[Vol. 4 pt. 87] Patch 14.0: An Explosive Date
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Now that Fenrir has secured victory, he has carried walked her over to that spot he had prepared and is currently sitting down with her against it.

It’s a smooth rock large enough for him to comfortably rest his back against while keeping Azalabulia sitting in front of him between his legs.

As for Azalabulia, she’s been blushing and allowing Fenrir to do whatever he wants ever since he defeated her in their “fight.”

All Fenrir is having her do, though, is cuddle him. Well, it would be fairer to say that he is the one cuddling her since he has got his arms wrapped around her while her head is resting back against his shoulder.

While Fenrir doesn’t really know what he’s doing anymore, realizing that he should really plan out future dates in more detail, he can’t be upset with the current situation.

He’s got his newest girlfriend sitting with him, he’s comfy, she’s feeling submissive, he’s feeling dominant, they’re in a beautiful clearing with stars shining in the sky above to make the night sky look far more brilliant than in reality’s, and it’s overall peaceful.

“This is nice,” Fenrir whispers.

As dominant as he might be feeling, and as much as he plans on having sex with Azalabulia in the first place, just relaxing here would be enough for him.

“Yeah,” Azalabulia whispers back. Despite how flustered she was just moments ago, and how embarrassed she still feels, she feels calm more than anything else.

Having her boyfriend’s arms wrapped around her as they sit together underneath the starry sky is more than anything she could have ever asked for.

Though, actually admitting that might be a bit too hard for her despite how much she might want to.

“You know, we still don’t know your name,” Fenrir says.

“Bu-but it’s Azalabulia,” she answers.

“Your real name.”

“Oh… I never said it?”

“Not once.”

“Do – do I even know any of yours?”

“You first.”

Azalabulia mumbles something that Fenrir isn’t able to hear.

“What was that?”

She mumbles something again.




“Eros?” Fenrir repeats.

Azalabulia answers with nothing more than a nod of her head.

Fenrir’s mind immediately jumps to how that’s the name for a malegod.

Does… does that mean that Azalabulia is actually a man in real life?

No, there’s no way. They’ve all but explicitly confirmed that she’s a woman in real life, right?

But her name…

“You sound embarrassed about your name,” Fenrir says. “How come?” Hopefully, he’ll be able to smoothly get some clarification out of her.

“B-because! My parents thought it was a girl’s name and then thought it was too funny to change when they found out!” Azalabulia explains.

“So, you don’t like it since it’s a male’s name?”


Fenrir sighs. That should be enough of a clarification for now. Though, just to be safe, he asks, “It must have been rough being a girl with that name.”

“It wasn’t that bad, but… anybody who did know teased me for it.”

“Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t be that bad. It does sound pretty feminine, in my opinion, and it’s not like that many people know about those old gods anymore anyways.”

“Do – what do… d-do you like it? Azalabulia is better, isn’t it?”

Between Eros and Azalabulia, she really doesn’t have a good time with names. Then again, she chose the latter for herself. Probably.

“Both of your names are perfect,” Fenrir answers. “How’d you even come up with Azalabulia?”

“I – I just really liked it! I wanted something that was cool and mysterious and dark, but also – but also… c-cute.”

“You can act pretty childish despite how mature you look.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asks, her voice steady and sharp now. “Are you saying I look old?”

“N-not at all,” Fenrir answers. “I just meant… you know, like, you’re tall, beautiful, curvy – all that great stuff. But, you can act really young – like… I don’t know if this’ll be offensive or not, but you can act like a nervous school girl sometimes which is even more ironic since you’re a teacher.”

“Hmph… I guess so.”

“But that means you have a really cute personality. You’re even cuter when you go ‘hmph’ and pout.”

“I’m not pouting! I’m just… puffing my cheeks.”

“To pout.”

“To hold air! What if all the oxygen suddenly disappears?!”

“That’s a thought even more delusional than Nell’s fantasies.”

“I-is it really alright to be insulting her fantasies like that?”

“Trust me, she likes it. She probably has like a sixth sense tingling her right now from calling her fantasies delusional.”

Back at the others, Cassiel notices Nell biting her lower lip and asks, “You alright?”

“A-ah, yes, I am doing wonderful,” Nell answers. “I am simply imagining something.”

“Is it crazy like usual?”

Nell fans herself with her hands.

Back to the other two, Azalabulia says, “I have a lot to learn about them.”

“It’s alright. I’ll be your teacher for that as well,” Fenrir answers.

“What… what should I know about Serra?”

Fenrir was planning on leading into sex because of his original promise to her about teaching her, but she seems worried and curious now.

“Serra Berra, let’s see. Still Serra even in real life, and her avatar looks exactly like her. She’s also just as perverted, but she’s even lazier in real life. And she’s deaf, so most of us have learned sign language to some degree for her. But you don’t have to worry about that too much. Honestly, I guess you could say the whole signing thing has kind of worn off and now she just reads our lips and she uses her phone to talk to us. But yeah, you can expect her to be all over you, sexually, once she gets closer to you. Cass Cass might appreciate you being the target of her harassment for once.”

“Wh-what about Cass? Cassiel?”

“You can just keep on calling her Cass. Or Cass Cass. Cassandra in real life. She looks pretty similar to how she looks here as well, but she got an awesome haircut recently, so her hair is pretty short now. Other than that… she’s even more hardworking, can be extremely sweet when she opens up to you, and has been really doing great at fixing her personal problems. Well, it’s not really fair to call them personal problems. She just… used to be a lot – I don’t know, brash? Kind of… mean sometimes, but it was always in a defensive-but-loving kind of way. Now, she doesn’t act like that at all. She’s been making herself behave more honestly and gently, and I’m really proud of her for it. Though, I kind of wish she’d give me some tsundere fanservice every now and then.”


“Oh boy. Nell. That’s actually a nickname I gave her that she decided to stick with, and I don’t even think any of us remember what her name originally was now. Anyways, she’s kind of royalty, uses a wheelchair, and is probably the most motherly out of the others despite her crazy fantasies. She was the newest member of the relationship before you, but she really does a great job of holding everybody together I think. And yeah, she does have some really crazy fantasies which is obvious by now, but they’re strictly fantasies and she’d never want any of them to actually happen. Oh, and between her and Serra… don’t be surprised if they want even more to join our relationship. Especially Serra. We’re all basically members of her harem, and she has no problem adding more girls to it.”

“I – I see.”

“Anybody else you need a lesson on?”

“I don’t think so… thanks. I’ve been meaning to learn more about them, but – now I just need to learn more about you.”

“And I need to learn more about you, so how about we learn more about each other together?” Fenrir asks, proud of himself for how smooth he perceives that line to have been.

“What – what do you mean?”

It’s a good thing that Azalabulia is facing away from Fenrir right now, because the eyebrow wiggle that he just attempted was nowhere near as seductive as he thought it was.