Screw Toads
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Chapter 7

The way I chose seemed to be headed up from what I felt, you can never know within this mist, and the mist seemed to become a little thinner as I moved further down this path.

I don’t think the mist will ever disappear based on what the <Observe> skill said about the mist, but I can still hope that I could be somewhere where I could actually see the entire room that I am in.

As I walked the slope was becoming level as I had entered a large area, the only thing that I could make out from my surroundings was the grass and moss that covered the ground and what seemed to be the tip of an enormous tree leaf, I seemingly fell upward but who knows that just might be how it grows, it is a giant leaf after all.

<Host has now entered the Inverted Wilds>

<New Mission>

Find the source of the gravitation disturbance within the Inverted Wilds.

Reward: +5 to all stats

Time limit: 20 days

Failure: A part of your being will be confiscated

‘Well and here I thought I only had one mission’ My mood was now ruined thanks to the new mission.



The next thing I knew a large, spiked tongue has come down from the mist above me and cut a large wound on the side of my stomach.

<Heath: 120/200>

<Host has been inflicted with Bleeding. The host will lose 5 health per second>

‘Shit!’ This hurt like hell. Blood was now rapidly flowing out of my side.

“Thud!” A toad, about 3 meters in height had landed in front of me, looking down on me like I was his next meal.

<Lv.5 Mist Toad>

‘Like hell, I’m going to die to a toad’ The bleeding in my side was quickly weakening me but for some reason, I was still able to move just fine.

I quickly swipe at the toad with my paw on the face of the toad and do a surprising amount of damage, taking a large chunk of the toad’s face off.

‘Damn!?’ looking down at my paw with surprise and admiration, but this wasn’t the right time to be admiring my striking power as the toad still wasn’t down for the count as it seemed to only be angered by my “devastating” blow.

It hopped back about 6 meters away from me retreated into the mist and began to launch its tongue attacks at me.

‘Damn, why does it have to fight so cowardly’ I was able to slightly dodge each blow by seeing the distortions within the mist from its attacks.

<Heath: 40/200>

My health was getting low and I needed to end this quick to do something about this bleeding. As the toad’s next tongue attack came at me from within the mist, I swiftly dodged its attack and ran down the side of its tongue, and approached it at rapid speeds

<Heath: 20/200>

<Host’s health has reached 10% of its total, the body will now be shutting down>

‘What the hell!!!’ My legs had given in but my momentum had launched me towards the toad, It was my last chance before I would be dead for real this time, I open my jaw and try and bite the toad as a last-ditch effort but it was for not as the toad had simply dodge and its now-retracted tongue had simply latched on to me dealing that last bit of my health.

<Health: 0/200>

<Host has now died>

The last thing I saw before I died was the inside of a toads slimy mouth.