[Vol. 4 pt. 88] Patch 14.0: An Explosive Date
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Fenrir’s hands get to work.

While his right hand slowly slides down towards Azalabulia’s waist, his other hand slides up toward her chest.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Azalabulia asks.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” he asks back, trying to be smooth.


“You wanted me to teach you about this, didn’t you?”

“Y-yes, but—”

“You were looking forward to this, weren’t you?”

Rather than give him a verbal answer, all Azalabulia is able to do is nod her head this time.

If going for her neck like he does with Cassiel worked, then he has a feeling that playing the role of a dominant with Azalabulia should work, too.

And that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

Well, what he’s going to try to do.

“Tell me how much you want this, Aza,” Fenrir whispers into her ear from behind, his lips almost brushing against her lobe.

Just feeling the warmth of his breath brushing against her ear is enough to make her shiver.

“I – I… I want this,” Azalabulia answers.

“You want what?” Fenrir asks.


“Me? What do you want from me?”

She bites her lower lip and struggles to hold back an early moan. “I want you… to t-touch me more.”

Fenrir brings his hands closer to her breast and her crotch, but before his hands make contact with her again, he pauses to whisper, “Where?”

Azalabulia arches against Fenrir’s chest. She might not have meant to, but she answers his question by pressing her chest against his hand.

“Only here? Alright,” he whispers, bringing the hand that was going for her crotch up to her breasts.

Now, each of his hands gropes and works her breasts over her clothes.

Cassiel might have had the biggest breasts in the relationship before, but Azalabulia wins in that category now. Then again, Azalabulia wins in every category when it comes to her sizes. Even when sitting here like this, Fenrir’s other girlfriends wouldn’t reach so high. Serra would only be up to his chest, and Cassiel and Nell would reach his shoulders at most. Azalabulia might not be as tall as Fenrir, but she is easily taller than the rest of their girlfriends.

“Is this what you wanted?” Fenrir whispers.

Azalabulia nods her head and lets out a soft moan.

“Then what about this?”

His hands slide down into the opening of her outfit, his skin now directly in contact with her own.

The feeling of his rough hands groping and kneading her breasts makes those noises escaping her lips grow even more frequent and louder in pitch. Not only that, but her body becomes restless.

She squeezes her thighs together, she moves her hips around which results in pushing her rear back into Fenrir’s crotch most of the time, and her hands—that don’t know what to be doing—are in a constant state of going for his own hands or resting on her legs.

The poor Azalabulia just has no idea what she’s supposed to be doing in this situation.

Should she help him? Should she try to pleasure him? Should she be telling him what she likes whenever he finds one of her weaknesses?

Though, going by the surprised gasp that forces its way out of her once Fenrir pinches her nipples, he doesn’t need her to tell him what her weaknesses are.

“Th-there,” Azalabulia can’t help but to moan out.

“Is this what you like?” Fenrir asks, his voice low and calm as he pinches gently pulls on her nipples.

“Y-mmm… y-yeah,” she stutters out, her moans interrupting her words.

“Then how about this?”

Fenrir pinches her nipples harder so that he can pull her breasts upward to pop them out from her outfit, leaving them exposed to the gentle breeze rolling by.

While the breeze might be chilly against such a sensitive part of her body normally, Fenrir’s hands ensure that her breasts stay warm and safe from the wind.

“Ge-gentle… please?” Azalabulia whimpers.

Fenrir immediately loosens his pinching holds on her nipples. “Is that better?” he whispers.

She nods her head and lets out a relieved sigh. “Thanks… I’m really – really… nervous about all of this, a-and I want to keep going, but… I might need t-to ask you to be gentle or slow down sometimes, okay?”

“You can ask me whatever you want, Aza. It’s my job as your boyfriend to make sure you’re comfortable, so just let me know what you like, when you need a break, or anything else.”

“Are… are you sure?”

Fenrir lets go of her nipples to get a gentle grab on her chin, turning her head to look at him.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asks when he sees a couple of tears on her cheeks.

She raises her hands to wipe her tears away before placing them on his own, pushing them back toward her breasts.

“I’m just happy and nervous,” she forces herself to admit.

They remain looking into each others’ eyes for a few seconds before leaning closer, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss as Fenrir’s hands go back to rubbing her breasts.

Now, Azalabulia keeps one hand on top of his as her other hand reaches down between their bodies to go for his crotch.

She has to pause her effort in kissing when she feels just how hard and throbbing he is underneath his pants.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” she asks, their lips hardly parted.

“It’s just a game,” Fenrir answers. It’s only slightly uncomfortable if anything.

“But… it’s sensitive, isn’t it?”

“It is, which is why you should touch it some more,” he teases, closing the gap between their lips once more.

Azalabulia does exactly that while letting Fenrir put most of the effort into their kissing.

For her, kissing and reaching into his pants at the same time is difficult.

For him, he’s gotten enough practice in-game now to easily groping and kissing her while also adjusting his position so that she has an easier time reaching into his pants.

It will only be a matter of time before she is every bit as experienced as he and their girlfriends are, of course.