Lola’s Prologue |Chapter: 1
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   I knew the price of this mission, I knew it would probably be my last mission, furthermore, I was paid a lot of money to kill my sister-in-law. So I waited until the time was 12:10 at night. Walking up to the wooden building my sister-in-law was living in, I locked the windows from the outside. I took out my matchbox, took a match, and struck it against the box. The match lit with despair, knowing what would come next. Placing the lit match on the grass, it soon erupted into a blazing inferno. Running towards the road, I could see there was nothing impeding my route. Running into a dark alleyway, while the house behind me burned. I could hear a shrill scream coming from the house set ablaze. Dark clouds appearing on the horizon, I could tell it would put the fire out. 

   “Damn, it is going to rain” I quickly muttered to myself.

   I soon ran to the meeting point to get into the car as planned. Meeting with the driver of the mission, I placed all of my gear on the floorboard of the car, while the member stepped on the gas peddle.

   "How did it go?" The driver asked me with a curious tone.

"Lack-luster, but I completed the mission" I stated back towards the driver. The plan was for the driver to drop me off at a secluded place. As we neared the drop-off point, a fire-truck with its sirens blaring, and lights flashing quickly passed us to appear at the house I burned down. Next, a cop-car passed us, as we slowly started panicking, another car from behind us tried to pass us. While we observed this happening, the driver of the cop-car swerved to avoid the other driver passing us on the right, crashing into our car. The equipment in the cop-car made it heavier than our car, making the crash more fatal on our side. As the front glass window of our car endured the impact, it shattered. The broken glass, impaling the driver and me. Bleeding out, I tried to quickly remove the glass, and bandage the wounds, but I immediately fell unconscious. Suffering from the blood-loss, I soon died in the back of an ambulance. My soul left my body helplessly.

"Died in a crash after committing a murder for a bounty put on your sister-in-law's head. To repent for your sins, you are going to hell." The goddess in front of Lola said.

"B-B-But," Lola started.

"I don't care for your testimony. I have seen enough now, off you go." The goddess stated, and suddenly a portal opened and Lola is soon pushed in by an invisible force. Everything for Lola went black.

I hope you enjoyed the prologue. If you see any errors, please tell me and I will see if I can fix it. Thank you for reading. I will try to post at least once every month. I found out how to do it now.