Chapter 3: Injury
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"Uhm, about that...can we settle it with a kiss on the cheek?" said Natasha while scratching her head.

Gorn got up, and came closer to her. Pointing to his forehead he asked: "Is the word 'idiot' written here?"

"What are you saying all of a sudden, no of course not..."

Gorn's face turned a little cold: "Good, then stop treating me like an idiot before I beat the shit out of you."


She was a good actress, but Gorn had no time for such childish acts.

"If you want to survive then I recommend you to man up fast. Also, that body of yours will cause you only troubles, so I suggest you cover it up when you have the chance."

Natasha did not know what to say. The outcome turned totally different from what she expected.

"As for your reward, keep it to yourself."

With these words Gorn returned to his initial position. The world was changing at a fast pace, a change in attitude was also a good idea.

'In this world I don't longer need to pretend being nice. Mother, please forgive me for the things I'm about to do...'

A few minutes of awkward silence followed.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Natasha worried.

"We? I'm not your nanny, you what you want."

"Why are you so cold Gorn?"

Gorn smirked: "How is this cold? or do you expect me to treat you as a queen because you look good? No, forget about that, if you give me a kiss I'll make sure to protect you with my life."

His irony could be detected by even a chicken. Natasha made an ugly face.

'Fuck, this heartless bastard...'

After resting for a sufficient amount of time, Gorn went towards the small river.

"This water is crystal clear, and looks very clean."

Normally he would like to boil it or something, but he was afraid that the fire, and smoke might attract unwanted attention.

"Fuck it, I'll take a risk."

With his increase in power he was somewhat confident he would not die. Taking a few mouthfuls of water he felt refreshed.

"This is so good!"

"Hey, aren't you afraid you might get sick from that water?" asked Natasha from the side.

"There is a possibility for that happening, but, let's just hope that no goblin took a shit in this water upstream."

Natasha's face distorted weirdly. Being hydrated, Gorn wanted to take advantage of the sunlight and look around the area a little more.

"Hey, where are you going? Don't leave me alone." Seeing the leaving figure of Gorn, Natasha panicked.

"See that big tree? That will be my base for the time being. There are goblins around this area, so if you are not prepared to kill a few, then I suggest you hide somewhere. If you want to stay with me then think of a way to become useful before I return."

With those words he disappeared from Natasha's line of sight. His current plan was to secure the area around his new founded base.

"If it wasn't for this dangerous situation, I would really love to take a nap under a tree, the scenery is so nice, and the air feels so cool..."

Gorn did not have time to think about anything else, for he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder. To his horror he saw an arrow deeply inserted in his muscles.

'Ahh! This hurts like hell!'

In the next moment he was assaulted by two goblins. Because of the pain his moves became sluggish. The fear of the hidden archer made him run around like a fool. Some panic was clearly visible on his face. Another arrow came flying. Luckily this one did not hit him. Adrenaline kicked in, after frantically looking around he saw a goblin with a bow hidden in a nearby patch of tall grass.

"This fucker!"

With hate he plunged towards that direction and stabbed his knife in the goblin's throat. Next, he killed the other two goblins. Blood was constantly pouring out from his shoulder, as well as from different wounds he suffered from the other two goblins.

Points +2

Points +1

Points +1

Grabbing the arrow that was lodged inside his shoulder he broke a part of it then pushed the rest deeper, until it came out from the other side. The position of the arrow allowed him to do what he did. This way he avoided even a greater injury.

"This hurts so bad!"

Gorn's body was drenched in sweat and blood. Taking a quick look at the arrow head he breathed out in relief.

"It doesn't look like it was poisoned."

He wasn't careless, it was just that the goblins were lying there in ambush. Since it was starting to get late, Gorn clenched his teeth, and left towards his base after plundering everything that the goblins had.

If this kind of situation happened without him passing the first stage, and obtaining that power up potion, then things could have turned differently.

After half an hour he reach the small river.

"What happened?" screamed Natasha while rushing to help Gorn.

"Some goblins ambushed me." Seeing her worried face he added: "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

His words were not empty, as a matter of fact his bleeding stopped by the time he reached the river. He felt tired from the blood loss, as well as the psychological burden.

"It's getting dark soon, let's climb the tree, and rest there for the night."

With some difficulty, and with the help of Natasha Gorn climbed the tree. Being almost ten meters above the forest floor brought a sense of safety.