Chapter 32 – Potential
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Months have passed since the meteor strike that killed many of the people who lived in Spencer's kingdom occurred, the people had long recovered and were rebuilding all they lost. Graves were made to respect those that had died during the collision and Spencer made sure to have Specially made gravestones for Cassius, Dinah, and Hagen to represent their importance to the kingdom.

The kingdom was almost completely rebuilt. The crater where the meteor had fallen was restricted from the population and was kept under constant watch after realizing what it could do. The crater was also surrounded by a purple energy field that was placed by Spencer, the field would prevent any forms of life from entering by knocking back all organisms that come in contact with it.

Breaching into a secluded cut-off area surrounded by walls, two silhouettes could be observed sitting on padded floors in a criss-cross position. Both had their eyes closed and were in a state of deep meditation, one silhouette releasing a mass of purple energy that was being absorbed by the smaller silhouette in front of it.

This area was built by Spencer to personally train those that he decided upon. The place was built and reinforced with his bare hands to withstand intense sparring sessions with whomever he decided to train. The area also held training equipment and gear used to allow for more variety, there was even a sleeping facility built-in. All hidden and covered by an energy barrier that blocked out any disturbances without failure, as well as stopping all sound from escaping to the outside.

Coming closer to observe, the two seemed to be enveloped in a field. The larger silhouette releasing surging purple energy could be identified as Spencer, sitting opposite to him sat Castor who was slowly absorbing the energy he emitted. Time passing, the two came out of their meditation and focused on each other.

"So, how does it feel?" Spencer asked.

Looking at herself, she was confused.

"Uhm... Strange?" She replied with uncertainty in her voice.

Smiling at her expression, Spencer patted her head and ruffled her hair.

"Don't worry, you will get used to it!"

Since the awakening of Castor's powers a few months ago due to the meteorite, she has been under the constant care of Spencer to help her maintain control. The abilities she awakened were mysterious. It appeared that she could absorb the energy around her and use it as she sees fit, but the downside was that she had no control over when her abilities would activate.

Spencer discovered her abilities when he noticed a massive change in her life force when compared to the others, along with the fact that she almost killed her brothers when her powers activated as she embraced them.

Since then, Spencer has been keeping her close to prevent her from harming anyone else, while trying to teach her control as best as he could. Spencer, on the other hand, was a different story, his abilities were much more phenomenal in their capabilities, they seemed to have absolutely no end to how they could be applied by him.

From manifesting objects into reality to changing the very world around him, he was capable of creating a plethora of condensed energy-based constructs on any scale he so wished, whilst also being able to simply manipulate the matter around him to suit his preference. Spencer's abilities were only limited by his imagination and the source of his powers seemed to have no boundary. With every waking moment, he only felt more and more powerful, though he couldn't help but feel that he was constantly on the verge of losing control of his power.

The brothers themselves have not developed any abilities, although Spencer felt that he should do something about this. Having others gain some form of power would allow for his kingdom to have better protection and be much more of a threat in the future.

The thought of allowing his entire kingdom to be filled with metahumans ran through his mind occasionally, and he was very tempted to do so, but he was also very hesitant. He did not have the means to keep the potential future metahumans under control.

He released his hand from Castor's head and backed away. Reaching what he deemed to be a good enough distance, he raised his hand and spoke.

"Okay, I want you to try and attack me however you want!"

Hearing Spencer's words, Castor was extremely hesitant, but upon seeing the carefree smile plastered on his face, she relaxed and nodded her head. Holding her hands forward, Castor began to strain herself trying to use her powers to attack, but nothing was happening.

Seeing this scene, Spencer couldn't help but admire how adorable Castor looked at the moment, he wanted to run up and hug her, but he held himself back.

"Having trouble?"

In response,  she only nodded her head, slightly embarrassed.

"Hmm… How about instead of trying to force it, just let it out naturally."

Listening to his suggestion, Castor loosened herself and began to breathe deeply. Placing her hands forward once more, strands of energy began to leak from her body and converge at her palms. The energy formed into an unstable ball of energy that continued to fail in maintaining its shape.

Looking at the sorry excuse of an energy ball, Spencer only shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

"I see. For now, I think you should focus on maintaining that ball of energy to keep its shape for more than a second."

Castor was slightly discouraged from Spencer's words, but she continued to try and form the ball of energy in her palms with extreme focus. He didn't fail to notice her slight discouragement and decided to give her a little encouragement.

Harnessing his essence, Spencer generated six rippling orbs of purple energy above his head and made them float around him like bees.

"If you keep practicing, you can use this little trick to show off to your brothers!" he said grinning at the little girl.

Castor only smiled at his actions, but Spencer could notice that she started to take it a little more seriously from the energy ball stabilizing.

"I will leave you to your practice for now. If you get tired or hungry feel free to make use of the living area, okay?" Spencer said, making an opening in the energy field and floating to the outside.





Right now Spencer could be seen sitting around a table in his castle accompanied by Mishka, Quintus, and his family. Mishka sat on a chair to Spencer's left while Quintus, his wife, and two sons were seated to his right.

"We need to talk."

The reason why Spencer brought everyone into his castle was to discuss a drastic change that could decide the fate of the entire kingdom and its people but most importantly the fate of his friends.

Sending glances to everyone at the table, Spencer began to speak.

"Do you all remember what happened to little Castor a few months back?"

As Spencer spoke about the almost tragic event that transpired, Yarok and Hopi shivered at the mere memory of what happened, of how they were almost placed on the brink of death by the innocent embrace of their cute little sister.

"I know it has been some time since the incident, and I know you all are worried, but she is fine. She is doing good, don't worry. What we are about to discuss, is more important." He solemnly spoke.

Quintus, Mishka, Rose Yarok, and Hopi all looked at Spencer strangely, they couldn't understand what he was getting at. Putting his hands together, Spencer continued.

"How would you all like to be a part of a higher power?"