Revelations, Part 1
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Alren began applauding, "Well then, let's commence."
I nodded in approval. 
My parents likewise stood up, but Alren infringed, "You folk mustn't worry, just get comfortable in your new home. Additionally, Mr.Radcliffe, you should prepare for your new job."
My parents, agreeing, nodded.
Alren and I walked towards the basement of the residence. After several stairs, there stood two passages; one leading to what I'd assume was a storage area, and the other was a vast room. The room was lit by the same orbs that the Headmaster used in our impromptu fight. 
The room consisted of grass and walls made out of stone. The walls had some type of writing inscribed on them. 
We both entered the enormous room. 
Alren placed his palm on the wall, and suddenly the once open passage held closed.
Alren interrogated, "Wryn Radcliffe, you are a test subject that could produce a revolutionary change. If you have accepted this new life, then you'll need to learn the basics of magic." Alren announced, "Place your hand in the air and imagine a substance entering. This substance can be anything, but the most important thing is to make sure that you concentrate." 
I placed my hand in the air. I closed my eyes and imagined water flowing through my hand.
I questioned, "Nothing happened...?" 
Alren guffawed, "No, something indeed has transpired, but I wonder why you can't perceive it." Alren demanded, "Concentrate on your eyes, and imagine the substance entering them." 
I concentrated to the degree where my eyes appeared like they were about to explode. 
I opened my eyes, and nothing happened...
Out of anger, I stomped my foot onto the ground.
The ground beneath me disarranged. The damage wasn't immense, but a miniature crater formed under my foot. My legs and arms had a lightning-like material forming around them. 
I recognized this feeling. A feeling so recognizable yet so outlandish. A perception which I couldn't quite fully understand. This feeling... This feeling... I experienced it when I fought the Headmaster. It essentially felt like I obtained an extra limb. 
But still, I couldn't perceive the same aura that oozed out of myself and the Headmaster back when we fought.
I sought, "Alren, why can't I sense-"
Without any warning, Alren kicked me down to the floor. His foot glossed my mouth as I spoke. My tongue licked a part of his shoe. There was nothing that I could do but brace for impact. My face compressed, and my eyes began to close. 
My face crashed into the grass; I swallowed several pieces of grass and a plentiful amount of dirt. I spat out the grass and dirt. The aftertaste was one of disgust. 
I clenched my fist in anger, but before I could even express my displeasure, Alren interjected, "You may be frustrated, but to lash out is inexcusable."
Alren began shaking his head ever so slightly, "The fact that you can even perform magic is a miracle. If you believe you can function as a natural mage, then you're foolish. Well, at least not yet..." Alren clarified, "The Headmaster injected magic into you... Well, technically, he injected magic into you. A mage cannot affect another mage. Luckily, our magic cores protect us from magic. Therefore, the reason why water users can't simply control our blood. Then this begs the question of how the Headmaster added more magic into your system. Theoretically, he tricked your body into taking magic. He drew magic into his own magic system, but at the moment the magic was about to enter him, he had the magic hit you. Once the magic entered your baren magic circuits, this allowed your magic core to adequately operate."
I remained speechless. I couldn't help but think about a way to draw this magic by myself... 
I pondered, "How can you draw magic into your system so easily?" 
Alren confessed, "Us natural mages readily attract magic into our systems. Now that being said, natural mages likewise have to learn how to pull magic. Even if we can extract magic naturally, we still need more to accomplish the medium to complex magic or even when our magic resorts are low."
Alren began rubbing his scalp out of some sort of frustration. He sighed, "In all honesty, the Headmaster told me to refrain from teaching you..."
I grew a perplexed expression. I couldn't help but ponder over why Alren was telling me this information.
Alren comforted, "Let's say you stumbled into this room..." Alren scratched his head, awaiting a reply.  
I brushed my hands through my hair in a nervous fashion. I remarked, "Why would the Headmaster not want me to learn magic?"
Alren murmured, "That old head firmly believes magic is inadequate without proper combat training. You have nearly no knowledge in both areas, which is quite the predicament... For now, I'll deal with the Headmaster. Meanwhile, you should try to activate your magic circuits that control your perception."
I nodded in agreement, but this sudden news still left me quite shocked. There was a lot that I didn't know, and being left clueless isn't the most ideal situation. 
Alren marched towards the entrance. He placed his hand on the wall, causing the door to expand open. 
Alren raised his right hand as a gesture to dismiss himself, "I'll come back around dinner, so long."
There was no clock in the vicinity... With no conception of time, I could only do one thing: Wait.
I couldn't help but be outraged. I paced around the area to calm myself. 
While walking, I glanced at my legs and hands; they still had some sort of material forming around them. 
While pacing back and forth, I questioned myself: 'Why can I create a lightning-like material, but I still can't feel the same sensation I did with the Headmaster.'
I reckoned that the aura that oozed out of the Headmaster and myself was essentially magic. Hence, my perception of magic was dysfunctional. That would confirm why Alren would suggest that I concentrate on my eyes. 
Around two hours passed by, and I still couldn't perceive the magic around me. I kept on trying the method of imagining a substance entering my eyes, but it simply didn't work. 
Out of frustration, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was about to bang both of my hands onto the floor, but I realized an idea. 
What if I punch myself with the lightning-like material encompassing me. I struck myself near my right cheek, a couple of inches away from my right eye. 
All I was left with was a bruise... 
In an attempt to calm my mind, I reflected. What kind of person just reveals a mysterious room, tells you information, and then proceeds to say they're not allowed to. Why would Alren even bother with all of this if he wasn't going to teach me...
It was at that moment when it hit. What if Alren did teach me information? He talked about magic circuits and a magic core. The Headmaster did something to my baren magic-circuits. What if I manipulated the magic already in me towards the baren magic-circuits?
My plan was easier said than done. I was able to manifest this lightning-like material around me because of the technique Alren taught me, but what if I did that and then relocated the magic towards my barren areas? 
This arose another problem: How should I distinguish what circuits are barren? I was baffled yet again. Even if I understood Alren's new information, how should I visualize my magic circuits and core? 
After a plentiful amount of time, I concluded: My magic core is like my heart, but it has way more protective abilities. My circuits are like my veins, but instead, they push magic through them. 
Alren never specified, but I assumed that without a core, I couldn't perform magic. At least, I hoped so for my own sanity. 
Now that I had a clear visualization, I needed to combine it with Alren's method and somehow move the magic towards the barren circuits. 
There was no way that I could distinguish between baren-circuits and circuits filled with magic. Therefore, I planned on testing my luck by approximating areas where the circuits could transpire around my eyes.
I sat down and began visualizing a material entering just like Alren taught me. I pretended to act as the magic entering my system. Theoretically, I was now the magic. I moved across an imaginary magic circuit and towards the barren circuit near my eyes. 
I opened my eyes, and to no surprise, it didn't work. 
I aggressively scratched my scalp as I reflected on the failure; I realized that there was a faster procedure. 
This time, I skipped Alren's teachings because magic was already in my system, therefore I didn't need to add more. Once I noticed the lightning-like material deteriorate, I'd commence Alren's teachings. 
I began imagining myself as a magic particle. I moved across my theoretical system and reached the barren circuit; I pushed forward into it.
Again to no avail. 
I tried the theory repeatedly but to no avail. 
I sprung up and commenced by grinding my teeth out of frustration. 
I thought to myself: What if I just replicated what the Headmaster did? I knew it couldn't be simple because why did Alren not do the same procedure the Headmaster did?
Was it really that difficult? If I remembered correctly, all he did was trick the magic into me. 
I began Alren's technique; I felt magic enter. I placed my hand near my eyes. 
I cursed, "FUCK!"
Instead of magic entering near my eyes, I was welcomed with some sort of shock. 
As much as I wanted to perceive magic, I rather not kill myself. I stopped trying that method.
I bit my lip out of defeat. The blood dripped down my chin. 
I began pacing my breaths... I needed to calm down.
I knew that I wouldn't get anything done in an anger-induced state. 
As the blood dripped down my chin, it gave me an idea. 
I wiped my chin with my shirt and thought: If I pumped blood into my lip, eventually it would be packed tight. It's similar to filling a balloon with water. Once the balloon is filled, all the insides of the balloon are technically wet. What if I just filled myself with magic to the degree that the magic hit every part of my body. Theoretically, the magic was bound to hit the barren circuits. 
I initiated Alren's technique, but this time I didn't stop when I detected lightning-like material form around me. I kept on pushing through.
I fell to my knees and began immensely sweating. 
I perceived magic all around me: On the walls, on me, and even in the atmosphere. 
The moment was short-lived. I began shivering and threw up. 
I sprawled around in pain. I gasped for air, but I couldn't breathe. I needed to stop extracting the magic, or I'd die.
I banged my fists onto the floor, a plentiful amount of magic oozed out of my fists onto the floor. This allowed me to gain control over myself. I quickly ceased the process of extracting magic. I imagined myself creating a barrier, therefore, preventing any more magic from entering. 
The once vibrant orangish material that I could observe started to diminish. I screamed, "No! Please stop, don't go away..."
The once vibrant color had disappeared. All I had left to witness was the sorrow of my tears befalling my face. 
I sighed in defeat and laid down on the floor. The magic that I once could perceive was temporary. I couldn't perceive the magic around me anymore. 
The only method that I had left was my first one.
I sat criss-cross and initiated the process again. 
I entered another theoretical baren circuit, I shot myself towards the circuit. 
Of course, to no avail. 
I thought to myself, maybe imagining myself as magic was inefficient. 
I knew the answer. I needed to use Alren's technique while also combining some of my ideas. 
I pondered over my plan: Alren's technique would be used as an initiator. I would shoot magic into myself then guide it using my first technique, but instead of only shooting one theoretical magic particle, I'd rapid fire. The rapid-fire was inspired by my balloon technique. Technically, the more I add, the greater the chance of contact. I'd know I contacted a barren circuit if I began to detect magic. Once I did, I'd stream more magic into that area. 
I began firing magic into my system, I tried my best to guide the magic into different directions. It was harder done than said... 
I directed the magic towards another route, nothing... I quickly moved the other magic particle that I shot, again nothing. I kept on missing the barren circuits. 
I was getting quite apprehensive. My face grew flustered, I began biting my cracked lip. 
Unexpectedly, the magic promptly hurt me every time it missed. Every miss reminded me of a failure. The pain etched throughout my body.  
I crazily began stating every failure, "Another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss, another miss."
Hours passed by, but all I could remember was the pain.
The plan was flawless! Why the hell was it not working...
I clenched my fists to the degree where blood oozed out my palms. My nails cut into my palms. 
I knew this had to be the correct method! 
I grew an exasperated face and began screaming every failure yet again. This time my words were rushed and slurred, "Another miss, another miss, anotherrrr missssss, anothar mizz, aalother mizs, anoter mis, aothar misz, ather mizz, anher mi, analother mizs, aher smis, her ms, nter mss, anoher ms, aother mizs, aaanooother misssazs, anotarrrr mi, anot misz..."
I spoke through a communication relic, “I understand Headmaster, but is Llarm really going to undergo that for 5 months..."
The Headmaster scoffed, "If he doesn't, I'll have him killed. That damn brat has gotten me a plethora of work because of his actions. This confirmation of increased beasts is quite a news-breaking event. The last time such an event occurred, there was a devastating amount of deaths, including Commander Alasse."
I sighed, "I have to make sure Llram attends, or I'll lose my pay-check, right...?"
The Headmaster agreed, "Indeed! I'll leave you in charge for these 5 months while I settle business and prepare the experiments. The real journey has just begun, don't mess it up so early!"
The relic's signal died off. 
I rolled my eyes and sarcastically stated, "Alright."