1. The Road of Power
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Huang Lu was born a nobody. That's normal as stories go, and extremely typical in a world of cultivators. After all, if the sect cultivators were all somebodies, then there had to be the others, the nobodies.

Huang Lu was one of those nobodies.

"Stop running Lu!" The brigands chased after Lu, and he ran. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The woods zoomed by behind him, and he ventured into the chasms beyond of the hills. "We just want your bread!"

Lu wasn't going to share his bread. Nope.

He ran. The baddies were behind him. He was faster.

He heard a swoosh.

A swoooooooooooooooooosh.

He felt a hard kick on his butt, and he flew across the sky, and crashed into a tree. He rolled down the tree, and he grabbed whatever he could. He rolled down the tree, and he slipped. The chasms was just below. Huang Lu rolled.

"Oh fuck, did we just kick Lu down the Forbidden Chasm of the Royals?"

Lu felt his body smash and crash, and hit some strange thing. The last he remembered, was that he splashed into a black pool. Lu thought he was going to die.


When he woke up, his body wasn't injured at all. "The hell?"

He looked around, and it was pitch black, except, for a distant, faint golden light. Huang Lu followed the light, and as he followed it, he soon came upon a Golden Pedestal.

On it, was a golden, shining scroll. It was mostly gibberish.

Huang Lu didn't know why, but he stepped forward, and he touched the glowing scroll.

[ User Identified. Logging In. ]

[ User Huang Lu created. Huang Lu has unlocked the Royal Bloodline. You now derive power from the favor of the heavenly spirits. Your cultivation will now be infinitely linked to the sights and favors of the greater beings. May you find their favor. ]