding, Jin’s injuries are healing much faster, he can see all around his body, and he feels even stronger than he was before. Reveling in his power and new look, Jin finds himself flexing his muscles.

This feels… good. REALLY GOOD… Jin marvels at his transformation, his spine tingles with excitement.

Mileena ecstatically shouts, “Together, we are INVINCIBLE!!”

“Leave the rest to me, Jin!”

To no one’s surprise, Naruto flies right past the snake sage and heads straight for Moryo, brandishing his two Truth-Seeker Bō. Now aiming for Naruto, the demon proceeds to build up wind chakra; gale force winds blow, swirling around the draconic demon.

Stupid little…! Annoyed, Jin quickly hurries after Naruto.

“Annoying gnats… I won’t let you interrupt my plans! Wind Style: Divine Down Current!”

Moryo spews a vortex of wind from each of his mouths, these vortexes then merge and condense into one massive beam of wind, vaguely resembling an F5 tornado. To Naruto’s surprise, Jin jumps in front of the hero with his hands extended out front of him. The Onikage uses his six paths sage chakra and gelel energy to form a protective barrier as they flit towards Moryo.

“Jin?!” Naruto blurts out, perplexed.

D-Dammit… From what I r-remember… th-there are no defensive fire jutsu…! Jin ponders, struggling to keep the barrier up. I-I… should create some w-when this is over…!

Gritting his teeth, Jin continues to keep up his barrier as they travel up and through Moryo’s jutsu, Jin can feel his muscles straining and his veins bulging. Jin does his best to hold up his barrier, however, some of the demon’s attack manages to seep through; the sage feels a sharp pain on his left cheek as he was cut by the wind, another cut on his right thigh, and several more in a dozen other places.

“…I-I… c-can’t… hooOOAAAAAAARRGH…!!!”

Cracks form along the surface, they quickly grow and spread. The barrier crumbles away like shattered glass and Jin is blown away in the violent torrent, however, his efforts are not in vain; Naruto rockets ahead and flies into one of Moryo’s mouths, going right down the enemy’s gullet.

“Urgh… Gwaaahhh… Urrrrrrghaaaaaahhhh… AAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!” Moryo’s wailing fills the air.

The demon flails in the air with spasms of pure agony. He continues to cry and convulse as one of his heads goes completely limp, drooping down. Its eyes have become dull and glazed over, blood trickles out of the motionless head’s mouth and down from the base of its neck. Mere moments later, the head falls off, fully severed from the body. Drenched in blood, Naruto flies out of Moryo’s injury to find Jin waiting for him.

“Oh, good… you’re still alive, thank god…” Jin breathes a sigh of relief. “Quick, while Moryo’s distracted--let’s regroup with Sasuke and Ayanami! The four of us can take down Madara.”

Naruto gives a thumbs up. “Sounds like a plan!”


Jin and Naruto fly away at light speed, leaving Moryo to continue writhing in agony. They sense Ayanami, Sasuke, and Madara’s chakras near the base of the divine stump. The moment they land, the Uzumaki members are shocked to their very core by the most unexpected sight before them, Madara is on all fours in a compromising position with Ayanami towering over him from behind.

Jin’s eyes begin to twitch, his mouth squirms before slowly curling into the biggest smile. “Heh heh…”


A little bit earlier, while Naruto and Jin were battling Moryo, Sasuke and Ayanami were clashing with Madara. The elder Uchiha has his Limbo clone on the battlefield, but it is currently preoccupied with a couple of Ayanami’s Wood Clones. The two ninja heatedly battle the infamous Uchiha a few meters above the stump.

“Dance for me!” Madara swings at Ayanami with his shakujō.

The kunoichi dodges by quickly jumping into the air. She follows up by immediately dive-bombing the Ghost of the Uchiha, delivering a flurry of lightning-fast kicks, each one is fiercer than the last; Madara moves fast to block them, but the series of kicks are still bruising his forearm. Ayanami speedily twists her body around and grabs Madara by the back of his head, she then uses the momentum of her spin to throw the elder hard into the ground; a crater is formed by the crash.

“Madara, your ‘dream’ will Never come true… I’ll make sure of it!” Determined, Ayanami looks down on Madara.

While numerous jutsu are flying off detonating among the clouds, Madara grits his teeth and looks up, glaring at the young Hyuga. Both ninjas ignore the subsequent shockwaves coming from on high.

“You… you insipid maggots! Stop…” Eyes narrowed, Madara scowls. “Stop getting in my way!! Sage Art: Wood Style Deep Forest Emergence!!”

A dense growth of trees blasts out from the ground like a herd of stampeding rhinoceros, they all rush towards Ayanami. Before she can even do anything, Sasuke takes flight, diving right past her and through the horde of oncoming trees to Madara.

With a flap of his wings Sasuke ascends, evading the tree with finesse. Another rushes for the curse mark user, but he flaps his wings and swerves to the right, dodging that one as well. However, even more trees come for Sasuke just as he is in the process of avoiding the preceding tree. Undeterred, the young Uchiha quickly unsheathes his chokutō and with several precise sword swings, cuts the remaining trees to ribbons. With nothing else standing in his way, Sasuke quickly closes the distance and conjures the left arm of his Susano’o; Madara is punched with so much force that the ground beneath him shatters upon impact and he is knocked back, skidding against the ground.

While Ayanami watches Madara land flat on his face, her memory of Kakashi’s bell test flashes in her mind; a playful yet sinister smile creeps its way onto her face. Just as the revived Uchiha picks himself up with his back to the two shinobi, the kunoichi pulls out a kunai and lunges for him at massively hypersonic speeds.

“Sage Art: 10,000 Years of Death!!”

Ayanami’s aim is true, she plunges the ninja tool right into the bullseye centered betwixt Madara’s two cheeks. Madara freezes in place, his body occasionally twitches, he is as silent as the dead.

Now blushing, a smug Ayanami gives Madara the middle finger. I think Jin and Rito are starting to rub off on me…


AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Jin bursts out, laughing.

With tears of hysteria rolling down his face, Jin falls to his knees, his fists cause seismic events as they band against the ground. The Onikage’s obnoxious guffaw fills the air, echoing across the warzone.