Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

In the void, a small animal was being formed

Days, Weeks, Years went by and yet it all happened instantly

Lump after lump

Hair after hair

Every part was slowly formed but it all was quick, to form the figure of a white fox.

It had opened its eyes to see a forest of green and the bright light of the sun beat down upon its fur.

Having no will of its own it simply followed its instinct and began to move about. As time went by it had found something, it had long white ears and a bushy small tail, ‘prey’, it knew that it was food and pounced.

It failed; the small animal had gotten away.

Its first moment of failure. It hated it.

Again, and again, and again it tried to hunt its prey, but it had failed every time.

She had begun to notice that she was lacking something that the rest of them had.

Walking around the forest she began to starve. The feeling of failure and the hunger in her stomach had begun to get to her but slowly she began to think, many ideas began to flood her brain. Grabbing a bundle of sticks in her mouth she began to set traps.

After hours of waiting, it worked; looking down into the pit a white rabbit had its neck skewered on one of the sharpened spikes in the pit

Taking a bite and explosion of flavors overloaded her senses, she had finally been able to eat but while eating she felt a warm aura exit the prey and into her body, it seemed to be searching for something but couldn’t find it and slowly dissipated. She had begun to panic she know that this wasn’t right, she didn’t know why but had a strong feeling that this aura was the thing that she was missing.

‘No, please’

She had no idea what just happened, the sounds coming from inside of her head, or the feeling of that aura leaving her body.

‘What is happening’

It had happened again, these strange words had begun to flood her mind, they only gave birth to more words.

‘Why do I feel like this’

‘What does that mean’

‘How is this happening’

‘What are these sounds’

As more of these questions were asked, she had slowly begun to understand what they were

‘Am I the one making these noises’

It had hit her, these were her own thoughts, this was how she was able to speak, this was how her ideas came to her.

Her consciousness had begun to develop

*Rustle rustle* The sound of leaves moving could be heard behind her, but she was too focused on the sounds going on in her mind, this action would lead to her downfall. The presence had begun to sneak up behind her and before she could react it had pounced.


Landing on her the beast and the fox had begun rolling on the ground as they stopped the fox was pinned onto the soil by the paws of the beast. Looking at the beast it had the appearance of a mongoose, but it was large, there was a feeling in her that it shouldn’t be this big, but this wasn’t as important as the sharp teeth bearing down and snapping down on her neck.

Its teeth were so close and yet I can’t push it off, ‘Why’, This can’t be my death I must live ‘Why!’ I need something, anything to get out of here but I can’t come up with anything, hopelessness, I will not give in. Its teeth were only getting closer, my arms were only getting weaker as it seemingly getting stronger, ‘WHY!’ Out of desperation I began to thrash about, as the dirt picked up it had gotten into the eyes of the mongoose, ‘My chance!’ As it was clutching its eyes in pain, I made a break for it.

I ran with all my might, the trees were nothing but flashes in my vision, but they had begun to become sparse until there were no trees left, looking forward I saw a massive ravine, ‘Shi- ‘ before I could even begin to slow down a mass of weight rushed me from behind, it was the mongoose.

We had begun to roll down the walls of the ravine as small spikes and rocks cut and bruised us as we wrestled to our deaths, The mongoose had finally got me, I was in a bear hug as it finally bit down on my neck, my blood had begun to flow rapidly out of my neck, it was quite surreal, as we bounced off the walls of the ravine, we reached terminal velocity and so my blood had started to flout next to me as the mongoose began to enjoy its meal. Looking down as my vision had begun to go dark, I spotted a stalagmite below us on the ground, ‘If I’m going to die, you’re going to die with me’ With the last of my strength I managed to flip our positions so that the mongoose’s back was facing the stalagmite.

‘I hope you like being penetrated bastard’ The stalagmite had impaled the mongoose while I managed to evade the spike.

‘Haha’ *Splat* The fox had become a splat of blood and guts on the ground of the ravine but one of her limbs had landed on a blue orb located between some rocks.

[Congratulations, you have found the latened inheritance of ###, The Great Stalker of the Night, aka me (✿◠‿◠)]

[You have killed a lv.5 Mongoose]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

So during my school day I watched this movie, "Words bubble up like pop soda" It was really cute, I like it.