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Eventually, Azalabulia did regain her senses and her ability to stand without wobbling all over the place. If that session with Fenrir was enough to make her behave like that, then he’s worried about what would happen if he really treated her roughly and gave her his all. He was only able to thrust about half as much as he could due to the position that they were in.

What would happen if she was on the bottom and he was on top?

She might end up actually broken.

Even with what he did, she was already close to making a face that Fenrir has only ever seen in hentai.

And when he thinks of it that way, he really wants to see her truly make a fucked-silly face.

He wants to make Azalabulia go full ahegao.

Is such a thing really possible?

If she can go half ahegao in-game, can she do the same in reality?

Is ahegao real?

Sure, Fenrir has seen pictures and videos of girls making ahegao faces before, but they are all fake and just didn’t have the same charm to them as proper ahegao.

But if Azalabulia is capable of making a real ahegao face that isn’t just being made for virtual points on the internet… she might be truly powerful – more powerful than she knows.

Just, not powerful in the way that she wants to be.

One thing is for certain, and it is that Fenrir must further investigate this issue.

Is it possible for her to go full ahegao in real life?

Is it impossible?

Will real, full ahegao in reality be just as good as it is in hentai, or will it still lack the charm that faked ahegao for internet points does?

Fenrir looks over at his latest girlfriend as they walk back toward the camp together, hand-in-hand.

She just has a large smile on her face and keeps on giggling to herself.

While she’s thinking about how happy she is that she’s finally no longer a virgin, even if it’s only virtually, and thinking about how happy she is to have a boyfriend, said boyfriend is thinking about how hard he would have to fuck her in order to make her pull off a face that previously been possible in hentai.

“You’re horrible, onii-wan,” Saya interrupts his thoughts.

“Why? Because I want to make my girlfriend go full ahegao?” Fenrir asks her.

“Because you’ve been thinking about this for the past ten minutes as if it’s some philosophical thing.”

“It isn’t philosophical. It’s beyond philosophical. Whether a girl can truly go full ahegao or not is more important than any philosophy in human history.”

“So, onii-wan, let me get this straight. You’re saying that whether a girl making an ahegao face in real life or not is more important than the human condition, suffering, intelligence, morality, ethics, right versus wrong, and so on? All of that is inferior to whether or not a girl can make a silly face from sex?”


“I hope you understand that the sigh I want to sigh is so powerful that it can’t physically manifest.”

“Wouldn’t it be mental manifestation instead of a physical one? Or a technological manifestation? A mental-technological manifestation?”

“It doesn’t matter, you baka onii-wan! The point is that—”

“I want to rub your belly and scratch your ears.”

“Wh-whaaaa? Why – all of a sudden… wh-why would you say something like that?!”

“You gave yourself dog ears and a dog tail, and you’re still calling me onii-wan. You’re now a dog girl. Dog girls need belly rubs and head scratches.”

“J-just because I have these do-doesn’t mean I want you to do those things! You perverted baka onii-wan!”

“Are you forgetting how it felt to get your head patted and to give me your ‘paw?’”

“I – I never did that!”

“You literally did that earlier today.”

“Did not!”

“And here I thought you were a good girl. I guess you’re a bad dog instead.”

“I’m not – I’m not a bad dog!”

“But you’re lying to me. Only bad girls lie.”

“Am not!”

“Then do you admit it happened?”

“Fine! Whatever! It happened!”

“I guess you’re a good girl after all.”

“O-of course I am!”

“Such a good girl.”


“Saya is such a good girl.”

“I am!”

“A good girl who’s going to get belly rubs and ear scratches.”

“I – I better! Wait… you baka onii-wan! You tricked me! You led me into a trap! The worst! You’re the absolute worst! You’re worse than the worst!”

“Wow, you’re really going all in on the tsundere act. You should do this more often.”

“See?! Trash! Garbage! Pathetic excuse for a human – no, pathetic excuse for a roach! You’re not even a roach! You’re a – you’re a… y-you’re worse than…”

“Having trouble?”

“Hmph! Hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph, HMPH!”

“You’re the best, Puppy Saya.”

“Don’t start calling me weird things! I’m just Saya!”

“Saya the Puppy.”

“Saya the nothing else!”


“That sounds like papaya!”


“That makes me sound yappy!”

“Doesn’t that make even more sense? A yappy papaya.”

“I! Hate! You!”

“Love you too, Saya.”

“Wh-what?! D-don’t say something like that to me when I’m mad at you!”

“What? I’m not allowed to love my kind-of-related living-in-my-head little sister-puppy?”

“You’re so weird! And no! You’re not allowed to!”

“Too bad.”

“Fine! I won’t stop you! Baka onii-wan!”

“That was quick.”

“Not as quick as you!”

“Hey, what kind of quick are you calling me?”

“You know exactly what kind!”

“I’ve been improving on that, thank you very much. I lasted like, a whole ten minutes with Azawaza.”

Fenrir hears a snerk, but it’s not from Serra. It’s from the virtual little sister inside of his head. “Wow, onii-wan, ten minutes. That’s like,soooo impressive.”

“Come on! I only lost my virginity this year, and only in-game! I’m making use with what I’ve got.”

“Whatever you say, onii-wan.”

“Wait, when did this get turned around on me?”

“Don’t worry about it, onii-wan.”

“Whatever you say, Pupaya.”

“Hey! I told you not to call me that! It sounds like papaya!”

“You’re so cute when you get mad. You’re like an angry little puppy trying to be intimidating but just being cute instead.”

“I – wait, when did this get turned around on me?!”

“Don’t worry about it, Pupaya.”