Lucy’s prologue | Chapter: 2
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As Lucy places the dishes in the sink, she yawns, and gets ready for bed. Walking into her room, Lucy jumps on the bed, immediately falling into rem sleep. 

As hours pass, Lucy slowly awakens to the sound of a fire alarm. Thinking it is just a false alarm, she closes her eyelids and ignores the sound. However, before she falls asleep again, Lucy smells faint smoke wafting in the air.

Lucy jumps out of bed to check on the house. Inhaling smoke while checking around the house. The orange flames impair Lucy's vision as well as the smoke. As Lucy drops onto all fours to traverse the house, her lungs burn, and her eyes are watering. 

The fire blocks her escape, so she drops to her stomach to evade the spreading fire. She then crawls back to her bedroom to escape out of the window in her room. As Lucy tries to open the window, she finds that it is locked from the outside. 

Knowing she would probably end up dead from the inferno, she screamed at a shrill volume.

"Hopefully someone will hear it and help me." Lucy states. 

After 4 minutes of fiddling with the locked window, she gives up, and is in the late stages of suffocation. Lucy's body begins shutting down less important areas to survive longer. However, this also includes her consciousness. 

While unconscious, the fire enters the room and eventually engulfing everything in her room. Drawing her last breath filled with carbon dioxide, she dies a painful death.

"Burned to death during your slumber, how unfortunate you are to be killed by your own sister-in-law. Hahaha-. Who knew your sister-in-law would be an arsonist? However, I will say your killer is your sister-in-law, Lola. I have made sure she will be punished for her sin."

Immediately, a portal opened behind the god in front of Lucy. Feeling weightless, her spirit was pushed into the open portal. 

[Ding, host confirmed~].

Hope you enjoyed the second chapter. I will try to work out a plan for this story in the meantime. I myself am looking forward to watching this story, and my writing skills develop. By the way I am looking for a proofreader, if you want to help me out you can chat with me.


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