[Vol. 4 pt. 84] Patch 14.0: An Explosive Date
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After being shown everything that the serpent had to show Fenrir, he just sort of lazed around and tried thinking about what to do for hours.

Then he decided that the time would be best spent playing with Rock and Shogun.

First, they played fetch with some sticks.

Fenrir quickly discovered that playing fetch with Shogun isn’t fair due to Shogun’s ability to fly up and catch everything before it even has a chance to fall. However, when Shogun realized that he was catching everything before Rock even had a chance, he did slow down to let her grab a few wins.

Then they played around by chasing each other.

Fenrir and Shogun were an even match when it came to raw speed, but Rock was the slowest of them all and was never able to catch either of them unless they let her. Furthermore, whenever she was the one running away from them, they had to slow down and occasionally “trip” so that Rock would have a chance to get farther away.

The last of their playing took place back on the beach. Rock was able to enjoy standing in shallow waters, letting them crash into her legs, but Fenrir and Shogun were careful not to let Rock go too deep just because neither of them knew what would happen to her if she suddenly went underwater.

It was only natural for them to assume that she could potentially get stuck and drown, so Rock was stuck in the shallows where only the remnants of waves could meet her.

That didn’t stop them all from playing, of course.

Whether it was running and rolling around in the shallow water, tackling each other and wrestling, or Fenrir splashing water onto them while they tried jumping up at the water as if to attack it, the canid trio had plenty of fun together.

The downside of all the playing is that, by the time that it was getting dark in-game and about time for Fenrir to be meeting up with Azalabulia, he has already worn himself out.

At least Rock and Shogun are just as tired as he is now.

That means that he doesn’t have to worry about them getting up to no good when he’s not looking.

Then again, he is expecting himself to get up to no good if this night goes anywhere near how he’s expecting it to go, and he’s also tired.

Being tired in a virtual reality doesn’t really mean much when it comes to not being perverted.

Speaking of perverts, by the time that the trio gets back to where The Shoebill and their growing site is, most of the crew is in-game and busy. That includes Serra and Cassiel, and the former is clinging to the latter’s back like a koala while slipping her hands down into Cassiel’s breastplate.

Cassiel doesn’t even look bothered at this point. She’s just so used to Serra being Serra and the perversions that come with such a thing that being groped no longer has an effect on her.

That is, until Serra’s hands reach a bit too far and get too specifically pinchy.

That’s what Cassiel pulls Serra’s hands out from her breastplate, lifts Serra off of her back, and then scolds her about randomly doing that to her around others.

She doesn’t say anything about not doing that when in private, though, which Serra makes sure to remember.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, Serra has no reason to believe that she’s not allowed to do it in private.

Nell is the first to run up to Fenrir while the others are all busy with each other.

“Hey,” Fenrir says to her. “Azawaza here yet?”

“My hero, you are such a cruel, horrible man! Here I, your loving girlfriend, am to greet you and see how you have been during your absence, and you immediately ask about another woman instead!” Nell says with as much dramaticism as ever, her arms and serpentine tail swinging around to add even more dramatic flair as she ends with the back of one hand against her forehead.

Fenrir pinches her nose.

Nell puffs her cheeks out while narrowing her eyes up at her horrible boyfriend.

Fenrir squishes her cheeks together, causing her to spit out the air in a rather unwomanly way with an embarrassing sound to go with it.

“This is abuse, and not the kind of abuse I wish to enjoy!” she pouts.

“It’s not real abuse if you’re enjoying it,” he teases.

“Hmm. When you put it that way… you are right! If I truly wish to enjoy being abused, I must allow you to abuse me in unconventional and cruel ways that not even I have had the opportunity to consider enjoyable yet!”


“But, my hero! Why not?”

“Because the only way to abuse you in ways that you haven’t already imagined would all be really screwed up. I’d never do any of that to you even if you enjoyed it.”

“But you just did!”

“All I did was deflate your cheeks and make you make a ‘pffbbtth’ sound.”

Nell’s face grows bright red upon hearing him mimicking the noise that she made.

While first it was red from embarrassment, it quickly grows red from the desire to be bullied even harder.

“Y-you are rather good at this, my hero,” Nell says, her lips parted as needy breaths escape her.

“Are you actually?” Fenrir asks. Sure, he knows that Nell is on the same tier of degeneracy as him, but not even he would expect Nell to be getting turned on in a situation such as this.


“Oh, right. Sorry to interrupt, but… let me see if I can do this.”

“Do what, my hero?”

Fenrir grabs Nell by her horns just to make sure that she doesn’t accidentally stab him with them again, causing her to turn even brighter, and slowly lowers his face to her own.

The tail behind Nell quickly wags from side to side as if she were a dog rather than a serpent, but stops when she realizes that Fenrir is only pressing his forehead against hers rather than going in for a dramatic kiss.

Though, it still looks like that to everybody else.

“I don’t really know if I can do this, but I’m going to try. I just… have a feeling that this might work,” he explains.

Nell, realizing that he’s serious, forces her heart to calm down so that she may go with the flow of whatever he is attempting.

His plan works.

After just a few seconds, the same memories that the serpent showed him are now being shown to Nell.

“My hero? Why are you showing me this, and… this does not seem very good,” Nell says.

“Because I have a date with Aza, and the others should probably be told so that they can think about it while we’re gone,” Fenrir explains.

Nell pulls away from him to look at his eyes and ask, “My hero, are you saying that you wish to have me play as your messenger while you run off with another woman?”


She brings one hand up to her chest while the other rests its back against her forehead. “Truly such a horrible man!”

“You know you love it.”

“Very much so!”

“Though, if Azawaza doesn’t get on soon, then I might as well – oh, hey, that’s some good timing,” Fenrir says, looking over at the one and only Azalabulia who has just gotten up.

“Good luck with your date, my hero! Have you decided on a final plan for it?”

“Not at all.”

“Well, I wish you luck regardless.”

“Thanks, Nell Nell,” he says, leaning in for a quick kiss on her lips so that she’s not left totally wanting.

Of course, that just makes her want even more.

“Truly a villainous man,” she says with a sigh.