Chapter 86
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WEIRD. Why am I… not terrified? A perplexed Jin thinks to himself. Why the hell is Kaguya no–?!

Jin and Ayanami look on as the cold and indifferent Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya, entraps Naruto and Sasuke with her long hair. They can tell from her chakra that the Otsutsuki is extraordinarily powerful, but they are not frightened of her like they were with Madara; the presence she gives off, the aura she exudes, it is far too alien for them to even have a frank and honest opinion of her. It is as if the reincarnations are blind people and Kaguya, is color.

Kaguya’s visage suddenly changes; there is a bullet hole in her forehead and chest, blood slowly trickles from her wounds. The Onikage stands frozen in place, his breathing has become heavy and rapid, his entire body trembles as he is unable to catch his breath. He covers his mouth due to his stomach churning; he can feel everything he has eaten creep back up.

A traumatized Jin watches the Otsutsuki maintain her cold and unfeeling demeanor while casually throwing Naruto and Sasuke with her tendril-like hairs hard into the ground. Kaguya’s hairs then spear the ground in an attempt to skewer the two shinobi; the two protagonists do their best to evade the barrage of tendrils with Sasuke even countering with his Chidori. It is all in vain as they are quickly overpowered and pushed back, sent crashing into a large boulder behind the group.

Jin watches them crash, but quickly rears his head back around only to find that the silent Rabbit Goddess is now looming before him and Ayanami. Like a phantom, she hovers ominously through the air, her eyes still fixed on the protagonists of the franchise.

“Indra & Asura…” Kaguya says before turning her icy gaze on Jin and Ayanami. “And Hagoromo & Hamura…”

Floating silently in the air, the Rabbit Goddess activates her Byakugan. The ground shakes and even the air itself trembles due to the Otsutsuki now infusing her chakra. Her chakra is so potent that even non-sensory-type ninja can read her, everyone can now feel her fear, her anger, her loathing.

“I… hate them all…!”

“THEY are insignificant. Your opinions are irrelevant.” Moryo dismisses everyone with a low growl.

The demon starts walking, slowly pacing around everyone in a circle like a predator stalking its prey. With his fangs bare, Moryo’s numerous mouths all salivate with anticipation.

Moryo continues with, “What truly matters is my ascension to godhood. Do you know what a demon calls a god who does not know worship, a god who does not know love? Food.

The demon lunges for the goddess, his mouths are all opened wide; Kaguya counters by opening a large rift fight in front of Moryo, the demon is unable to stop his charge and flies straight into the rift. The portal closes as soon as his tail passes through; Jin feels an intense heat coming from the rift before it closes.

Soon after, a startled Jin realizes that he is falling, he looks around and sees he is now in a dark chasm, a cave with countless sharp stalactites over their heads. The only source of light comes from the glowing pit lava below them; the molten rock flows like a river with bubbles popping on the surface and smoke and ash filling the air.

“Father! This is no time to be having an episode!” Mileena shouts in Jin’s head.

Black tendrils shoot out of the shocked Onikage and stick to the cliffs pulling him to safety; the ends of the tentacles vaguely resemble spider webbing. Jin sees a flicker of cyan green and realizes that it is Ayanami, the kunoichi has taken flight, saving Kakashi and Sakura. She carries her fellow leaf shinobi to Rito. Several meters above, the boy genius, Rito, has constructed a series of crystalline platforms for himself and the rest of the non-fliers in their group; the platforms all glisten in the lava’s glow.

In the distance, Sasuke has already summoned his hawk and rescued Naruto. Both ninjas have their determined eyes fixed on the Rabbit Goddess.

“Jin! What are you hanging around for? Hurry up and kick her ass!” Rito shouts to his friend.

Concerned, Mileena shouts, “Father, if you don’t do something, you are going to die!”

Jin does not respond to any of it like they are not even there, he remains paralyzed by his trauma. All he can hear is the sound of his own heavy, panicked breathing, he dangles helplessly by the symbiotes tendrils, twitch ever so slightly.

*SIGH* I don’t know if this will work…” Mileena speaks ominously. “But it’s better than doing nothing.”

The snake sage feels a sudden cold sensation occurring in his head, it feels as if someone has placed his brain in a freezer. Moments later, Jin's breathing returns to normal as he miraculously calms down, he feels like he’s come out of a short power nap.

Ugh… W-What… What happened? What was I doing? A confused Jin ponders for a brief moment. Oh, right! Kaguya! Can’t believe I blanked out. Weird.

This is a bandage solution at best. Father really does need therapy… I’ll just… tell him what happened later. Mileena quietly broods, keeping these thoughts to herself. Yes… He doesn’t need to worry about this given our current situation.

Jin shakes his head clear and flies his way up to Naruto and Sasuke, the snake sage would be sweating from the molten rocks intense heat if not for his sage mode. As he makes his way to his fellow six paths enhanced allies, Ayanami follows Jin and flies by his side, her concerned eyes fixed on him.

“Are you okay? I saw that panic attack.” The kunoichi questions.

“Panic attack? What’re you talking about? I’m fine.” Jin hasn’t a clue of what she is talking about, but he doesn’t let that distract him from the mission. “Don’t worry about me. Keep your eyes on HER.

“GGGGRAAAAAWRRR!” A monstrous, blood-curdling roar shakes the cavern.

Just as the two reincarnations take their place at Naruto and Sasuke’s side, an angered Moryo reveals himself to the crowd, everyone takes notice of the fact that the demon is now covered in new splotches of burn marks, Moryo’s smoldering wounds fester.

All six combatants square off, everyone is as silent as the vacuum of space; the only thing that can be heard is the flowing river of lava down below. The tension is so high that it could grind a hundred men into a thin red paste.

“Six paths chakra… you act triumphant just because you have a special accoutrement. However, no matter what kind it might be… All chakra belongs to me and me alone.” Kaguya speaks with cold indifference, her Byakugan flares up. “Now, one more time… I shall reunify all chakra!”

Without warning, the progenitor of chakra flies forward, rocketing toward the four champions; in a flash of orange and green, Ayanami and Naruto flank Kaguya, creating several chakra arms. The leaf shinobi hurl a barrage of seemingly countless punches, but the Otsutsuki swiftly counters with her own volley of Eighty Gods Vacuum Fists, powerful shockwaves are formed by the barrage of fists clashing with one another and a blinding bright light is emitted at each and every point of contact; feeling his bones rattle, Jin braces himself from the fierce ripples as the battle that decides the fate of the world has truly begun.

“Shade Style: Judgment!” Moryo opens his mouth and fires a powerful blast of chakra in the form of light blue flames.

Jin counters by quickly forming a Gelel Rasenshuriken and throws it right at Moryo’s jutsu. The two attacks detonate the moment they make contact, resulting in a massive explosion; the subsequent shockwave reverberates all throughout the cave.

Sasuke leaps from his hawk and takes wing, soaring past Jin toward Moryo. The rogue ninja activates his Perfect Senjutsu Susano’o as he continues rocketing toward the demon. Along the way, the purple avatar holds out its left hand and a high concentration of dark lightning is channeled around its hand before being covered in Amaterasu flames as well.

“Takemikazuchi-no-Kami!!” Sasuke shouts.

“Is THAT all you’ve got? What a bore!” Moryo opens one of his mouths, gathering massive amounts of dark chakra. “Super Activation Fist.”

Due to the fact that Moryo’s body is currently draconic in physiology, he can only use jutsu with his eight--now seven--mouths. The chakra the demon’s gathered so far takes the form of a large dark orb with two dark rings, revolving around it. Given its current size, the Super Activation Fist resembles an evil Tailed Beast Bomb.

Sasuke and Moryo charge one another, plowing their jutsu into each other. They’re attacks clash for an astronomically brief moment; sparks shoot out of the point of impact like bullets. The two jutsu cancel each other out, resulting in a massive explosion, the subsequent shockwaves send Jin and Sasuke flying back uncontrollably.

“…I-I… …C-Can’t… …Stoooooooop!” A flailing Jin panics.

Flying back in a spinning motion, the Onikage struggles to recover, he strains every muscle in his body, fighting to regain his ‘footing’. His teeth are gritting, and his veins are bulging to the point that they feel like they will burst. Jin tries his best to recover, but the force of the blast was simply too strong, all he can do is flail.

H-Huh? What the…? A confused Jin thinks as he lurches, coming to a sudden and unexpected stop.

Jin feels a large hand grab hold of him, a wave of relief washes over him as he realizes the green chakra hand grabbing him belongs to Ayanami. The kunoichi pulls the Onikage toward her, she releases her grip once she’s sure Jin has taken flight again.

The Hyuga gives a thumbs up. “That explosion sent Naruto and I flying too. It’s a good thing we were further away from it.”

NO, it’s a good thing Echo grafted that other Kaguya’s flesh onto you. I don’t know where I was gonna land if you hadn’t caught me. Thank you and thank God I don’t have to worry about that.” Jin breathes a sigh of relief, regurgitating words.

The moment of reprieve does not last long as Jin’s body immediately freezes, he has lost all control of his body. Jin’s relief is quickly replaced by concern and bewilderment as he notices that Ayanami has frozen in place as well. The two shinobi hover in the air, devoid of all movement, it’s almost as if someone is controlling them like puppets. They feel an unknown force make their bodies slowly turn around; they struggle to break free, but to no avail.

They are quickly overcome with shock as the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya, ominously appears before them; she has just exited a portal. All Jin and Ayanami can do is look on in horror as the Otsutsuki caresses them, lifting their chins up with her dainty yet strong hands.

“W-We… We will--hrk! S-Stop you!” Ayanami struggles to get out.

“I-I’m… g-going--urk! Going to… enjoy killing… the two of you!” Jin threatens despite his skin crawling, his neck hairs standing on end.

With a pained expression, Kaguya silently gazes at the reincarnations with tears rolling down the Rabbit Goddess’ face. To the shinobi, she looks like a mother who has just reunited with her children after being separated from them for quite some time. From her hands, Black Zetsu eerily spreads on to the paralyzed ninjas.

“Strange… Kaguya seems to…” Black Zetsu begins to monologue in a sneering manner, covering half of both shinobi. “…see her children when she looks at you two. Isn’t that SWEET?

Jin still struggles to break free, still with no success. Unfortunately, he can feel himself growing weaker as Kaguya’s will drains his chakra, he assumes his friend is being drained too. Right now, all they can do is just stare at a crying Kaguya as their chakra is being taken.

A mocking Black Zetsu continues. “I must say, Jin… I truly do admire how much power you and Moryo have garnered from my creations.”

Jin struggles to ask, “C-Creations? Wh… What the hell are you… t-talking about?”

“I always knew I would need the Ten-Tails along with Indra and Asura, but I also explored other avenues in the hopes of reviving my dear mother sooner…”

The numerous explosions and shockwaves going off in the distance inform Jin that Naruto and Sasuke must be in a heated battle with Moryo. All Jin can do is grit his teeth in frustration.

“...The Stone of Gelel. The Ama no Hoko. The chakra ley line of Roran. The Box of Paradise. And many more… All were experiments, attempts at reviving mother early. All ended in failure.”

Upon hearing this revelation, Jin simply feels whelmed. I’m not surprised… Logically speaking, Zetsu is the only way for the movie and game canons to even exist in this composite timeline…

Still struggling, Ayanami gags, “Wh-Why are you… telling M-ME all this?”

“Because the both of you are anomalies… Both of your chakras feel similar to Kaguya’s, how did you accomplish this?” Black Zetsu replies, his expression turns serious, his tone teems with curiosity.

“Father and Auntie Ayanami are under no obligation to tell you anything!”

“What?” Black Zetsu gasps in shock.

Mileena leaks out of Jin’s skin and spreads all across his body, clothing her father in a symbiote suit. The black biomass immediately shoots out tendrils that quickly wrap around Ayanami, bonding to her as well. Black Zetsu is quick in his attempt to detach, but unfortunately, Mileena clings tightly to him, taking back all the chakra he stole from Jin and Ayanami. Mileena’s ‘brother’ struggles to break free, but she tightens her grip on him.

“Heh heh heh… Did you really forget that I was here? That’s amazing!” A snide Mileena chuckles.

“Th-This CANNOT be happening…! How… H-How are you so much stronger than me?!” An outraged Black Zetsu demands.

While Mileena makes Black Zetsu out to be a jester with her taunts, Jin and Ayanami can feel their chakra and strength returning, some movement has even returned to their arms. Remaining silent, the reincarnations see an opportunity and take advantage of the situation, they cautiously build up their chakra, focusing it into their hands.

“Oh, my god… You must be REALLY stupid if you haven’t figured it out yet. Kaguya--in desperation--slapped you together at the last possible moment before she was sealed away. Father, on the other hand, had time to make me, he had time to think about what I’d be capable of.” Mileena continues to talk down to her adversary.

“Eons of planning. Countless schemes. All my meticulous planning and preparations for mother. I refuse to believe it will all be undone by a day-old pup!!” Black Zetsu roars in defiance.

“Too bad, it’s over for you.” Ayanami heckles, gaining everyone’s attention. “You ready?”

The kunoichi concentrates lightning chakra in her right hand to activate the Sage Art: Lightning Blade. The electricity channeling throughout her hand quickly turns black as she applies Six Paths power to it.

“You bet!” A determined Jin replies.

The Onikage gathers fire chakra in the palm of his left hand and forms a Sage Art: Fire Style Fireball Rasengan. The rotating sphere grows in size along with its flames becoming more intense as he applies Six Paths power and Gelel energy to it.

“Wh-What?!” Kaguya’s cold expression finally changed; it is now one of genuine shock and awe.

Realizing what they were plotting, she uses her chakra to create a shockwave that forces the symbiote to release her hold on Black Zetsu, effectively separating them. A cautious Kaguya begins to back away very quickly and flies away.

Ayanami adds her jutsu to Jin’s, combining them; this collaborative jutsu emits an otherworldly dark red-orange glow. The sphere’s rotation starts to rapidly increase, becoming more violent, its core becomes drastically unstable with intense flames and electricity spiraling around it in the form of a massive drill. The heat this new jutsu emits is so great that Jin and Ayanami are now sweating profusely, even their very hands begin to smolder just from touching it.


The two ninja’s charge at the retreating Otsutsuki, thrusting their collaboration attack forward. The jutsu pierces through the air, eliminating any and all wind resistance and allowing them to accelerate to absurd speeds. The reincarnations make sure to fly directly behind Kaguya, staying firmly within her slipstream, gaining even more speed. Little by little, they get a little closer, they get a smidge closer, they get even closer until they’ve finally caught up.

“Fry, bitch!!” Jin shouts.

Kaguya’s back is blown out; Jin and Ayanami plow their collaborative jutsu into Kaguya from behind. Upon making contact, the Nova Strike blasts off, propelling the Mother of Chakra a good distance away and into a cave wall. It detonates, resulting in a massive explosion.

Jin and Ayanami bump fists as they watch the ensuing fireworks with admiration. The explosion resembles a small sun with bolts of lightning shooting out and glassing over portions of the cave.