[Vol. 4 pt. 89] Patch 14.0: An Explosive Date
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Rather than sitting with her back to his, Azalabulia now faces Fenrir on her knees, still sitting in front of him.

While the position of her body might look assertive to any third-party observers, the truth is that Fenrir is the one who maneuvered her into this position.

Azalabulia was practically frozen the entire time he tried moving her to face him.

But, facing each other makes what Fenrir wants to do easier.

It also makes what he wants her to do easier.

Though, just because the position makes things physically easier does not mean that they are any mentally easier. If anything, Azalabulia finds herself struggling even more now that she’s face-to-face with her boyfriend.

Fenrir is still doing all of the work.

For the second time now, he asks, “Are you sure you’re comfortable?”

Azalabulia quickly nods her head and mumbles out, “I – I don’t want you to stop.”

Her actions give him reason to doubt her words.

She kisses back when he kisses her, but that’s it.

Her hands idly rest on his now-exposed length, she shies away from his touches whenever he goes to grope her breasts or her rear, and she looks like she doesn’t know whether she wants to cry or smile.

Fenrir has to try his best just to not lose interest and go limp in the current situation.

He’s so used to Serra, Cassiel, and Nell all being eager and assertive on their own that now having to do all of the work just feels… off. Not even Cassiel is this passive whenever he’s playing the role of a dominant for her.

“Are you sure?” he asks again.

Azalabulia nods before burying her face against his neck.

Now he can’t even check on her expression to tell if he’s doing anything right or wrong.

“Would… would it be easier if you weren’t facing me again?” he asks.

“I – I think so,” she answers. “But this… this i-is fine, too.”

To prove her words, her hands actually start stroking his length again and she doesn’t move away from his hands whenever he goes to touch her.

Fenrir realizes what’s going on.

“Hang on,” he says, gently pushing her off of him so that he can take his shirt off. “Stay still.”

She nods and closes her eyes when she sees him getting closer to her.

The next time she opens her eyes, she can’t see anything.

“Wh-what did you do?” she asks.

“Isn’t it obvious? I wrapped my shirt around your head so that you can’t see me anymore – I blindfolded you.”

“But… i-is that alright?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“I don’t know,” she mumbles.

Fenrir presses his lips against her for a few short moments before breaking off and asking one final time, “Are you sure? Again, if you’re uncomfortable, then—”

She leans her head forward to press her lips against his now.

Well, that’s what she meant to do.

Instead, she smacks her forehead right against his seeing as how she can’t exactly see right now.

“S-sorry! Are you alright?” she asks, back to sounding ready to cry.

“All you did was bump me. I’m fine,” Fenrir answers.

The good thing about her being blindfolded right now is that she can’t see him rubbing his forehead, nor can she see the large, reddened mark that she has left on it.

“I’m guessing you feel better now that you can’t see?” he asks.

“I – I think so,” she answers.

He has no idea why she was fine earlier when she was sitting with her back to him, but turned enough so that she could kiss him, but isn’t fine with just facing him directly.

More importantly, he’s not going to waste any time questioning that.

The problem has received its solution even if it’s a temporary one.

Now, Fenrir can lift up her dress and slip aside her panties.

Azalabulia flinches and gasps every time she feels his fingers touch anywhere around her crotch, but at the same time, she can’t help but to feel excited knowing that she’s finally going to lose her virginity.

Well, maybe not her virginity in real life, but her in-game virginity which is basically the same thing.

Well, maybe not really the same thing, but it’s close enough for now.

Besides, she knows that if she’s already having this much trouble in-game then she’d probably be unconscious in reality just at the sight of his dick.

Fenrir pulls Azalabulia’s hips closer so that his length is pressed right against her lower lips. He might have been struggling to stay aroused before, but he’s not anymore.

“Are you ready?” he asks.

“I – it won’t hurt, right?” she asks back.

“It’s just a game, and the others never said it hurt, so I don’t think so.”

“Then… c-can we kiss?”

Fenrir answers her question by letting his lips return to hers once more just as he aims the tip of his length against her entrance.

If there’s one thing that Serra has been amazing for, it’s making sure that he doesn’t act like a total virgin anymore. He can even find the right hole without being able to see now.

He pulls her hips down onto him, burying his hard, hot length inside of her even-hotter passage.

Azalabulia shudders from the sensation of being so full for the first time and loses the ability to even try and kiss him back.

“Can you try moving your hips on your own?” he asks.

She slowly raises her hips before lowering them back down, her entire body shaking with practically every movement that she makes.

“Are you alright?” he asks just because he’s never seen any of his girlfriends react this way.

“I-it just feels… re-really good,” she answers, dropping her hips back down onto him.

“Then I’ll try to make you feel even better.”

With that, Fenrir starts thrusting upward every time Azalabulia lowers herself.

Though, he realizes that he probably should have tried to strip her first. There’s no way that her outfit is going to get out of this without getting dirty, and that’s going to be embarrassing for her when she gets back to the others.

He figures that they can worry about that afterward.

For now, all that matters is the pleasurable sensations shooting throughout both of their bodies while a feeling even more powerful slowly builds up within them.

“F-Fen,” Azalabuia moans out, allowing him to hear her feminine noises for the first time.

She gets to hear his deep moans and grunts of pleasure, too.

“I’m close, Aza,” Fenrir moans to her.

“D-do it. I want you to… inside.”

At least there’s no getting pregnant in-game.

“Are you close?” he asks, wanting to make sure that he doesn’t cum before she gets a chance to.

“I… I – I’ve been… this whole time,” she shyly admits.

“Wait, seriously?”

She nods again.

In that case, he stops holding back to speed up and thrust even harder up into her.

The only warning that she gets before he cums inside of her is him pushing his lips against her neck, biting onto the skin there and holding it between his teeth as he shoots several ropes of his cum into her.

Azalabulia shudders even more violently than before as her body happily accepts the proof of his love. At least, that’s how she sees it.

Just to tease her a little bit more now that they’re done, Fenrir unwraps the shirt-turned-blindfold and tosses it to the side without any warning.

He was expecting to get a panicked, flustered response if not an angry one.

Instead, she just looks totally lost in pleasure and collapses against him.

He has a feeling that she won’t be able to move from this position for a while.