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There may still be a few hours of in-game time left before everybody was supposed to reunite and head off on their adventure into the mountains, but with Eva’s promise of a path—that he has since learned is a safe and lit tunnel—there is no point in waiting for it to become light out. Therefore, it is time to go and gather the others which will be as simple as getting out of the game, telling Cassiel and Nell to get back in-game, and sending a message to Azalabulia and Rao over Fiscord.

While Eva has been assuring him that there is no such need for them all to be present as they travel through the supposed tunnel, Fenrir just wants to play it safe.

That is also why he told Serra to go ahead and grab the others instead of doing it himself at first, but she refused him since she was—and still is—busy cuddling with Rock and Shogun. The two canines have surrounded her, and she has her head comfortably resting on top of Shogun’s side while one of her hands rubs Rock’s belly.

At least he can trust Rock and Shogun, and the overseer-controlled-avatars of his friends, to defend Serra in case anything happens to her while he’s gone. After all, she’s going to be more or less alone with Eva and neither of them know her that well yet.

But, Serra is too comfy with Rock and Shogun to care, and she doubts that Eva would do anything bad anyways.

Therefore, it is Fenrir lying down next to Rock so that he can wake from virtual reality to go and grab his girlfriends’ and Rao’s attention.

“Be back in a bit,” he tells Serra before looking over to Eva.

Eva looks way too distracted by her captured insect, so she’s not even paying any attention to Fenrir nor Serra.

“Have fun,” Serra says before shutting her eyes again.

And with that, Fenrir wakes from the virtual world of Fantasy Tales Online but gets intercepted before he can fully return to reality.

Not only that, but there is a girl twice as tall as him standing in front of him: Saya. She is not as tall as she is because she suddenly grew in height. Instead, she is as tall as she is because Fenrir shrunk in height down to only a third of his regular height.

“You actually did it,” Fenrir says, his voice matching his new, youthful appearance.

“Well… I said I’d bully you!” Saya replies, pressing the tip of her finger against his forehead and then pushing forward against him. She actually manages to push him back a couple of steps by doing so.

“So scary. I feel so bullied right now. Whatever will I do.”

“Hmph! I – I’d feel bad bullying somebody who looks as little as you…”

“Hm. I’m surprised you’re not like, actually blushing and wanting to do things because of how much cuter I look right now.”

“You’re not into that so why would I be?”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”

“Hmph. Hentai onii-wan.”

“Why don’t you give me tentacles instead?”

“Absolutely not. Nope. Never. Not going to happen.”

“Do it, Pupaya. Embrace the tentacles.”


“But consentacles are the bestacles.”


“From now on, unless you give me tentacles, I’m going to tickle you every time I immerse and wake until you give me tentacles.”

“Th-that’s abuse!”

“Sometimes, abuse is the right choice.”

“Abuse is never the right choice you, you wifebeater!”

“I don’t even have a wife! Well, I do have waifus, and I know at least one of them does like it rough.”

“Cass Cass liking it rough doesn’t justify being a waifubeater!”

“I wish she was here right now to hear you call her out like that. She’d look adorable and flustered and probably be shouting not to say that about her so loudly.”

“Yeah, she’d be super cute – hey! That’s not the point right now! The point is that you shouldn’t go around being a waifubeater who wants to harass your little sister with tentacles!”

“Who ever said anything about me harassing you with tentacles? All I said was that I want some. Wait. Don’t tell me, Pupaya. Could it be that you want me to harass you with tentacles, and that’s why you won’t give me any? Because you’re afraid you won’t be able to resis—”

“No! It’s because we think the same way so I know you’re going to want to touch me with them and do weird things, you perverted idiot onii-wan!”

“But in the same way that neither of us are really into shota, if I’m into tentacles, that means you are into them as well, Sayawaya.”


“You’re right, that sounds stupid.”

“Just call me Saya! Nothing weird!”

“Alright, Pupayawaya.”

“That’s even worse!”

“You know how to stop it, Pupayawayamaya.”

“Stop making it worse!”

“Give me tentacles, Pupayawayamayazaya.”

“You’re slurring your words now! You can’t even say it right!”

“It’s not my fault. Do you really expect anybody to be able to say your nickname in one go without messing up, Pupayawayamayazayayaya?”

“You’re just adding more ‘ya’s onto it now!”

“Iya don’tya don’tya whatya you’reya talki—”

“Fine! Anything to make you stop!”

“Do it.”


As if “hmph” was the magical word to cast a spell of transformation, Fenrir’s arms turned into five purple, slimy tentacles each.

“This is weird,” he says, raising his new tentacle arms up in front of his face to look at him. And then he wiggles them. “But very exciting.”

“You better not be thinking of anything weird.”

“You know exactly what I’m thinking. Literallya.”

“Stop adding ‘ya’ onto words, you stupid onii-wanya!”

“Onii-wanya? Oniiwanya. Hm. That sounds like it could be some sort of fictional country either Japanese or African. Japanese-African? That would be an interesting hybrid culture for a fantasy setting, I think. Somebody should do that.”

“Please stop wiggling your tentacles like that while talking about combining cultures into something that would probably offend people.”

“Alright. I’ll just offend you with my tentacles instead.”

The tentacles slowly slither through the air toward Saya, getting closer and closer, until she snaps her fingers and causes the tentacles to turn back into normal arms.

“I didn’t say you’d get to keep them. Hmph.”

“So that’s how you want to play it, Pupayawayamayazayayayayayayayaya—”

“Stop that!”


“You’re so dumb!”



His arms turn back into tentacles.

The tentacles immediately lunge forward, wrapping around Saya and getting an “eek!” out from her before they pull her close towards Fenrir. They then drop her onto her knees and hold her still so that he can… pet her on top of her head between her two, still-puppy-like ears.

“Thanks for letting me experience having tentacles, Pupayaya – wait, I didn’t even mean to do it that time.”

“Please don’t tell me my nickname evolved, onii-wan.”

“Sorry, Pupayaya, but it’s too late. I can no longer not add an extra ‘ya’ onto the end of it.”

“You’re the worst.”

“I know.”

“I’m sending you back to your girlfriends now.”

“Don’t do lewd things to yourself with tentacles while I’m gone.”

Fenrir can still feel the slap on his cheek even after he opens his eyes as Ryouta.

That is when Ryouta notices something.

It is suspiciously quiet.

He doesn’t hear any noises coming from any of the rooms.

The ferrets are tuckered out in their cage sleeping and cuddling together, but his girlfriends are nowhere to be found.

Well, they are nowhere to be found until he finds them in the living room. They have no idea that he has found them, either, since he never bothered with shouting out to try and find them.

Lying on her back is the reddened Cassandra with shut eyes and her lips being pressed against the one taking control of the situation: Alice. While Alice might not be able to move her legs, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t able to pull herself up onto Cassandra to put themselves in the position that Ryouta has now found them in.

Cassandra is clearly enjoying it, though, going by the fact that she isn’t resisting in the slightest and even has her arms around Alice’s figure as Alice pushes a bit of her tongue into Cassandra’s mouth.

Even when faced against somebody who can’t even move the lower half of their body, Cassandra can’t help but to submit and let Alice do whatever she wants to her. That also includes when Alice sliding one hand up into Cassandra’s shirt to go for her breasts while her other hand slides down into her pants.

Only quiet moans escape their pressed-together lips every now and then. Aside from those, the two are silent as the muted television shows an advertisement for delivery pizza. And as Ryouta watches from the bottom of the stairs, not daring to interrupt the great show in front of him.

He figures that, since he’s dating both of them, it’s okay if he watches for a bit before interrupting them.

However, he realizes that he’s not as sneaky as he thinks he is when Alice shoots a quick glance at him before returning her attention to Cassandra.

This is when Alice decides to be extra teasing to Ryouta by making very obvious movements with her hands underneath Cassandra’s clothes, but she never actually makes her hands nor Cassandra’s teased skin visible to him despite her easily being able to. All she would have to do is slide Cassandra’s shirt up a bit more, or tug down her sweatpants a little bit, but that would be less fun for Alice. Besides, it’s not like the closed-eyes Cassandra cares about what is visible or not since all she cares about is the pleasurable sensation of Alice’s lips and delicate touches.

“Nngh… m-more,” Cassandra whimpers.

Alice leans her face down into the space between Cassandra’s shoulder and neck, tilts Cassandra’s head to the side with her own so that the blonde is facing Ryouta, and then bites.

Cassandra opens her eyes from the sudden-but-pleasurable bite and locks directly onto Ryouta.

She squeaks without even being poked in her sides.

Not only that, but she glows red with a bright blush as Alice’s teeth continue their assault on her neck.

“He-hey! Ryouta is – Ryouta is—” Cassandra whimpers before shutting her eyes again and shutting her thighs together around Alice’s hand.

It’s already too late for her.

Her back arches and her erotic voice can’t resist coming out from her throat as Alice brings her to orgasm with Ryouta as the audience.

As hot as he finds the whole situation, he also finds himself in disbelief at what he is seeing. He had no idea that Alice could be so aggressive. Sure, he has known for a while that his girlfriends like to fool around with each other whenever he’s not present, but this is his first time walking in right at the ending of it and the first time he has ever seen Alice basically dominating Cassandra. Every other time, it was Serra dominating one of them or much more mutual.

Cassandra opens her eyes, panting heavily now and no longer caring that he’s watching as her body recovers from the orgasm that Alice gave her.

As for Alice herself, she places a gentle kiss on Cassandra’s lips before sliding off of her and sitting back up straight on the couch.

“Ah, my hero, how long have you been there? Were you waiting for the perfect moment to strike and force yourself onto us?” Alice asks.

“If you really thought that then you wouldn’t have stopped,” Ryouta answers.

“I see. Perhaps I should go back to what I was doing and wait to be taken from behind without expecting it! After all, while on top of Cassandra like that, I have no way of defending myself from any unsuspected attacks.”

“You’re both mean,” Cassandra whines as she sits up and fixes her bra underneath her shirt. “You could have at least put it back right.”

“What if I was not done with you?”

Cassandra starts blushing again as she asks for clarification, “A-are you done or not?”

“I suppose that I am for now. I doubt that he would be here if it were not for a good reason.”

Cassandra sighs and goes back to tucking her breasts into her bra. “And,” she says, looking at Ryouta, “you could have said something if you were there, you dumbie.”

“I could have, but it was really hot. Sorry. Should I have? I kind of feel bad about it now since I don’t really think we’ve ever discussed this sort of thing before. It’s not like you gave me consent to watch even if you are my girlfriends, so… is this – I don’t know. Am I allowed to watch if it happens again?”

Cassandra looks away, still red, and says, “D-do whatever you want.”

Alice is much more enthusiastic as she answers, “Of course, my hero! You may watch to your heart’s content, and you may even join in if you would be so kind to! Ah, let me rephrase that. You may even join in if you would be so brutal to! Just force yourself into the situation however you would like to and ravage us!”

“You’re more blunt than usual, but thanks for the permission to watch, and I might take you up on that offer sometime.”

“Ah, I wish you would so very much. Please, do not give me false hope.”

“I – fine, I promise I’ll take you up on that offer sometime. When you’re not expecting it, I’ll just… use you however I want.”

Alice’s eyes widen alongside her smile. “Oh? Please, my hero, do feel free to continue with that line of thought!”

“I – I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

Alice grins even wider. “What is wrong, my hero? Could it be that you are not sure how to proceed?”

“I’m not good at this dirty talk stuff and fantasizing – not anywhere near as good as you, anyways,” he admits.

“My hero, it is no fun if you admit to it! How am I supposed to tease you about it when you are so honest?”

“You could just not tease me about it.”

“That is far less entertaining.”

“You get pretty bold when you’re horny, don’t you?”

“M-my hero! It – it is not proper to call a lady that so boldly.”

“So, I can’t call you horny, but you can talk about how you want to be ravaged by monsters?”


Ryouta, actually frustrated a bit from that, decides to put on his brave face to give Nell what she wants.

Sure, he’s experienced with sex already in-game and has fooled around with non-penetrative sex with his girlfriends in reality, but trying to act dominant to anybody other than Cassandra is still difficult for him. Serra always ends up putting him in his place whenever he tries to get dominant with her unless she lets him be in charge, Azalabulia is too gentle and easily-overwhelmed to dominate, and Alice – well, when it comes to Alice, he just hasn’t actually tried dominating her yet despite her probably being the one who would ask for it the most.

He walks up to Alice, leans over her, and places his arms on the back of the couch around her so that she is trapped in front of him between his arms.

Then, he opens his mouth and… and…

And he utterly fails at thinking of something to say that might be able to please both him and Alice.

Cassandra only needs actions when it comes to being dominated, but he knows that Alice likes dirty talk and being told fantasies – being told what he would do to her. But, he can’t think of anything that would probably satisfy her exotic fantasies that would also be realistic and within his means. There is also the fact that he can’t imagine himself saying any of those things without cringing at himself, thus chipping away at the brave mask he put on.

“Sorry,” he apologizes. “I’m just not good at this sort of thing in real life. Without being Fenrir and having no idea what to do… I—”

Alice loops her arms around his neck, pulls him closer, and places a kiss on his lips.

“Thank you, my wonderful hero,” she says. “The fact that you wish to try is all that I need to be satisfied. Please, do not ever feel the need to force yourself to act in a different way than you would like to for me. It is not fair if you are the one always spoiling me and I never get to spoil you, after all!”

“What are you talking about? You’re all the ones who spoil me if anything. I should at least be able to try to do something like this for you.”

“I am torn between letting you believe that so I may use it against you for my own gain, or correcting you so that you realize just how wonderful you are and how you spoil us all without even realizing it. Hm. Cassandra, what do you think?”

“Use it against him,” Cassandra says.

“Very well! Ryouta – my hero, in exchange for being spoiled so much, I have a demand for you.”

“What?” he asks.

“Kiss here,” Alice says, pointing at the side of her neck.

He doesn’t know why she wants him to kiss her there, but he does as she wants.

“Make sure to bite, too,” Alice says.

“Am I kissing or biting?”


Ryouta kisses and bites the spot on her neck.

“Is that all? Please, continue doing so until I tell you to stop. Do not let my neck leave your mouth until then.”

Just as she ordered, Ryouta bites and kisses her neck in the same spot until she eventually gives the order to stop.

“A-ahn, yes, th-that is enough,” Alice whines.

Ryouta pulls away and notices the large hickey that he has left on her otherwise-flawless neck. He isn’t sure how he should feel about the fact that he just left such a gruesome looking mark on somebody as innocent looking as Alice. There is also the fact that she is basically royalty. If she still had cameras on her and was seen out in public with such a mark on her… that would be the sort of thing to make it into headlines across the globe.

“Thank you, my hero! Now, everybody will see that I belong to you when we go shopping,” Alice says. “Ah, and you should give one to Cassandra on the opposite side of her neck! Then we may match.”

Ryouta looks at Cassandra who already has her hair out of the way and is tilting her head to give him more space to work with.

He gets to work.

It takes a minute, but both girls now have matching hickeys that would face each other whenever they walk side-by-side.

“Now, when we go shopping tomorrow, they should be in prime condition to show off!” Alice explains with a pleased smile as she happily sways from side to side.

“We’re wearing scarves,” Cassandra says, “or something that will cover our necks.”

“It will not be cold enough for either of those.”

“Do you want everybody in town to think we’re a bunch of deviants? Most of the people around here are middle-aged. They’re going to think we’re a bunch of young, perverted deviants who just fool around all day and are probably going to corrupt the local kids or something. Wait… why do you look excited about that? Never mind, I know why.”

“Just imagine all of their disapproving glares! Concerned mothers on their way to football practice would cover their children’s eyes and tuck them away behind them to shield them from us! Ah, would that not make our acts much more exciting? To know that we are doing that which society judges and shuns us for!”

“Isn’t the stereotype soccer instead of football?”

“Hmm? What was that, Cassandra?” Alice asks with a tilted head and closed eyes.

“Isn’t it soccer—”

“Oh my, I do believe that an insect just now buzzed past my ear as you were talking. Would you care to repeat yourself?”

“I-isn’t it… instead of football… isn’t the stereotype about moms taking their kids to baseball or… so-soccer prac—”

“Cassandra, my dear.”


“There is football, and there is American football.”

“And socc—”

“No, no. Only those lower than insects would dare to defile football’s name like that.”


Fenrir tries to help Cassandra out by explaining, “Cass, most of the world calls socc—”

Alice opens her eyes to glare at him.

“—mo-most of the world calls the sport where you kick a ball around on a field into nets ‘football.’ Calling it the word that starts with S and ends with R is a pretty American thing, I think. I don’t know. I’m not that familiar with it mysel—”

“My hero! You are not familiar with the wonderful sport that is football? I know that there is no such thing as a truly perfect man, but for you to be lacking in such knowledge… I may have to reconsider our relationship.”

“Is – is soccer—”

“Ryouta, I may not legally be royalty, but I assure you that I may still slap with the force of a queen putting her peasants in their place.”


“Now then, apologize for your wrongdoing and I may still consider our relationship valid.”

“I’m sorry for calling football the S word.”

“Excellent,” Alice says, pulling Ryouta close again to give him another kiss.

“You weren’t… actually considering anything because of that, right?”

“Oh, I most certainly was.”


“Of course! I was considering whether or not I would have to give you a history lesson on the cultural significance of football. I am still going to ensure that you become educated in the topic the next time the World Cup comes around, as we are going to watch every match of it together, but until then, I will be satisfied with having you memorize the rules of the sport.”

“What about Cass?”

Cassandra freezes halfway up the stairs where she was hoping to escape to.

“Of course! My dear Cassandra will be every bit as educated as you are if not moreso! It appears that even with your insignificant knowledge regarding the perfection that is football, Cassandra somehow knows even less! Therefore, you will both be educated, and Cassandra will require even more of this education.”

“If I have to go through it, so do you,” Ryouta tells Cassandra.

Cassandra sighs and says, “Fine. I’ll learn about s—football. I’m just not into sports stuff, so don’t blame me if I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“We shall make sure that Serra becomes educated as well!” Alice explains. “We may even set up a webcam session with Aza so that she, too, may join in on our classroom.”

While learning about football doesn’t exactly sound entertaining about Ryouta, he has to admit that it’s nice seeing Alice so passionate about something other than fantasizing about herself getting violated by gruesome monsters in manners that would likely kill her if they really happened. He also can’t help but to imagine her dressed up in football apparel in front of a television cheering and shouting at it. In fact, he really wants to see that now.

“Do they make sweater versions of jerseys?” Ryouta asks.

“Whether they do or not already does not matter when you have enough money!” Alice says with a smile.

“Good point. We need to – wait, speaking of what we need to do… I didn’t come back here for nothing. I wanted to tell you both to come immerse back into the game.”

“Is it already light out?”

“No, but we made a new friend who—”

“A new friend?” Cassandra asks, her arms already crossed over her chest. “Is this new friend a girl?”


Cassandra sighs as Alice says, “Oh my. We have barely left you alone and you are already replacing us!”

“It’s not like that, I swear. We just… it’s kind of a weird situation. I’ll explain the situation once we’re back in-game. I don’t want to keep Serra waiting there with her for long.”

“You left Serra alone with her? Serra?” Cassandra asks.

“I mean, Rock and Shogun are there to protect her, and our avatars will come into action to help defend her if they need to, so—”

“I’m not worried about that. You left Serra alone with another woman. Don’t you know what that means?”

“Oh. Well, I mean… I think it’ll be fine? She was still pretty shy around her since we don’t know that much about her yet, so I don’t think that Serra could move that quickly when she could barely even talk to her before I left. It… should be fine.”

Ryouta pauses for a few moments to think about it.

“Wait,” he says. “Is she really that bad?”

“No, I’m just screwing around. I doubt she’d do anything unless we all wanted to,” Cassandra admits. “I just thought it’d be funny to say that. Sue me.”

“I’d rather grope you.”

“I can confirm that I would rather grope you than sue you as well,” Alice says. “Hm. Now that we are on the topic of groping, you did not even grope me back! I was enjoying your body so thoroughly, yet you only stayed there and made such cute whimpers and moans instead of playing with me back.”

“He-hey! It’s – it felt really good, and – I… I would have… probably… if we didn’t get interrupted,” Cassandra explains with blushing cheeks.

“I should have tried hiding better. Seeing you two grope each other would have been fun,” Ryouta says.

“We’re hiding next time so that you can’t watch.”

“That’s no fun. You even gave me permission to watch earlier.”

“If you want to watch then you have to earn it by finding us! O-or something.”

“I see how it is.”


“My hero,” Alice says, “please assist me to the room so that we may immerse ourselves.”

“Alright,” Ryouta says. “See you in-game, Cass.”

“Don’t make me wait too long,” Cassandra says, finishing her journey up the stairs.

Now that Alice and Ryouta are alone, Alice lifts her arms up and wiggles them around. “Pick me up,” she orders.

“You’re like a little kid,” Ryouta says.

“If that is the case, should I begin calling you ‘father’? No, I believe that ‘daddy’ would be more appropriate in this case.”

“I’ll pass on that.”

“Do you not want to spoil me like a daughter?”

“I would rather not think about you as a daughter and spoiling you in the way that I know you want to be spoiled.”

Alice lowers her arms and pouts. “You are no fun, father.”

“Please don’t.”

She giggles and then says, “Then please, as per usual, carry me like your princess rather than your daughter.”

“That I can do, my princess.”

Calling her that gets even more giggling out from Alice as he scoops her up into his arms and carries her like a princess.

“I shall make sure to reward you for this. May you please shift me a bit more to your right?” Alice asks.

“Like this?” he asks, moving his arms to the right some more which brings her head closer to his.

“Yes, thank you, my hero,” she whispers into his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

Now, he finds out what her idea of a reward is as he feels her lips press against his neck. Her soft, delicate lips do not just place a single kiss on his neck, either. They gently and continuously cover the side of his neck in some of the softest kisses that he has ever felt. The softness of each kiss only adds to how sensual they are, and they are quick to get a reaction out of him as he tries to carry her up the stairs without getting distracted enough to drop her.

“This is dangerous,” he tells her. “What if I drop you?”

She ignores his question to give the lobe of his ear a quick little nip before returning to peppering his neck and now shoulder with her kisses.

“Does it feel good, my hero?” Alice asks.

“I – I think this might be the most kisses I’ve ever gotten at once. It might be awakening something in me,” Ryouta answers.

With a smile, Alice presses her lips back against his neck to continue worshipping it with her kisses.

Before Ryouta realizes it, he has brought Alice to the bed in their bedroom rather than the gaming room where all of their virtual reality headsets are.

“Oh? My hero? This is not the room that I thought you would bring me to,” Alice teases, whispering into his ear with her lips almost pressed against it.

“I – I got distracted,” Ryouta says.

“Oh? I wonder what could have caused that.”

Ryouta starts turning around, but he’s too slow.

Alice, with her arms wrapped around him, wiggles out from his arms and pulls her down with him as she drops onto the bed.

“We may as well play for a few minutes since we are already here, yes?” Alice asks as one hand tugs down on her shirt just enough to show some cleavage as her other hand cups his cheek.

“You’re really bold today, aren’t you?”

“Sadly, thanks to your interruption, Cassandra was the only one who got to deal with her pent-up needs. Would you please assist me in sating my own desires before we return to a world where we will not get such privacy? I may have masochistic fantasies, but forcing me to endure this heat would be far too cruel.”

Ryouta, for once being the one with burning cheeks, gulps and nods as he slides her farther up the bed and climbs on top of her.

“We have to be fast since they’re waiting for us,” he says.

Alice grabs one of his hands and pulls it down to her crotch. “Then I suppose we should get to it, yes?”

And so, Ryouta discovers that Alice is not only passionate about football and that she makes an amazing neck-kisser, but that even she has her needy, sexual moments.

She helps him relieve his own desires after he helps her, of course, resulting in them taking a quick bath before finally going back into Fantasy Tales Online.