Chapter 1
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This is not canon.



“Maria! Come on, we got to go. The guys are waiting for us.” My Best friend Sandra Carrington, a tall, voluptuous blonde, pulled on my arm. Maria Sullivan, that’s me. Having arrived at the Punta Norte resort in Puntarenas, I wanted to take some time to soak up the sun or try some of the local cuisines. Sadly, that was not to be.

Sandra invited me to go with her boyfriend and some others from school for a Latin vacation before college. I didn’t mind hanging with her and Samuel her boyfriend, but they also invited Cassy Hargrove and Emilia Heart and their boyfriends. Cassy and Emilia were total bitches who lived to make my life miserable. Worse freshman year there had been a horrible rumor that I had slept with her boyfriend Jake. I did no such thing, but she’s hated me ever since.

So naturally being on a boat, sorry yacht, in the middle of the ocean is the last thing I want to do. Sadly, there was no getting around it. The yacht was anchored at the Puntarenas port. It was very impressive, but I’d have much rather have been back at the resort. Sandra threw her arms around me. “Cool right? it’s a luxury yacht. It belongs to Emilia’s family and get this they have a private chef who is going to cook for us!” She squealed hopping up and down in excitement. I smiled adoringly at her. I couldn’t help but go along with her. She was just too precious sometimes.

My mood soured the moment we reached the yacht. Cassy and Emilia stood on the deck of the yacht. I could see Cassy staring down her nose at me. Samuel, Jake, and Clark Emilia’s boyfriend were on the pier waiting for us. Samuel and Clark were decent enough, but Jake was a douche. Samuel and Clark took our bags. We followed them onto the deck of the yacht. The yacht's crew greeted us and offered us refreshments.

Once we left port Emilia lifted her glass above her head. “A toast. To a wild Latin adventure!” We all whooped and clinked our glasses. I did my best to be a good guest. Surprisingly, Emilia was very accommodating. I found a moment alone with her.


She turned to me. “What’s up?”

“Not that I’m complaining. But you’ve been really nice to me.” I paused for a moment. “Any reason why?”

Emilia snorted. “Well for one we’re not in high school anymore. It might sound stupid but knowing that I won’t have to put up with Cassy and the rest of the bitchettes makes me feel free.”

“So basically, you were a bitchette so you wouldn’t get bullied by the bitchettes?” I made a face. “That’s painfully cliché.”

Emilia shrugged. “Maybe, but it’s the truth.” She raised her glass to me. “Just try and have fun.” She stood then joined the others. Deciding it wasn’t a bad bit of advice I did. I danced and sang karaoke with everyone. There was a tv and PlayStation set up below deck. I enjoyed beating all the boys at the assortment of sport and racing games.

The boys shooed me out of the room. I graciously left doing a little victory dance. I had to admit I was having a fun time, at least till dinner time came about. The boat had been sailing at a steady pace out to see and as the day wore on, I noticed an island getting closer and closer in the distance. The Island looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The dinner was incredible and consisted of fish served with green beans and thinly cut sweat potatoes. The chef informed us the fish was Chilean sea bass. I never heard of it but it was sweat with and the sauce it was served on a citrus taste like lemon. If I could have married the dish I would have.

Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ended, and my nightmare began. The moment they had cleared the plates from the table, Cassy stood to address us. “First, I’d like to raise a glass to Emmy here for this awesome yacht.” She raised her glass towards Emilia. We all followed suit. “But you’re not here just to play on a yacht. I’m sure you noticed the Island outside.” She motioned with her hand. “That is the famed Island of Isla Nublar. I’ve brought you all here to go on a little safari with me to see some Dinosaurs!”