Chapter 9 – Touchy-Feely Rehab – Part Final
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"Help me."

Rena Koboko clung to Arthur Roma for dear life, making a plea to the male after her latest 'therapy session' went terribly wrong. After having been attacked by Rena, her psychiatrist finally managed to rise to his feet again, though there was an obvious strain on his face from him masking the pain he was in.

"Ahahahaha!.. Looks like someone's emotions are all over the place! Rena! Come on! We weren't even halfway finished yet! I have to make you perfect!"

He finally stepped out from the doorway, but didn't predict what was being prepared outside of the room.

Roma inhaled sharply. Sharper than he ever had in his entire life. Sure, it seemed like he wanted to be in this position - to be the knight in shining armor, the hero who could conquer all who stepped before him.

But fucking hell, that seemed so much easier and cooler in the movies.

But despite that, the psychiatrist didn't deter from his mission, which meant Roma couldn't either. Seeing the bastard take another step forward forced him to grow a massive pair, ball up his fist, and with a roar, swing that motherfucker harder than he ever had in his life.

He only prayed that his years spent in the kitchen helped at all with building up muscle in his arm. While that much wasn't immediately clear, at least his aim was on point. His fist met flush with the psychiatrist's nose, making the man stagger backwards a bit.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He growled while holding his now bloodied nose. Rena's eyes widened when she saw that he was still standing,


The man was still groggy by this point, but he did well to take and tank the strike. He was still in the driver's seat. He cleared his throat, and slowly began to force a smile, still fighting through the pains throughout his body,

"Rena?" He spoke, his voice much more stern than it had been prior, "Come here."

And even despite his bruised nose, Rena felt herself flinch. She wanted to resist, and even tried to mentally fight it, but her body denied her pleas, stepping towards the man anyway. His voice alone was enough to influence her decisions.

When the feeling of failure started to loom over Roma, that's when his confidence began to waver a bit. He truthfully put his all into that strike, and all he had gotten out of it was a drop of blood, and a momentary stagger. Not to mention that even despite the adrenaline pumping within his veins, he felt an ache within his hand, likely meaning that he broke a finger or maybe even two.

But it was far too late to back away from the situation at hand.

Roma stepped up a second time, though instead of a punch, he swung his elbow upwards, hoping that it'd have more impact than his punch, but this attack was much more predictable, and thus reactionary. The psychiatrist grabbed Roma's elbow and threw him into the nearest wall with a surprising amount of strength, making the brunette crash into it with a heavy thud.

"Fuck!" Roma grunted out, shocked to have his legs taken from under him in that fashion despite his being on the offensive.

"A-Arthur!" Rena cried, frozen in fear. The situation had gotten so out of hand for her that all she could do was stand and watch what unfolded, at least, until her hoodie was yanked and she was dragged back inside room 1001.

"Since you lot want to act like animals," The older man wrapped an arm around Rena's neck, cutting off her air circulation, while the other trailed her body, the exact same way it did in the closet… except this time with a vileness that was unwarranted,

"Where do you like, Rena? Here?!" A his hand took and squeezed a breast, making her shriek, "Or maybe here?!" He roughly grabbed at the other, "How about… here?!" His hand sunk, and he reached under the hoodie, now getting handsy with her rear.

All the while, Rena struggled to get free and cried out when she could. She knew this man was untrustworthy, but to openly violate her in this fashion, she couldn't have suspected something like this. Breaths were few and far between, and tears welled up within her eyes as she was choked and groped. She made a weak attempt to speak, but the grip was so tight that nothing escaped.

He was much stronger than she had anticipated, and she couldn't free herself from his grasp.

He was also getting ahead of himself though. A hand threatened to pull up and peel the hoodie from off of Rena's body, which left him unsuspecting of the door that flew open. Roma came charging through, yelling at the top of his lungs, and lowering his head.

Then, at the risk of letting Rena become momentary collateral damage, he tackled the two of them, trying to at least allow Rena the opportunity to be freed from his grasp.

The psychiatrist fell onto his back, but Rena wasn't so lucky. The First-Seat's head actually ended up slamming onto the ground, taking most of the hit from the fall.

"..uhn…" She slowly opened her eyes, but could only see blue and purple, and her vision was thoroughly spotty from the impact. The therapist was in a much better state however, managing to rise to his own feet again, though with a growl, he had finally been flustered and assaulted until his limit.

"Tch! I'm going to be late to my next appointment!" He barked harshly, his 'gentle' facade finally fading. He did point and glare at Roma however, "You will be in contact with my lawyers, boy. I will turn your life into a living hell!"

Further proof of his resignation was his walking right past Roma towards the front door, and save for the dirty looks that they exchanged as he exited, he did nothing else incriminating as he stormed off. Roma still had his own qualms on the situation though, and a few moments after his exit, Roma poked his head out from the front door, calling to him as he limped down the hallway,


For the sake of his high school career, there was luckily no response, though when he returned to the room and closed the door behind himself, he still saw Rena lying on the floor, trying to come to her feet, but failing to,

"M-My… head…" She whimpered, managing to get as far as on all fours before sinking back onto the floor again. The sight made Roma sprint over, and he carefully rolled Rena onto  her back, scooping her up and carrying her in a bridal style,

"I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to hurt you too…" Roma apologized softly, clutching her tightly, but internally wincing from the pain currently searing through his hand.

"I-It's fine," Rena couldn't help but assure him in a whispering voice anyway. From her point of view, everything had still been some murky shade of blue, but at the very least, she could thankfully feel the warmth of Roma behind her. His touch made tears spill from the corners of her eyes, letting her be vulnerable enough to cry.

"I'm sorry… Your… hand… And him… And-"


Rena's list of grievances was surprisingly extensive. After they had concluded, her mind began to shut off a bit. She never did fall asleep, but a nice amount of time ended up passing where she was hardly responsive. Once it came to an end, she had a moment of clarity, suddenly shooting up and finding herself on a hospital bed.

"OW!" She cried, putting a hand on her head,

"Ow!..." She repeated, though this one wasn't as loud,

"ow…"  She uttered in a whimper this time.

Rena had a concussion. The fast movement, touching over her head, and subsequent yelling all ended up being painful for her. The corners of her eyes teared up, but her eyes still glanced around, almost in a panic. After just dealing with a doctor, the last thing she wanted was another.

"Morning, rival." A voice called to her, almost instantly calming the anxiety that began to build within her. Roma gave a small grin towards Rena, his fingers laced with hers. The softness in his voice didn't exactly match his energetic expression, but it was hard to deny that he was happy to see her.

"What are we doing here?... Oh! Your hand, is it okay?" Rena asked, wincing at the pain from her pounding head. A concussion was certainly a fitting assumption, and she groaned at the realization, closing her eyes and lightly rubbing her temples.

Roma noticed how timid she was towards everything, but began to smirk. It was something foolish to feel so proud over, but he couldn't help himself. Slowly unlatching his right hand from hers, he began to lift up his left hand…

…revealing a cast that led all the way up to his forearm.

"Yeah, I already had it checked out by him." Roma assured Rena, using his free hand to gently stroke the top of Rena's head, a gesture met by another whimper from her.

"It's a little fucked, but I'm cool, Remma."

"...Arthur, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to get hurt…"

She looked down and towards the floor, her eyes remaining  tear-filled as she mentally questioned how she could've prevented him from getting hurt.

It was at that point that Arthur's expression became dark, and he began to rub his hands together menacingly.

"If you want to make it up to me, then I have an idea…"

Whatever he was implying, it almost was certainly something vile, lewd, disgusting, and degenerate. Who knew just what was swirling within his demented mind. With a clear chance to blackmail the First-Seat of Sekai-Ryouri, he almost certainly was not going to miss the opportunity to be the biggest bastard on earth.

"As punishment for my injury…. Tonight, be it with, or against your will… You…"

He'd lick his lips, and looked truly disgraceful, this Arthur Roma.

"...will allow me to cook dinner for the both of us."