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As it would turn out, Serra’s definition of “a few minutes” when it comes to anything sexual actually means “for about thirty minutes.”

Even though all they were doing was kissing, it didn’t stop Serra from kissing Ryouta’s body all over, biting him, licking him, sucking on him, and sucking him.


They may have their virginities intact in reality somewhat, but that doesn’t mean that Serra isn’t going to use her mouth on him whenever she wants.

“You’re… you’re seriously the best, Serra,” Ryouta groans, finally opening his eyes to see her lying shirtless on top of him. “When did you even get naked?”

Serra smiles, her head resting on its side against his chest with her breasts pushed down against him.

“Wait, when did I get naked?” Ryouta asks.

Serra smiles even wider.

“You’re something else.”

She places a kiss on his chest before sitting up on top of him, stretching her arms high up above her head while arching her back as if she’s purposely trying to show off her petite form and modest breasts, and then looks back down at him with a devious smile.

He’s naked.

She’s naked.

Seeing her naked figure gets him excited.

Seeing him get excited over her gets her excited.

They both know what the other wants.

Serra looks behind him, aims herself properly, and lowers herself… right back onto his chest so that she can enjoy how flustered and disappointed Ryouta looks.

“You know, I honestly thought you were going to finally do it,” Ryouta says, trying not to sound too needy and disappointed.

Serra picks up her phone from next to where they’re lying on the bed, types out a quick message, and holds it up for him to read. It says, “It’s not fair if we’re not all together when we do it. We should get Alice to fly Azawaza down here and then we’ll have a big sexfest.”

“A sexfest?”

“We’re going to need lots of towels and tissues.”

It takes Ryouta a few moments to figure out what she means by that.

Then it hits him.

If he’s going to be taking all of their virginities… in the same session, things are not going to be easy.

How much blood will there be?

How much crying and yelling in pain will go on?

How many times is he going to have to go to last them all?

How many condoms will they need?

How is he supposed to choose which of his girlfriends to take the virginity of first?

It is at a time like this that Ryouta wishes he could be a tentacle monster. If he were a tentacle monster, he could easily just turn his dick into one tentacle and then grow three more just like it! Then, he could take the virginities of all of his girlfriends at the same time together!

That would be the ultimate way to make sure that they are all treated equally, and it would be hot.

His mind flashes back to when Aiko – well, Nyaiko got a bit caught by that shell with all of the tentacles in it.

That was a nice sight.

“I wonder if I could become a tentacle monster in-game? A tentacle-wolf?” he thinks to himself, already knowing that he’s going to most likely be shot down by Saya as soon as he re-immerses.

Serra holds her phone up to him so that he can read the latest message she’s typed out. “Too bad you can’t be one of those tentacle things from that website you like.”

“Serra, you read my mind. Are you literally perfect?”

Serra nods her head, scoots farther up his form, and places a kiss on his lips.

As much as Ryouta might enjoy kissing Serra, he doesn’t enjoy being able to taste his own cum on her lips.

“Alright, we’ve got some more work to do,” he says. “We can’t let everybody else do all the work, so let’s go and help out.”

“Can I blow stuff up with cannons?” Serra texts.

“Trust me, I was already thinking of getting us some new cannons. Bigger cannons, too.”

“What if Azawaza can make the cannons even stronger with magic?”

“That’s… actually a pretty good idea. Maybe she could enchant the ammo to explode with magic or something.”

“Yes please.”

“You know, if there’s anything you love as much as sex, it’s blowing things up.”

“I love all blowing.”

It takes Ryouta a moment to figure out what she meant by that. Once he does realize it, he flicks her forehead and then kisses the exact spot he just flicked. “You’re as much of a muchkin pervert as ever.”

“Duh. Do you want me to stop being a pervert?”


“Then let’s have some more fun before we go back.”

“Only a little bit more.”

The “little bit more” ended up being “a lot more.”

By the time that the two eventually make it back in-game, they realize that their girlfriends were about to wake from virtual reality to come and check on them because of how long they were taking.

“Blame Serra,” Fenrir tells Cassiel and Nell.

“Blame me,” Serra agrees.

They don’t even have to tell the others what they were doing in any explicit details. Just hearing Serra take responsibility for it is enough to make it obvious.

“By the way, Nell, did you meet with the serpent already?” he asks.

“I failed to sense her anywhere near, so I am assuming that she is away at the moment,” Nell answers.

“Alright. Is Rao back yet?”

“He came back and said that the guy you wanted to send a message to wasn’t available, and then said he was going to go fly up to the mountains to look around up there,” Cassiel answers.

“Sounds good to me. Alright, so, since there isn’t much else for us to be doing right now until Olly and Tabs come up with some plans, how about we train?” Fenrir asks, looking at Nell, Cassiel, and Azalabulia.

“I want to watch,” Serra says.

“Train?” Cassiel asks.

“Yeah,” Fenrir answers. “I mean, the four of us can all do pretty good in a fight. Even Nell is crazy strong thanks to that blessing she’s got.”

“My hero! To expect your own girlfriend to fight!” Nell says, sounding much happier than her words let on. “I will require quite a bit of training if you wish for me to perform well at all. After all, I came to this game to live out my fantasies, not to fight.”

“Well, do you want to?”

“Hmm… I suppose that it may be interesting! Not to mention that you are stronger the closer you are to me, so if I can fight and stay close to you, then we have better chances, do we not?”

“Right. How about… you and Azawaza, and me and Cassiel? Maybe Azawaza can teach you some magic, and me and Cass will focus on physical combat.”

“N-no biting,” Cassiel says, already turning slightly red just at the thought of it.

“I’ll be serious this time. Only fighting, no seducing.”


“Good. Let’s not waste any more time then.”