Status | Chapter: 3
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[Ding host confirmed]

[Initializing body..1%..34%..67%..87%..100%]

[Host body confirmed]

The void surrounded Lucy's soul. She looked around into the nothingness. Still finding nothing, she turned to counting to pass the time.

"1..70..210..538" Lucy blandly spoke. Suddenly, a text box appeared and told her..

[Gained skill mental calculation LV 1]

[Gained skill mental resistance LV 1]

Lucy could feel the changes made to her soul, because she did not have a body that she knew of.

"Oh... What is this?" Lucy asked.

Nothing replied. She stared at the small text box in front of her. She could feel it stare back at her. Feeling that something was off, she decided to probe further.

[Opening status according to host's feelings]

[Name: N/A

Gender: N/A

Age: 9 minutes

Race: living shield

Level: 1

Health: 50 of 50

Mana: 10 of 10

Skills: Physical defense LV 1, Mental calculation LV 1, & Mental resistance LV 1]



"What?!" Lucy excitedly exclaimed. Lucy was surprised to see this information about herself. Seeing these new skills brought her joy she never had in her last life. Lucy continued counting.

[Ding- Mental calculation LV 2]

[Ding- Mental calculation LV 3]

[Ding- Mental calculation LV 4]

[Ding- Mental calculation LV 5]

[Ding- Mental resistance LV 2]

[Ding- Mental resistance LV 3]

Lucy continued counting until there was an interesting interruption.

[Health: 43 of 50]

[Ding- Physical defense LV 2]

"Oww" Lucy felt the pain.

[Health: 37 of 50]

[Ding- Physical defense LV 3]

[Health: 32 of 50]

[Ding- Physical defense LV 4]

"What is happening?!" Lucy asked.

[Host is losing health because of damage]

"Not very helpful are you?" Lucy continued.

"It still hurts everywhere!" Lucy added.

[Ding- Gained skill pain resistance LV 1]

[Health: 28 of 50]

[Health: 24 of 50]

[Ding- defense LV 5]

[Ding- level up]

[Health: 21 of 100]

[Ding- gained skill health recovery LV 1]

[Name: N/A

Gender: N/A

Age: 28 minutes

Race: living shield

Level: 2

Health: 21 of 100

Mana: 10 of 15

Skills: Physical defense LV 5, Mental calculation LV 5, & Mental resistance LV 3, Pain resistance LV 1, Health recovery LV 1]

[Health: 18 of 100]

[Health: 15 of 100]

[Health: 12 of 100]

[Ding-  Physical defense LV 6]

"No-no-no-No-no" Lucy panicked.

[Health: 10 of 100]

[Health: 8 of 100]

[Health: 6 of 100]

[Health: 4 of 100]

[Health: 2 of 100]

[Ding- Physical defense LV 7]

[Health: 1 of 100]

"Thankfully, the text stops here" 

[Ding- ...]

"Aahhhhhhhh-No" Lucy screams, not even bothering to read the last message in front of her. This is because she knew she would die for the second time.

Thank you for reading up to this point. I have some future ideas for this story. Sorry for the cliffhanger, and such a short chapter, but I can't think of another way to progress the story otherwise. Who knows if Lucy will live, or die. I mean, I did kill three people in the first chapter. Don't think I won't do it again.