Chapter 88
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What the hell, man? There’s only two of them and we’re STILL fucking outnumbered! Jin agonizes over his current situation.

The snake sage remains frozen in the glacier with Kaguya looming over him, assured of her victory, the Otsutsuki expression has returned to being cold and indifferent. With her All-Killing Ash Bones in hand, Kaguya winds her arm back and prepares to thrust it into the ice and kill Jin; the snake sage quivers in his soon-to-be icy tomb as each passing nanosecond feels like an eternity.

“Fall to darkness, Jin. You were ALMOST a challenge.” Black Zetsu sneers, snug in his mother’s sleeve.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM! NOW!!” Naruto roars, flying in.

It’s a clone. Jin assumes.

From his icy prison Jin watches as the hero rockets towards the progenitor of chakra at breakneck speed, to deliver a mighty blow; in one swift motion, Kaguya parries Naruto and spears him with her jutsu. Jin’s eyes grow wide like saucers for a very brief moment while his fellow clansman’s body slowly disintegrates, crumbling away.

“Foolish Boy! Now do you under--what?!” A surprised Black Zetsu gasps.

Yep, I knew it. Jin’s face is blank, if he could move, he’d be nodding.

Naruto suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke, Jin and Kaguya look around to see an army of a thousand hyperactive knuckleheads. One after another, from all sides, the Naruto army swarms, descending upon her; she casually blocks the first wave of attacks, but more and more Naruto's keep coming.

“““NA-RU-TO…!””” Several Narutos shout while throwing punches and kicks.

“““UZUMAKI ULTIMATE BARRAGE!!””” Scores of more Narutos shout, all swarming Kaguya at once.

Good, she’s distracted. Now… How am I--? The pondering Jin’s mind is flooded with ideas before he can even finish his thought.

Now that he’s no longer in imminent danger, the Onikage is able to calm down just enough to allow for logical solutions to his current predicament. One thought in particular shines above the rest, Jin thinks back to when he traveled to the Land of Snow and fought the movie villains.

A grin forms across Jin’s face while he begins infusing chakra. That’ll work JUST nicely…

The crafty Onikage injects his six paths sage chakra directly into the glacier that imprisons him and proceeds to manipulate it, bending it to his will. The ice itself has now become clay that he can mold to his whims.

…Sage Art: Ice Style Ice Dragon Jutsu! Jin mentally shouts, forcing a jutsu he hasn’t practiced at all to activate.

Jin remembers how the ninja of the Land of Snow movie were able to perform ice jutsu without having the kekkei genkai. The Hidden Snow shinobi are able to use Ice Style by using their chakra to manipulate the naturally pre-existing snow and ice. The Onikage is quick to surmise that his ice jutsu will be stronger, but nowhere near as refined as the snow ninjas’ due to the fact that this will be his first (and possibly last) time to ever attempt this.

A large chunk of ice breaks away from the glacier and molds itself into the shape of a dragon. However, Jin quickly notices that there are several glaring problems with the jutsu; it is fat and clunky in appearance, not sleek and refined like all the other dragon jutsu, small chips of ice flake off each and every time it moves. treading through the air like a charging rhino, the jutsu immediately takes flight and soars high into the air above the clouds before altering its trajectory, taking a sharp nosedive.

At incredible speeds, the ice dragon awkwardly comes rocketing down towards its surprised target, Kaguya, with its maw wide open and bites down on her with enough force to crush a mountain. It then continues its quick descent with the Otsutsuki firmly in its mouth, the attack crashes clumsily onto the icy floor like a meteor, the ground shakes for a moment and a large crater is formed.

That felt so unnatural, it’ll be a while before I can do that effectively… An analytical Jin studies his first crack at Ice Style before internally casting, Sage Art: Inorganic Reanimation…

The surrounding ice that traps the snake sage comes to life and makes fluid movements; it shifts and moves, creating an enormous gap, one big enough for Jin to fly out of with no real issue.

“That feels so much better…” Jin's mood improves a bit after a few stretches.

“Glad to see you’re okay, Jin.” Presumably, the real hero gives a warm smile.

The Onikage floats over to the army of Naruto's and starts building up more chakra, creating five companies' worth of shadow clones. These Jin-clones take their place among the Naruto-clones, and they all keep a watchful eye waiting for her to resurface.

“Why go out of your way to save me? We’re not friends…” A curious Jin asks as he sends his Truth-Seeker Orbs off to one of his clones. Naruto was able to stall Kaguya on his own long enough for Obito & Sakura to bring back Sasuke in the main canon, he doesn’t really need me…

Naruto makes a calm yet confident expression before answering. “Because we’re family.”

Taken aback, Jin raises a brow. “We may share blood, come from the same clan even… HOWEVER, we’re practically strangers. You don’t really know me.”

“But I’d like to.” Naruto replies with a look of certainty.

Jin is in no way surprised by the hero’s sincerity, as a matter of fact, he is somewhat touched by it. However, he won’t allow himself to be swayed by this shounen anime protagonist’s words of familiarity.

Jin is unable to really dwell on the subject as he and Naruto sense Kaguya’s chakra become active again; she is up to something. A dozen of Jin and Naruto’s Shadow Clones cautiously descend on the newly formed crater; thanks to the Rinnegan, the snake sage can see everything his clones see.

The Onikage silently calls back one of his Truth-Seeker Orbs with a gesture. Once in his hand, the orb grows and changes, taking the form of a pitch-black fūma shuriken; its four pre-eminent blades are made jagged for specific the purpose of maiming.

“Kill Black Zetsu.” Jin ominously orders, preparing to throw the projectile.


On high alert, one of the Jin-clones slowly moves closer to the crater where the Mother of all Chakra crashed with sweat running down his face. Neither the fact that he is a mere clone or that he has an army of fellow six path enhanced shadow clones backing him does not assuage his fears.

The Jin-clone quietly hovers above the crash site, looking down at the aftermath of his real-self’s jutsu. The cloud of snow dissipates, revealing Kaguya and she is not happy; her brows are furrowed, her lips are pursed, and her left eye twitches as she silently glares at Jin and Naruto with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Jin steals himself and prepares for the next stage of the fight when he feels a hand place itself on his shoulder. The Onikage rears his head to see what he presumes is a Naruto-clone floating right behind him, the hyperactive knucklehead has a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Hey, Jin, come here for a minute!” Naruto pulls Jin in close and whispers something in his ear.

Appalled by the suggestion, Jin’s eyes widened before taking a step back. He folds his arms and turns his back to the hero in protest. “What the–? There is absolutely no way I’m doing that!”

“C’mon Jin this could be our best shot at beating Kaguya!” Naruto adamantly argues.

Still snubbing, Jin coldly reaffirms, “When Hell freezes over.”

Unbeknownst to the rebuffing Onikage, several more of Naruto’s clones have slowly creeped closer to him. They pounce, swarming him, comical clouds have engulfed them as the pull of Jin’s clothes.

“GET THE HELL OFF ME!” Jin roars while fighting back.

From within the comedic cloud, the Naruto-clones drag Jin and force the fight over to the perplexed Otsutsuki; still fighting, they are now directly in front of her.


There’s a sudden explosion of smoke blasting out of the smoke ball; Kaguya’s Byakugan remains active in order to counter their assault. However, what appears from out of the smog is not the two upstarts and their horde of Shadow Clones, but a handful of handsome, strapping, young men, their eyes brimming with a hunger, a longing.

““““““Sexy Reverse Harem Jutsu!”””””” The men all speak with charm and sophistication,

With open arms, the topless men speak to the surprised Kaguya on many levels; their bodies tell her that they'll bring unimaginable ecstasy, their scent evokes emotions long hidden. Their eyes promise the Otsutsuki things she feared to ask of another, their voices whisper to her after they are done speaking.

Naruto… I swear to God, you will die a thousand deaths for this…! Jin’s eye twitches as he begrudgingly participates in this ridiculous plan, his face turns red despite giving a charming smile.

Jin’s position is center-right of the front row of young men, his appearance has been transformed to like how he did before he ever ate the chakra fruit; temporarily regaining his red hair is the only thing making his predicament even remotely tolerable.

“…Huh…?” Eyes wide like saucers, Kaguya’s face turns bright red and her Byakugan deactivates.

With her defenses now lowered, Jin and Naruto seize the moment; they release the Sexy Jutsu and charge the Otsutsuki, unleashing a barrage of swift, powerful strikes. The Jin-clone is uncertain if any of their attacks are getting through as he punches the Progenitor of Chakra; her skin feels incredibly soft yet surprisingly sturdy. Jin winces with discomfort as he feels his bones rattle each time a punch or kick connects. Back-to-back, the two six path shinobi finish their frightful assault with a dual flying kick; Kaguya is sent spiraling away.

Burn in Hell, Black Zetsu…! A brooding Jin quickly ducks down.

The Onikage’s clone produces multiple chakra arms and grabs all the Naruto clones nearby, dragging them down with him while Jin’s other clones move out of the way; Jin’s clone reasons there’s no need for his fellow Shadow Clones to die just yet.

An irregular shuriken wheels through the air, rocketing past the clones and makes its way toward Kaguya. The real Jin’s aim was true; the projectile connects and tears through the Otsutsuki’s left arm, completely severing it off and effectively separating her from Black Zetsu.


I’ve separated Kaguya from her coach…! No more of their fucking tricks…! The real Jin quietly celebrates, sighing with relief as he wipes the sweat from his brow.

Jin feels a sudden rush of joy and ecstasy as his brain starts releasing the chemicals, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. They fill his veins like narcotics.

The Onikage’s moment of celebration and triumph is almost immediately cut short; through his clones’ numerous pairs of eyes, he sees Kaguya create a portal and leave with one of Naruto’s clones chasing after her. Jin is engulfed in an ocean of concern, thoughts of Rito, Ayanami, and even Sasuke fill his mind.

I hope they’re doing better than Naruto and I right now… Jin worries.


Meanwhile, in Kaguya’s desert dimension, Ayanami is in a heated battle with the Master Puppet. The Master Puppet is the apparent secret weapon of the Land of Wind’s Shirogane clan and one of the strongest puppets to ever exist.

“I am immortal. I am Invincible! Abandon this useless opposition!” The puppet boasts while calling down lightning.

Where are the strings? It’s a puppet so it must have strings… Ayanami reasons as she takes off and runs.

The kunoichi sweats buckets as she dashes clockwise around the massive puppet, evading the powerful bolts of lightning raining down from above; she quickly side steps to the left as the lightning strikes at her, she then moves to the right, she steps to the right again, and then to the left; wherever the lightning strikes, it glasses over that patch of sand.

The analytical Ayanami silently scans the puppet, searching for a weak spot when she senses chakra. Huh…? Is it… LEAKING chakra?

The kunoichi turns off her Tenseigan only to activate the Byakugan, she finds her initial hypothesis to seemingly be correct. Ayanami can make out a large flow of chakra in the puppet’s interior, the engine area, there’s a small amount of chakra leaking from a part of its body. The chakra is leaking from the cavity just above the midsection.

Better test it out to be 100% sure… Ayanami broods.

The young Hyuga creates a wood clone and has it run counterclockwise, she then throws several kunai with paper bombs attached to them at the Master Puppet’s face; they detonate on contact, but there are no signs of damage.

Ayanami smirks as all she needed to do was keep the puppet’s attention focused squarely on her, she watches as her clone lands a precision strike on the puppet’s cavity with a Lightning blade; the Master Puppet twitches and staggers before collapsing with five colored orbs suddenly appearing, floating from within the cavity.

“Sage Art: Eight Trigrams Air Palm!” The kunoichi fires a senjutsu enhanced palm thrust.

The attack hits the Master Puppet’s main body, sending it rolling away; the ground quakes each time it bounces on the sandy ground before finally skidding to a halt. The Master Puppet recovers and picks itself up, but the sword wielding hand starts acting up as it took most of the damage from Ayanami’s attack.

So… Hitting the weak spot disrupts the puppet, allowing me to attack the main body like normal… BUT you need a decent sensory ninja to even find the weak point in the 1st place… The confident young Hyuga quickly discovers the strategy for victory. This thing feels like it's straight out of a video game…

“Once again… surrender and accept the sweet release of oblivion!”

Preparing another Lightning Blade, Ayanami dashes toward the giant puppet. With a wave of one of its many hands, the puppet causes numerous large stone pillars to erupt from the ground, spanning the whole area; undeterred, the kunoichi charges forward, she weaves her way through the columns, maintaining her speed and momentum, the puppet’s weak spot is dead in her sights.

Just as Ayanami’s on the cusp of landing her jutsu, one of the orbs it carries starts glowing. The kunoichi feels that she just hit a wall, a force, it pushes her back, repelling her a good distance away; Ayanami manages to recover midair and gracefully land atop one of the puppets own stone columns.

A single glance is all Ayanami needs to tell that the puppet is somehow repairing itself. She watches as the puppet’s sword-wielding hand regains its functionality; the Master Puppet swings its blade with the precision and skill of a master swordsman, it moves with such splendor like it never even received any damage in the first place, it moves like it was just made yesterday.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy. It’s never been easy… The kunoichi clenches her fists in frustration.

Ayanami takes a deep breath and calms down, composing herself. She takes a fighting stance, readying herself. The kunoichi stares down the puppet poised to strike, even as she can hear the sounds of her allies battling in the distance, she keeps her focus fixed on the enemy in front of her.

“It’s never been that easy… Why should it start now?” A grinning Ayanami reactivates her Tenseigan, cyan-colored chakra flickers off her body as she is enveloped in her Tenseigan Chakra Mode. “Now then, ‘Master Puppet.’ This is the beginning of your end!”


“Rito what’s going on? Why did you summon me? I was just having the greatest dream…!” The hawk, Kuchibashi, screeches, chastising his summoner. “I was the king of the hawks and all of the females wanted to mate with me!”

The hawk vehemently soars through the air with Rito riding on his back, the two are in a heated dog fight with Moryo’s summoning, the Chimera. The colossal beast chases them ferociously throughout the sky.

“I’m sorry, but I really need your help.” Tense and sweaty, Rito speaks as politely as he can due to their current circumstances.

Surveying the area, the hawk continues, “And now I find myself in some desert with several monsters and a–! AAAAAAAGHH!!”

Rito is confused and startled by Kuchibashi’s scream, the hawk’s fear has become so palpable that the young genius can smell it. Rito holds on for dear life as his summoning hurries far away from the battle.

“Where are you bloody going?! All the action’s that way!” Rito points back.

“No way! The Box of Paradise is there… And it’s already given rise to its puppet, the Satori!” Kuchibashi snaps back with a tone brimming with fear. “There’s no way I’m fighting that thing!!”

So, the hawks are afraid of it too…? Rito thinks to himself. “What exactly is the Box of Paradise?”

“It’s one of the ultimate weapons from the Sage of Six Paths’ era. No one knows who made it or where it came from, it just appeared one day in the land that would eventually be called the ‘Village Hidden in the Grass.’ Once the Satori throws you into the box, it somehow turns you from friend into foe.”

Tilting his head to one side, Rito is completely put off by the fear in the hawk's voice; Kuchibashi truly sees the Box of Paradise as the signal for the apocalypse. While the young boy empathizes with the giant hawk, he still has a fight to finish.

“Well, good news, my feather-y friend! We don’t actually have to fight THAT monster.” A smiling Rito cheers up his summoning. If I had known he was going to act this way, I would’ve summoned his mother instead…

“What? Really?” The hawk’s interest has peaked.

“Yeah! Someone else is ‘taking care of’ Satori, we just have to beat that guy.” Rito points back again.

“RRAAAAWRR!” The chimera roars.

The giant hawk looks back and sees that the plated beast is still chasing after him, the thought of not having to fight the Satori makes him on an instinctual level, breathe a sigh of relief.

“Oh, that’s okay then!” The hawk squawks with renewed excitement and vigor.

Rito holds on tight as Kuchibashi flaps his massive wings, the hawk abruptly pulls himself up into the vertical, continues around until he draws a circle in the sky, heading back in the same direction. Now flying directly behind the amalgamated monster, Kuchibashi inhales, taking a deep breath.

“Wind Style: Air Bullet!”